My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 453

“Logan, don’t go too far. Do you think I will believe what you say? Give him!”
Qian Yueying was angry. As a Qian family, how could she not pay attention to Logan’s relatives!
Logan didn’t even have this relative of Chuck! !
“I don’t think you really know what you are doing, you don’t know!” Logan said coldly.
“I know, of course I know, this man beat my cousin!” Qian Yueying was really annoyed, she now wants to immediately teach Chuck!
Chuck shrugged, Qian Yueying was even more annoyed!
Are you still proud? Are you still proud of her? ?
Qian Yueying wanted to raise his hand and slap it out. Chuck was too lazy to look at her. Logan resolved the matter, then he could just stand behind Logan.
Because at this time, Logan, who was angry, was very charming.
The fire was made for myself, which made Chuckxin feel a little strange in his heart, but was immediately suppressed by reason, and he had to respect her.
Chuck looked at Logan like this, without saying a word.
The feeling of being protected by Logan is really good!
“You don’t know anything else! I can tell you!” Logan stared at Qian Yueying.
Since that method last time did not allow Qian Yueying to completely avoid contact with Chuck, it was so simple, let Qian Yueying be afraid! !
Then Qian Yueying will not appear in front of Chuck.
“If you do not leave today, then the consequence is that I go to your money house!”
Logan said coldly.
This must be done!
“Do you mean to break with our Qian family? For your sake?” Qian Yueying was annoyed!
“I said, he’s not my man, I will cook for the blind me, if you continue, then I will do it!!”
Logan finished talking coldly and turned around. His face was no longer cold. He smiled slightly at Chuck, “Cee, let’s go in and cook.”
Chuck shrugged, he was hungry, too lazy to continue talking to such people, no need!
Chuck followed Loganjin into the villa. During this process, Qian Yueying really didn’t move!
“Cousin, cousin…” Qian Fangyun was aggrieved to the extreme, his cousin actually let him leave? ? Qian Fangyun thought his cousin was going to be angry!
Qian Yueying’s eyes are cold, and Logan’s words irritated her. If it was before, then she would definitely flip face with Logan on the spot, but now, she hesitates!
It is not others who are hesitant, but this Karen Lee that can destroy the Zhao family! !
What is the relationship between Logan and Karen Lee?
This is Qian Yueying’s consideration. If there is, then Qian Jia must be cautious!
“Cousin, you can rest assured that I will help you deal with this matter.” Qian Yueying comforted.
“Cousin, are you afraid of what Logan is doing? I just told you not to make her ugly, but it didn’t make you step back to this point!” Qian Fangyun didn’t understand. My cousin Qian Yueying is famous for her anger!
Qian Fangyun just thought that when Logan said that, Qian Yueying could not help but slap her. He was still worried about this, but the result? ? Logan put down the harsh words. Did you hear your cousin? ?
Just let her take someone back?
“Not for this reason, but there may be a person behind Logan.” Qian Yueying said cautiously.
“People? Who? There are people who make us worry about the money family?”
Qian Fangyun didn’t understand.
In fact, he has the idea of forcing Logan. Using his own family, he would fight Logan and force her to be with herself. Qian Fangyun felt that it could be done easily!
It’s just that his cousin didn’t speak, he was in a hurry.
“Do you know the Zhao family was destroyed?” Qian Yueying has a meaningful meaning! !
“What do you want to say? Cousin said, Zhao family was destroyed by Logan?”
Qian Fangyun sneered. Although he likes Logan, he feels particularly ridiculous!
You Logan is good. Why is there no Tang family among your four big families?
This is a good illustration of your Logan, the strength is not as good as the four big families, it is better, can destroy the Zhao family? This is impossible!
“No, I found out that the Zhao family was destroyed. It should be a woman named Karen Lee. This Logan knew Karen Lee.”
“Karen Lee? Why haven’t I heard? Cousin, have you made a mistake!?” Qian Fangyun frowned, the name was so strange, he hadn’t heard it at all, the Zhao family was destroyed, of course he knew It’s gone, but Li Qing, who was not heard by this one, is annihilated? He felt impossible!
“It shouldn’t be wrong.” Qian Yueying shook his head.
“So you’re afraid of this?”
“Well, what if Logan had a good relationship with this Karen Lee? Then we might have trouble dealing with her forcibly,” Qian Yueying carefully considered.
In case Logan persuaded Karen Lee and turned around to deal with the money house, then this trouble is not a little bit, it is particularly dangerous!
“No, I haven’t heard what Logan knows about Karen Lee.” Qian Fangyun still didn’t believe it. He was even annoyed, so he should let go of it. ?
This is intolerable!
“Cousin, be cautious, does it hurt? I will take you to dinner,” Qian Yueying thought of leaving here first.
“Cousin, look at my face.” Qian Fangyun pointed to his face with a slap.
“Cousin, alas, you wait, I went in and told her.” Qian Yueying can only do this, and she can’t swallow this tone. In her heart, she doesn’t believe that Chuck is called Aunt Logan Wan. It does not matter, the reason to protect is to pretend!
Suggesting that you have a mysterious character like Karen Lee!
“Well, cousin, you are careful, I am waiting for you here,” Qian Fangyun was proud, and his cousin still loved himself!
Qian Yueying went to Logan Villa. She knocked on the door and the door opened.
It was Chuck.
Logan was already cooking, Chuck shrugged and looked at her, “Is there anything else?”
“You are not qualified to speak to me, I want to find Logan.” Qian Yueying has eyes on fire.
“Are you looking for my Aunt Logan?” Chuck asked lightly.
“Aunt Logan? I said you have to be shameless? Are you shameless? You started to say that Karen Lee is your mother, but are you? Really? Now that Logan is your aunt, but are you? Really? You really don’t want to The face is extreme!” Qian Yueying is angry!
Such a garbage man, she has never seen it before, and she can speak so straightforwardly and arrogantly. What is the realm of this? Have you cheated yourself?
It’s totally shameless!
“I’m really Karen Lee’s son.” Chuck shrugged. Since Logan has changed his methods, what else can Chuck hide? What’s more, if it wasn’t Logan last time, Qian Yueying already knew that he was Karen Lee’s son.
“You! I don’t know how shameful!” Qian Yueying pushed away Chuck!
Such a person, she does not want to see every minute and second.
“What are you proud of? I’ll catch you. You can’t escape my cousin! No one can protect you!” Qian Yueying was so angry that she had never been so angry!
She decided to give Logan 10 million, 50 million, 100 million, and also want Logan to hand over this rubbish man!
Must be handed over!
“Oh, is it?” Chuck suddenly smiled slightly. Qian Family, the family of Qian Family, Chuck recently understood a little bit, he didn’t mean to move, but if someone forced him, then he would not be polite.
“You think so?” Chuck smiled.
“Affirmation! I am sure, I tell you, I have decided, give Logan a sum of money to compensate, and give her down the steps, she can do it, I just want you!” Qian Yueying said straightly, making you proud, disgusting!
“So generous, then your money family has a lot of money?” Chuck smiled deeply.
“You are ignorant, you can never imagine the money of my money house, do you understand? You will only lie to yourself, you such rubbish will never reach the threshold of our money house, forever!” Qian Yueying Said coldly, she was extremely hot.
“Hehe.” Chuck shrugged. “Since your money family is so rich, then I’m fancy.”
After the Zhao family was extinguished, Chuck’s mentality changed. He felt that such a family really didn’t need to exist. In fact, Qian Yueying and Chuck didn’t hate much, but today, Chuck hates it. Strong, thinking that her family is rich is great, isn’t it rich? Then I will make your family have no money! See if you still have a sense of superiority!

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