My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 452

“No, Qian Yueying is useless, you can go.” Logan shook her head.
Just kidding, not to mention Qian Yueying, that is, the owner of the Qian family came over, and everyone from the Qian family came over to let him come in.
Logan couldn’t hand over Chuck.
Logan said this, the only purpose is to prevent Chuck from contacting Qian Yueying.
This woman, Kuff, is also a man!
It’s better to trust it than not, but be careful!
What if Chuck is unlucky? ?
By then, regret is useless!
“Mr. Tang, please consider it clearly! Don’t make simple things complicated.” Qian Fangyun’s face is a bit ugly! !
There is fire in his heart!
This is not to pay attention to the money family! Want to know what your Logan is? The strength is worse than the four big families, dare to run wild in front of my money family?
“No, it is the easiest solution for you to leave at this time.” Logan said.
She was in the business and did not have any contact with the four big families.
She could turn her face at any time. Even when she just came back, Chuck just said that she wanted to give the Qianjia a little color, then Logan would immediately go to the Qianjia head! go alone!
After all, Logan was before, but he had the experience of randomly entering hundreds of mercenaries and successfully killing the leader!
As long as Logan wanted to go, it was not difficult.
Now Qian Fangyun leaves, then look at Chuck’s meaning. If Chuck is to be investigated, then Logan will be held accountable, if not, then Logan will not be held accountable!
“Mr. Tang, do you insist on this? He is just a man of yours and a driver. I advise you to think carefully!” Qian Fangyun snorted coldly. At this time, he brought more than a hundred people over. , Amazing momentum!
Of course, he knew that there must be more than Logan alone in this place, there must be others. However, when Qian Fangyun brought people over, he came with the majesty of the Qian family. You Logan didn’t give face?
“So, don’t you plan to leave, right?” Loganmei was cold.
She is still cooking and Chuck is still waiting for dinner. Logan really doesn’t want to waste her time here.
“It’s not that I don’t leave, it’s your Tang who doesn’t give me face!” Qian Fangyun said.
“You…” Logan said, at this time, a sports car came over, the car stopped, and a superb beauty came out, with long legs, beautiful and perfect!
Qian Yueying!
Logan frowned slightly, came over so quickly? ?
“Cousin.” Qian Fangyun smiled and hurriedly turned to meet the past. Qian Yueying glanced at Logan. Her eyes were cold, and she saw that there was a slap mark on her cousin’s face. How heavy was this slap? ?
Qian Yueying was suddenly angry!
“Cousin, how are you?” Qian Yueying cared and felt distressed.
“Cousin, I’m fine, but this Tang always doesn’t give anyone.” Qian Fangyun looked at Logan in the distance.
“Well, it’s okay. I told her in the past, dare to protect the people who beat you?”
Qian Yueying’s anger appeared, I couldn’t bear it! !
Qian Fangyun pulled her, “cousin…”
“What’s wrong? Is it painful?” Qian Yueying felt distressed.
“Don’t treat Mr. Tang too much.” Qian Fangyun’s eyes were shining. He had never seen such a beautiful woman as Logan. But he was the young master, what woman had never seen? ?
But Logan was really the kind of unique beauty that totally attracted him.
“What do you mean?” Qian Yueying found that her cousin, Qian Fangyun, had wrong eyes, but she came over and understood at once that her cousin was fancy to Logan.
As a householder, Logan can deserve his money, but at different ages, how old is Logan? How old is my cousin? Not at all!
“Me, I like President Tang a little, it’s so beautiful,”
“You, love at first sight is all upset, do you know how old she is? As old as me.”
Qian Yueying sighed helplessly.
“I know, but it’s so beautiful, I like it very much, cousin, don’t make her too ugly, I still want to have her dinner tomorrow!” Qian Fangyun said, looking up? Yes, Qian Fangyun is really up.
Such an extreme woman like Logan, a man is careless, that is not normal.
“Cousin, let me try.”
“Hey, can you catch her?” Qian Yueying doubted that at least she wouldn’t like being younger than herself, not to mention, she didn’t dare to like her.
“Yes, I have self-confidence.” Qian Fangyun is self-confident, at least, chasing Logan crazy, she will definitely be moved by herself!
“Then you have done it yourself.” Qian Yueying sighed that she can’t overdo it.
After all, she knew that Logan suspected of knowing Karen Lee, who had destroyed the Zhao family!
I can only say it well, but it will definitely not work for Qiang Lai, but it’s just a man. I told her myself that she should agree!
Qian Yueying came over. Qian Fangyun was proud.
“Mr. Tang, look at that person and give it to my cousin.” Qian Yueying came over and said, “This person Chuck, she hated the extreme after the last time!”
I hit Ouyang Fei and opened the room to let Ouyang Fei pay the money. The key is that Karen Lee was his mother? A little driver can say this!
How shameful is this saying? What’s more, at this time, he actually beat his cousin, which is intolerable and must be severely punished! !
“Don’t pay, you leave!” Logan looked cold.
She didn’t hear what Qian Yueying and Qian Fangyun said just now, but it was obviously not good.
“Mr. Tang, you don’t need to do this. He is just a driver for you. If you are short, I can give you a few and hand him over!” Qian Yueying said.
“Cer, how did you come out? Hungry?” Logangang was ready to speak, and he saw Chuck actually came out of the villa.
She didn’t want Chuck to get in touch with Qian Yueying, so she walked by.
“Aunt Logan,” Chuck frowned, was this to come over and ask for someone? He heard the movement just now and came out, but he didn’t expect that there were so many people.
“It’s okay. If you go in for a rest, the injuries on your body will definitely be uncomfortable. If you go in for a rest, I’ll cook for you immediately.” Logan said softly.
“Aunt Logan.” Chuck was moved. Logan obviously wanted to solve this matter by himself!
“You!!! Come here!” Qian Fangyun pointed to Chuck!
Dare to come out? Well, you have no chance to go in again!
Chuck glanced at him and Qian Yueying.
“Mr. Tang, hand him over to me,” Qian Yueying stared at Chuck, disgusted to the extreme, before you lied to yourself, you didn’t care about you, but dared to beat your cousin, this was touching your own scales And make you regret it!
“A little follower, Mr. Tang, you have to think about it!” Qian Fangyun sneered and came over.
“So don’t you go right?” Logan said coldly.
“Mr. Tang, you don’t need to do this, protect him, you will lose a lot because of small!” Qian Yueying advised.
“No, it is you! I tell you well, he is not my follower, it is my strategy, I am his aunt.” Logan said.
“Auntie?” Qian Yueying frowned, was this to protect him from lying? Qian Yueying was angry.
“Haha. Mr. Tang, are you really kidding? Isn’t he the driver you called? Why did you become your aunt again?” Qian Fangyun sneered.
The two are not at all similar, how could they be aunts again?
Of course, Qian Fangyun doesn’t believe it!
“Mr. Tang, what are you talking about?” Qian Yueying was particularly angry.
“I’m not clear yet? I am his aunt. Do you think I will give him to you?” Logan said coldly. “Also, you are far away from me!”
Logan straight said.
It must be said straight away that Logan is worried that Chuck will be caught bad luck.
Qian Yueying was angry, “Logan, you are too much! What are you talking about?”
Of course, Qianyue knows that. This is to say that he is a man, and will he go to kill such a garbage man? Such a garbage man has failed all his life, and he still needs his own gram? ?
Qian Yueying felt insulted by Tianda.
“I said you leave me now!” Logan was angry. She was really not angry. At this time, she was still cooking. She was interrupted and kept saying Chuck. How could she bear it?
Chuck said, she wanted to deal with the money family.

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