My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 451

In the car.
Lara is particularly cautious. She is more and more afraid now. She must not know that Qian Fangyun just now, but she also knows who that person is. It must be the master of the Qian family!
However, Chuck actually hit the young master of the Qian family. She was shocked when she saw this scene.
What is Chuck doing? ?
At this time, Lara looked at Chuck dumbly. She could not help shaking all over her body. This was terrible.
What should I do? I still have Chuck and I can’t live tonight?
Definitely yes, Lara is desperate, and there are tears in his eyes.
“What are you crying for?” Chuck saw Lara’s tears. Was Lara so painful?
“Chuck, am I implicating you? Will we die?” Lara said crying.
“No.” Chuck understood that Lara was still afraid.
Seeing her trembling with fear, Chuck wanted to laugh.
Lara was even more sad. Chuck was still comforting herself, but Lara was already prepared in her heart. She just thought that if Chuck did not show up, she planned to commit suicide by herself.
Anyway, it’s all dead.
Lara took Chuck’s hand. In Lara’s heart, she was so moved today. When she was most dangerous, Chuck appeared.
At this time, she wanted to give Chuck a kiss.
Chuck coughed his hand back, “Don’t think about it, it’s okay.”
Regarding Lara, what does Chuck say? At this time, her clothes were torn and rotten, and Chuck didn’t think much about her. For Lara, Chuck had no idea, although Lara had a good figure.
What’s more, Logan is still driving? What does Chuck dare to do in front of Logan? ?
Of course I dare not. .
So keep your distance!
The handles were rejected, Lara was sad and grieved, sitting in the car cautiously without a word.
Arriving at Logan’s villa, Chuck took Lara out of the car and followed Logan in. In such a big villa, Lara had never been here. She was more restrained and followed Chuck carefully.
“Lara, you live here today,” Chuck said.
Logan’s home is very warm, Chuck actually likes to live here.
Lara opened the door and went in. This one is so big, Lara was shocked. How could this aunt Chuck be so rich?
“Thank you.”
“Hungry or hungry, you, my Aunt Logan makes delicious food,” Chuck said.
“A bit,” Lara was embarrassed.
“Then change your clothes, take a shower, and wait for you to come out and eat.”
“Thank you.”
With Lara being so polite, Chuck was not used to it.
Lara entered the room and closed the door. She held her knees in both hands and squatted on the ground. Her eyes were dazed, frightened, and so sad. .
Chuck saw Lara closing the door and smiled slightly at Logan, “Aunt Logan…”
“You enter the room to change clothes and wipe some medicinal liquor on your body. Do you know? If you can’t wipe it, just call me and I’ll make it for you.”
Logan felt distressed, and several of Chuck’s body were beaten, and they were all purple. One piece.
Chuck was moved, Logan rubbed his own liquor?
Her hands will certainly be very gentle, but Chucksi wants to go, but forget it, she must respect Aunt Logan!
“Come on, the medicinal wine is in the cabinet in the room. Remember, call me where it can’t be wiped.” Logan said softly, she just wanted Chuck to hurry up.
“Well,” Chuck entered the room, took a bath, and found medicinal liquor to rub himself. Chuck thought about his experience after fighting with so many people, he should be able to improve his strength.
This is what Chuck hopes, otherwise he will be beaten up, without any experience, that Chuck will not improve very well.
Logan went to cook, but received a call and said that many people were coming outside, and there was cold in Loganmei’s eyes!
Really dare to come? ?
She came out of the kitchen and opened the door directly. She saw a lot of cars coming by herself.
Logan’s villa does not have any family guards. She lives here by herself. What family guards do they have? But this villa is hers, and even this is hers.
There are many people in this place, as long as Logan can say a word, they can come out, but she hasn’t commanded it!
At the very least, Logan’s strength is above the four major families, but Logan disdains these, she is low-key.
On the car, the money dropped, and his face was still a little bit swollen. Chuck’s slaps were not light, and it was good not to stun him.
“It turned out to be Mr. Tang,” Qian Fangyun came over, so beautiful!
Although he is ten years older than himself, a woman of this age is the most charming time in a woman’s life. Logan’s beauty attracted him, a young man under twenty.
“So what are you doing here?” Logan’s voice was cold.
Except Chuck, Logan is like this to other men.
“Mr. Tang, don’t you have such a bad memory? The man who was with you just now hit me. What did you say I came here for?” Qian Fangyun smiled slightly.
“Understood, but you can go,” Logan had to cook for Chuck. She didn’t want to say more, because she had arrived in the capital, she would definitely not be hungry to Chuck!
Qian Fangyun smiled and walked in front of Logan. “Mr. Tang, I don’t want much.
Give me that Chuck and that woman. Will I invite you to dinner tomorrow?”
He is more confident, but he is the money family of the four big families. Can Logan not give himself this face? ?
“No, you leave here!” Logan said coldly.
“Oh, why is President Tang so short-sighted? What’s more, that Chuck is just one of your drivers?? Even a subordinate? Am I right?” Qian Fangyun smiled slightly.
When he came over, he received a call from his cousin Qian Yueying. He was very good with Qian Yueying since he was a child, so he told Qian Yueying this matter.
In fact, Qian Yueying heard something wrong and asked. .
Qian Yueying’s reaction is particularly great!
She also particularly likes this cousin. When she heard that her cousin had been beaten, she was so angry.
Qian Fangyun said it was Logan’s fight, but Qian Yueying was surprised. How could Logan’s fight?
How to say, Logan and the Qian family are also considered, although there is no business dealings, but also not to beat his cousin!
Qian Yueying asked clearly, actually Chuck hit! !
This Chuck was not a member of Logan, wasn’t he driving? How dare you beat your cousin? This is committed in the following!
Qian Yueying immediately said, Qian Fangyun was of course annoyed!
At this time, Qian Yueying had already rushed here by private jet. Must Logan give himself an explanation and actually allow a man to beat his cousin? She couldn’t swallow this anger!
“Qian Yueying told you?” Logan knew the network of the four big families. He knew that Qian Fangyun and Qian Yueying were among the descendants of the Qian family.
“Yes, my cousin told me that she was coming by plane at this time! She also wanted to talk to President Tang.” Qian Fangyun smiled, “So, this matter is very simple, that Zhang The policy is only one of Mr. Tang’s men, it’s optional. Mr.
Tang just handed over this person. Mr. Tang handed over this person. What else do those people still do? Waste food.”
The cold light appeared in Loganmei’s eyes, “What are you talking about?”
“I said, Mr. Tang, why should you? That Chuck was a car driver. Where can I find money?? Mr. Tang is short. I will call a hundred drivers tomorrow, and I will drive you and hand him over. The matter is particularly simple. Those people like that have no use at all. If I were, I would have thrown that Chuck into the trash pit,”
Qian Fangyun laughed. It’s very simple. He is such a person. If Chuck followed him, and beat someone similar to himself, he chopped Chuck like a dog that day.
“You just said, Qian Yueying came by plane?” Logan asked.
“Yes. Of course she is coming over, but I am her most distressed cousin.” Qian Fangyun is proud, Qian Yueying is coming, you Logan will even hand over people!
Logan was hesitating. She didn’t want to let Chuck get in touch with Qian Yueying. Then, “you tell Qian Yueying now that she should not come here.”
“Oh, Mr. Tang, are you planning to hand over Chuck? That’s right.” Qian Fangyun smiled smugly, it seemed too simple.

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