My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 455

Betty was so surprised, but of course she would listen to Chuck’s words, “Young Master, you said, which family do you want to be a poor man?”
“The Qian family, one of the four major families!” Chuck said.
This makes it harder for the Qian family to run out of money than to destroy the Qian family. Chuck knows that, but this can make the woman of Qian Yueying feel the money of her family passing by little by little, see Where can her sense of superiority come from!
However, Chuck felt that there was no problem with his mother’s strength.
“is it hard?”
“Master, you are willing, of course it is not difficult.” Betty smiled rarely, why is this difficult?
Karen Lee’s strength is global, and it takes a little time for a family to have no money. Betty admitted that because it is no less than extinction, just go to the family’s base camp.
“That’s good, let this money family become poor!”
“Okay. But Master, how do you want Qianjia to be a poor man?”
“There are several ways?” Chuck didn’t think much, but Betty said that, Chuck wanted to hear it.
“Yes, the easiest way is to suppress all Qianjia’s business, but this effect is a bit slower, the more direct way is to find out Qianjia’s loopholes, and then adjust!”
Betty said.
Chucksi thought about it, so it must be to directly find out the loopholes of the Qian family, directly adjust.
Because if it is suppressing, then it is no problem to use the money family’s family to support it for a few years, then this time is too long, and Chuck has no intention to wait so long.
Certainly, the sooner the better, let Qian Yueying know that her sense of superiority will soon disappear.
“Okay, young master, I will organize the data of the Qian family, and I will do what the young master said tomorrow.” Betty said.
Karen Lee has a dedicated information center around the world, which can collect things in this area, and the speed is particularly fast.
“Well, it’s better tomorrow. Sister Li, you go to bed earlier,” Chuck looked too late at this time.
“Okay,” Betty hung up the phone here, so a little surprised, the young master let himself go to bed early, this is to care about himself?
Betty smiled slightly.
Chuck finished the phone call. At this time, he heard that Logan had already packed up in the kitchen. Chuck went out to say good night to Logan. After a long absence, Chuck still felt very warm.
“Aunt Logan, good night.” Chuck actually wanted to chat with Logan, how to talk? Chuck actually…no, just wanted to sleep on Logan’s legs, but Chuck couldn’t say that.
I’m sorry to say that although Chuck doesn’t have any evil thoughts, he just feels comfortable staying with Logan and has a feeling of being surrounded by tenderness. After all, Logan speaks softly and can be nice.
Just arrived in the capital, can it still be like this?
“Where are you going?” Logan walked gently, “Be careful of the black rose, you have to stay with me, come and sleep here,”
Logan planned to let Chuck sleep in any room, but she had to stay with Chuck.
What if the black rose attacked?
Chuck was pleasantly surprised, “Where is Aunt Logan? Is your room or my room?”
“You can do whatever you want, listen to you,”
Chuck actually wanted to sleep in Logan’s room. How to say, last time Chuck secretly entered Logan’s room. I felt Logan’s room was too fragrant. It was absolutely comfortable to stay in that room.
But forget it. When she said she was going to stay in her room, what would Logan think?
“Aunt Logan, my room is ready,”
“Uh huh. I’ll come over after tidying up.” Logan went to her room with a smile.
Chuck is a little embarrassed, what is it? It was a strange feeling that he returned to the room, and Logan opened the door in a moment. Logan changed into a sportswear and was very loose, but how could he hide Logan’s figure?
“Cer, you can sleep peacefully.” Logan sat on the sofa, Chuck hesitated and sat over, “Aunt Logan, can I sleep here?”
“Why? The bed is not comfortable? Why should I sleep on the sofa?” Logan was a little surprised.
“I said, don’t be angry, Aunt Logan,” Chuck was uneasy.
“Why am I angry?” Logan smiled softly, but Chuck didn’t say anything, just lay down and leaned against Logan.
Logan was stunned, what does this mean? Like to sleep on your own?
“Aunt Logan, I think I slept soundly on you.” Chuck told the truth. In fact, at that time, Yvette was missing. During that time, Chuck was comforted by Logan during that time. Chuck began to get used to it.
“That…” Loganmei’s eyes blinked. What does that mean? Love staying with yourself?
“Aunt Logan, will you be angry?”
“No, sleep peacefully, I said, what do you want, I promise you,” Yes, Logan has always been this kind of thinking, she was willing to rely so much on Chuck.
This is convenient for her to protect Chuck. Actually… Logan also felt that it was good to stay with Chuck.
The only accident was that Chuck leaned in on her own initiative. Logan felt like a child.
“Aunt Logan, you can’t sleep. Let’s talk and chat,” Chuck looked at Logan like this.
Logan lowered her head and looked at each other, “Okay, what do you want to talk about, Ceer?”
“Aunt Logan, do you have a boyfriend?” Chuck asked, just to find a topic, Chuck thought, Logan like this perfect woman, from childhood to mostly beautiful color embryo, probably in kindergarten, many boys like it .
“Have you ever made a boyfriend?”
“No.” Logan shook his head.
“Why?” Chuck was really surprised. Logan never made a boyfriend? ? How shocking is this?
Anyway, Chuck never thought of this. At the very least, Logan was in college. Should be able to pay! But no!
“I don’t want to pay, I feel, I feel, I don’t want to.” Logan said softly, how to say, what Chuck didn’t know is that Logan didn’t go to college, didn’t even read junior high school, and came out at a very young age. Her current knowledge is all Learn slowly after doing business.
Self-cultivation is her natural temperament.
“I don’t want to,” Chuck laughed, and Logan was stunned. “Why laugh? Don’t even think about it?”
Chuck definitely wants to laugh. Logan is single now, how arrogant is this? ?
However, Chuck didn’t know whether it was bad or not. After looking at Logan’s lips, Chuck asked, “Aren’t your first kiss Aunt Logan still there?”
“Ah?” Logan’s face was unnaturally embarrassing, right? It’s gone, you took it away…
But you don’t know yet!
“It’s gone,” Logan said.
“Ah, I’m sorry, I asked these questions,” Chuck said busy, what did he say about this? However, upon hearing that Logan, who had been single, had lost her first kiss, Chuck was still a little lost. Who took such a perfect woman?
“It’s okay, chat, you can chat.” Logan is not open, but this topic can still be chatted, after all, chatting with Chuck, but not with others.
However, when talking about other topics of men and women, Logan couldn’t talk anymore. She wasn’t originally a woman who could talk about erotic topics. To be honest, she would feel shy. Scene.
How to say, Logan has been single for 30 years now, but she has been desperate, and her life has made her not thinking about it.
After coming into contact with Chuck recently, after she has Chuck in her heart, all she wants to do is take care of, meet Chuck’s requirements, let Chuck be well, she will feel at ease, and other things, she didn’t think about it at all.
It can be said that Logan is a spiritual woman, material? Physically, she does not pursue.
This is placed in ancient times, that is, divine love.
Chucksong breathed, he thought Logan would be angry, it seems that this topic can still continue to talk, he is curious, who took it away?
“Aunt Logan, can I continue to ask?”
“You, what are you going to ask next?” Logan was embarrassed, this is the topic to talk about? She didn’t want to, and she wouldn’t, because she was not like that in her bones.
“Who wants your first kiss?” Chuck wanted to know.
Logan was stunned, with a chuckle in her heart: You are such a fool.
But she couldn’t say such a thing. What should I do? So Logan said, “A special man.”

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