My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 466

“Want to do anything?” Chuck showed strange.
“Yes, as long as you forgive me and let my money home. I’m willing to do anything.” Qian Yueying walked to the door, locked the door, and then came over again.
Chuck understood what she meant.
Is this to dedicate? ?
Qian Yueying tells the truth, her facial features are exquisite, her appearance is beautiful, her figure is superb, she is a perfect woman, and the man is really emotional to her.
Especially at this time, the arrogant and strong woman’s temperament was gone, and there were tears in her eyes, pitiful, and even more pitiful to men.
But what does Chuck say, the purpose of doing these things now is not to sleep her.
Qian Yueying saw Chuck didn’t move at all, she bit her lip closer, “Chuck, sorry, can you forgive me?”
“Don’t you have children?” Chuck asked oddly.
“I… yes, I have a daughter, but I have maintained it very well. It is no different from other women.” Qian Yueying said, she said it hardly!
When does she show off this in front of men? Even if she was married before, she didn’t say that in front of her husband.
But now, she couldn’t help but say it. The huge shame in her heart made her collapse again.
Chuck looked at her again, and it was true that Qian Yueying’s figure was completely bloated with no babies, but it was perfect. Her self-control should be strong. In addition to working every day, there must be Running, yoga.
Otherwise, the figure will not remain so perfect.
“So?” Chuck shrugged.
“So, so, what do you let me do, I am willing to…”
“What do you want to do? Make it clear.” Chuck said.
The huge shame makes Qian Yueying uncontrollable, and tears can’t stop flowing.
Chuck is insulting himself, but he doesn’t have a solution.
Get angry directly? She especially wanted to do this, but what are the consequences of doing it? She is clear.
“I, I am willing to do what you think.” Qian Yueying said to herself without a place.
“What do we men think?” Chuck expressionless.
“You… think, I am willing to do things, as long as you don’t dislike me, you are willing to do it,” Qian Yueying lowered her head, Chuck stood up and walked to her.
The shame in Qian Yueying’s heart made her bit her lip!
She saw Chuck didn’t move for a long time. She bit her lip and looked up. She found Chuck still expressionless. She had no complacency. What did Chuck want to do? Do you want to kneel yourself?
Qian Yueying was about to kneel down.
“This is what you are willing to do?” Chuck said lightly.
“Yes, I am willing to do this.” Qian Yueying lowered his head, ashamed.
Chuck did not speak again, and Qian Yueying looked up again and found that Chuck was still expressionless. Qian Yueying was ashamed, “You, now want?”
“A woman who has children, tell me this, don’t you think it’s… let go, swing?”
Chuck said with a shrug.
He didn’t have any idea about Qian Yueying, not to mention that this was Aunt Logan’s restaurant, and he did this in Logan restaurant himself?
Besides, Chuck looked at Qian Yueying’s photos.
“I…” Qian Yueying was ashamed and embarrassed. She felt insulted by the sky, and she growled, “So what do you want me to do? What should I do?”
“I think you misunderstood. I didn’t ask you to do anything. You came to me on your own initiative and said something like this. Do you think you are tempted?
You are confident.” Chuck said.
“Yes, I came here to find you. I want you to forgive me and stop dealing with my money house. Is that okay? Please, please.” Qian Yueying said roaringly. This insult had already caused her to collapse.
“I beg you, you can let me let you go, what are you? I ask you,” Chuck looked at her without expression.
“I, I don’t count for anything, I just came to beg you, okay, please don’t fix my money house.” Qian Yueying cried and broke into tears.
“What the hell are you wrong, and you said I was wrong?”
“I am wrong,” Qian Yueying said quickly.
“You are wrong, just accept the punishment, okay?” Chuck said.
The simple reason is that Chuck is not a Virgin bitch. Why did she come and apologize and let her go?
“No, please don’t do this, please,” Qian Yueying regretted to the extreme, she should not take the initiative to speak to Chuck, should not take the initiative to look down on Chuck, and should not insult Chuck.
“I didn’t let you come, you go back.” Chuck also wanted to eat Logan’s dessert snacks, and didn’t want to tell her more.
“Another sentence, to know that, why did it?” Chuck sat down.
Qian Yueying was in pain. She looked up and looked at Chuck with tears in her eyes. She lost the bag in her hand and then untied.
The only thing she is doing now is to take the initiative and see if there is room for discussion.
“Stop hand!” Chuck raised his hand to stop.
“Chuck, please don’t do this. I really know I’m wrong. I’m really the same as other women, me.” Qian Yueying cried.
Has he made such a big sacrifice, he is not willing to forgive himself?
“Where did your inexplicable self-confidence come from?” Chuck expressionless,
“I ask you, have you stayed in my mother’s night hotel before for a night?”
“Yes, I lived there. I was thinking…”
“Who did you sleep with? A person? Or was there someone else?” Chuck asked.
The picture in his hand was taken in his mother’s night hotel, as if it were monitored, but Chuck later thought, his mother Where will there be surveillance in your hotel?
Besides, even if it’s surveillance, why should anyone send it to yourself? ?
Isn’t this strange?
“Zhang Tianxue, I live with Zhang Tianxue,” Qian Yueying said quickly.
“Why live with her?”
“I, I see her pitiful, with you on her face… there is a slap mark, and I feel that she has been aggrieved, so I comfort her and let her live with me.” Qian Yueying said.
“She was wronged?” Chuck said lightly. “What’s wrong with her?”
“she was,”
“She said, you were beaten by you, you wanted her, she didn’t want it, you hit her,”
Qian Yueying, Zhi Wuwu, Ouyang Fei was young, at that time pitiful, touched Qian Yueying, she did not Patience made Ouyang Fei so wronged.
Chuck is basically sure. Zhang Tianxue in her mouth is Ouyang Fei.
“What did you say about this woman?” Chuck asked.
“Especially beautiful, eighteen years old, with long legs and particularly good skin.” Qian Yueying recalled as much as possible. Ouyang Fei was indeed the most beautiful girl she had ever seen, and she was impressed.
This description, Chuck can be sure, that is Ouyang Fei!
Chuck understood that this photo was taken by Ouyang Fei, why was it taken this way? Did you deliberately send it to yourself? Chuck didn’t understand it just now.
However, Chuck thought of Ouyang Feifei as a man, so simple and clear, Ouyang Feifei wanted to avenge himself.
It may be seen that Qian Yueying is particularly rich, so, showing off in front of Qian Yueying is pitiful.
Let Qian Yueying sympathize with her and let Qian Yueying deal with herself, so she took photos and wanted to show off the photos in front of Qian Yueying. Then, after Qian Yueying was angry, wasn’t she just going to deal with herself?
However, Ouyang Fei missed two points in this calculation.
First, I am not a person who likes to show off, even if there are photos, it is also a sneak peek, and I will not fool in front of anyone, let alone look in front of Qian Yueying.
The second is, Ouyang Fei thought Qian Yueying would deal with himself? Ability to deal with yourself? This is a big mistake! !
“Do you still sympathize with her now?” Chuck shrugged.
“Yes, I sympathize with her very much,” Qian Yueying was ashamed. This was your fault. Letting other girls pay for opening a house and hitting others, what is this behavior? too disgusting.
“So, you hated me since then?” Chuck asked.
“Yes I am,”
“No? You hate me when you see me at first glance, right?”
“I’m right,”
“Did I mess with you then?”
“No,” Qian Yueying thought now, and he really looked down on Chuck for no reason at that time. He said he bought a hotel. Why did he look down on him? ?
“Then you know, the girl who sleeps with you, what did she do to you?” Chuck smiled slightly.

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