My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 450

Qian Fangyun!
The tenth young master of the Qian family, only eighteen years old, but he is already famous for his cruel heart!
He came over, then he was beaten up just now, and he could report it.
This Qian Fangyun’s body is not tall, even a little thin, but the kind of cold, as if the air conditioning is on!
This is the young master of the Qian family!
The manager greeted the past with a sneer, “Master, they are the three of them!!
Especially the man, who is very pensive, stunned Mr. Qian, beat me just now, and said that the Qian family is worthless,… ”
“Got it!” Qian Fangyun was bored just now, and now come to find a fun, but this fun seems to be vulnerable!
The manager looked at Chuck complacently, looking at you in a shabby manner, your nightmare came!
“What’s your name?” Qian Fangyun came over without any doubt.
The voice was so cold that Lara’s face paled suddenly, her body trembling and she felt that death was coming.
For people like themselves, this money family is the god of death.
However, Qian Fangyun saw Logan behind Chuck, there was a surprise in his eyes, this woman is so beautiful!
But how do you look so familiar?
Where have you seen it? ?
Qian Fangyun couldn’t remember it at once.
Yes, this is normal. When Logan was in Beijing, she was extremely low-key and basically did not attend any activities. This money was only seen once in a distant place.
He still wanted to talk to him in the past, but when he walked in, Logan left.
But well, such a beautiful woman!
Qian Fangyun smiled slightly and thought it was particularly interesting to be here today.
Chuck will not answer this question, “I ask you, are you trying to stop me?”
Just ask neatly.
There is no need to talk nonsense.
“Yes, I want to stop you.” Qian Fangyun smiled, but there were more than ten people behind him, these are good bodyguards!
In a word, this person had to lie down today.
“You don’t know what you did, it doesn’t matter, I tell you,” Qian Fangyun said with a smile.
“No, I’m already clear,” Chuck shrugged, Qian’s? Ha ha!
“No?” Qian Fangyun frowned, his eyes cold. “Give me a hand first!”
Dare to talk to yourself like this? I don’t know what to do!
Here, no one dares to do this!
A few bodyguards walked past, fierce, Chuck expressionless, these bodyguards just let themselves practice.
Chuck fists out. Lara was terrified, it was over.
Logan smiled softly. Chuck’s attack was very good. She also wanted to see where Chuck got.
Several bodyguards fought with their fists, but they are good combatants, who are instructed to protect Qian Fangyun, what can they do without order? ?
Fighting and kicking Chuck, Chuck can stop it, and he gets more and more excited.
This shows that his strength has improved, and it is great. Chuck is happy!
Suddenly, a big foot kicked over. Chuck didn’t notice being kicked, stepped back a few steps, hit the coffee table, and was embarrassed.
Lara was scared.
Qian Fangyun sneered, “Fight! Give me his hands!”
Several bodyguards punched and kicked over, Chuck seized the opportunity and punched out! boom!
The bodyguard covered his stomach. Squatting on the ground, the pain caused him to turn white. Logan told Chuck, beating, what hurts the most. Chuck is now very clear, just hit the position with a punch.
Chuck didn’t stop, what catches, smashes!
Where did these bodyguards think that Chuck was still a good combatant?
Chuck scratched his head with a vase and kicked it!
For a few minutes, Chuck was breathless, but these people fell to the ground, injured to varying degrees, and temporarily lacked the ability to attack.
Qian Fangyun frowned, raised his hand and snapped his fingers, “You go up, give me two hands off to see how he hits!!!”
It was really a little unexpected.
The rest of the bodyguards came around, and Chuck was serious. These ten people should not be beaten by themselves. There are too many people, and they are all good combatants.
But Chuck didn’t flinch, so I called it first!
Cracky, Chuck was beaten with a fist, kicked with a foot, especially embarrassed, Logan looked distressed, she wanted to shoot, but fighting was useless for training only, it was possible to improve through actual combat.
This is a necessary way. She can’t help, and if it does, Chuck won’t continue to improve.
She couldn’t bear to look at her beautiful eyes, Ceer, don’t blame me, I’m doing it for you.
Logan’s strength to solve these few people really has no problems. what!
Chuck vomited blood on his lips. He grabbed an ashtray and smashed it. The man shook his head in shock and fell to the ground.
Chuck has already repelled six people, and there are four remaining. Chuck is full of fighting will and must improve himself! !
“Fuck you!” Several bodyguards kicked and kicked Chuck, and Lara cried sadly,
“Chuck, Chuck…”
Chuck was breathless. Eventually, he hit more than a dozen people, and he was in pain all over, but with ten smiles on his face, he was beaten and beaten others.
During this process, he was promoted and knew his own shortcomings.
Fighting is not good, then practice fighting!
Practice speed!
Qian Fangyun frowned and said calmly, “I didn’t expect you…”
Chuck walked over and slap Qian Fangyun!
Qian Fangyun was stunned. The manager was dumbfounded. What is this shame about? ? This is the young master of the Qian family!
Lara was shocked.
Logan breathed a sigh of relief. Chuck’s fighting will was strong and he refused to lose. Even if he was so embarrassed just now, he didn’t call himself to shoot. If Chuck called, how could Logan not be able to stand still? ?
As long as Chuck said a word, even if he looked back at himself, Logan couldn’t be cruel, he would solve these people immediately.
“Dare you dare to beat me?” Qian Fangyun was so angry that he dare to beat himself? Do you know who you are?
Chuck is a slap again!
Qian Fangyun screamed and sat on the ground, “You, you!!!”
“Aunt Logan, Lara, let’s go.” Chuck was a little tired and beat a dozen people. This is his own progress! But I have to rest.
Logan smiled slightly, and Lara was too late to recover.
“Remember, my name is Chuck!” Chuck said lightly.
Go out with Logan and Lara.
Qian Fangyun got up from the ground, and the manager hurried over, “Master, are you okay?”
He lied. Where did he want it? Chuck dared to beat Master Money. This is a lifeless act.
“Ah!” The manager covered his head, because Qian Fangyun grabbed a thing and smashed his head. The manager was lying on the ground in disbelief, shocked.
How could the master beat himself? ?
The other bodyguards came around, Qian Fangyun sneered sneerly. “Dare to hit me? Huh, Chuck? I let you know what will end me!!”
He took out his mobile phone, “Give me the license plate number!”
Qian Fangyun saw the license plate number of Loganche. After he said it, someone said, “Master, are you sure?”
“Yes, sure!”
“This is Logan’s license plate number.”
“Logan? Tang… Oh, it turned out to be her, I said she was so familiar,” Qian Fangyun suddenly realized that Logan was familiar, and it turned out to be Logan!
This woman is China’s first strong woman! !
“Do you want to continue tracking?”
“Chasing, you have to chase, this Logan person, hit me, can I give up?” Qian Fangyun sneered, he certainly knows that Logan’s strength is similar to the Qian family, so the Chuck just dare to beat himself.
However, your money family is not easy to provoke, so dealing with yourself, you can do nothing happened? Logan must apologize to himself! You must apologize, or break with you Logan! The strength of the Qian family is not what you can compare with Logan!
That Chuck? Humph! !
Who is this Chuck? Certainly not a relative of Logan, it is estimated to be a friend, so this person will pay more! Logan will definitely be forced to hand over this Chuck, so simple, just watch Chuck being tortured.
The phone hung up, and he made other calls, “Have a hundred people waiting!”
He was about to speak out now, he wanted Logan to bow his head and let Chuck die in front of himself!

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