My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 467

“What did she do?”
Qian Yueying, surrounded by shame, was stunned. Why did Chuck say so? What does that mean?
“This is very interesting, you can’t think of it, I ask you, what is your impression of her in her mind?” Chuck asked with a shrug.
“She…simple, pitiful, and pure.” Qian Yueying recalled seeing that at that time, Ouyang Fei was crying out of her room with tears.
It was really pitiful, she was usually indifferent, and couldn’t help but want to comfort her.
Chuck smiled, “Simple? Are you simple or she simple?”
“What do you mean?” Qian Yueying looked up.
“Tell you, this girl is not called Zhang Tianxue, but Ouyang Fei!”
“Ouyang Fei? No, she is called Zhang Tianxue.” Qian Yueying shook her head.
How could she lie?
So poor girl.
Chuck shook her head and looked at her again. “No, she is called Ouyang Fei! This girl and I are from a school, a freshman, and a new school flower. Do you know her personality?”
“Simple, kind.”
“Oh, you know this girl, what conditions do you want to add her WeChat?”
“Necessary conditions? What conditions?”
“At least one sports car with more than five million dollars is eligible to add her to WeChat.”
“Why? You are slandering her, right?” Qian Yueying frowned.
This is the behavior of the money-laden woman. As a member of the Qian family, plus her WeChat, she never reads this, just sees whether she is willing or not.
Chuck ignored her question, “Then a school car has a sports car, she added WeChat, and then you know what she did?”
“What do you want to say? You are absolutely slandering her!” Qian Yueying was angry.
“Scorn her? Ha ha, she and this school grass, oh, you may know this school grass, Du Peixin’s brother, Du Xinye, know?” Chuck asked.
“Du Xinye?” Qian Yueying was impressed that the boy who brought him over to the Night Hotel was very handsome, but she didn’t eat this set.
“Know it? It’s him. Du Xinye asked Ouyang Fei to come out, but gave Ouyang Fei something. What is it? I don’t say you know it. Then, I took some photos.”
“What did you say?” Qian Yueying was shocked!
Du Peixin’s brother did something like that? This is impossible!
“It just happened that I had a little conflict with Du Xinye. He sent me this photo and showed it to me. He played the school flower.” Chuck said.
“You…” Qian Yueying was shocked. Is there such an operation? ?
“Ouyang Fei knows this, come and find me.”
“So she opened an appointment with you? Looking for you for a photo?” Qian Yueying was nervous.
“But why are you hitting her? Why are you hitting a woman?” Qian Yueying hurriedly asked, this is something she really can’t tolerate. The girl asks you for a photo, you give it, why do you want to hit her? ? ?
“Why? She took the knife out, do I want to beat her? For you, can you beat her?”
Chuck said lightly.
“What?” Qian Yueying was shocked. How could the girl do such a thing?
With the knife out, this is about persecution, and Qian Yueying will also be angry.
“Then did you give her the picture?”
“Yes, I thought she would disappear in front of me, but what? She didn’t seem to be what I thought.”
“Which? What do you want to say?” Qian Yueying felt a little bad.
“After she came out, she met you, but why did she pretend to be pitiful and change her name, why can’t you think?”
“She, what does she want to do? Why do you do this?…She, she wants me to deal with you?” Qian Yueying was angry.
“What do you say?”
“I don’t believe what you say, don’t believe it!” Qian Yueying felt that he couldn’t judge this at all?
“She was photographed by Du Xinye, and her psychology changed, so, she was thinking, she was photographed herself, why not take other people by other methods? So look, I think you seem to be pleasing to the eye A little, then…”
Chuck said.
“You, what did you say? What did you say?” Qian Yueying suddenly became nervous, and she came over. “Chuck, are you talking nonsense?”
She suddenly felt a little hair on the back. She seemed to feel that when she was sleeping, it seemed that her quilt was covered a little bit. It was a little cold. She finally had a good night’s sleep. She couldn’t wake up, so she didn’t. I thought about going to sleep.
Chuck was expressionless.
Qian Yueying sat paralyzed on the ground, “No, why would she take my picture?…you, how do you know? Is it?”
Qian Yueying got up and grabbed Chuck. His eyes were red and he was crying anxiously. “You said, how do you know? Please, please, please?”
“It’s very simple. She wants to retaliate against me. She wants me to conflict with you. Imagine that if you have a picture of you in your hands, how would you deal with me?” Chuck said.
“You, do you mean you have a picture of me?” Qian Yueying was shocked. “Show me, show me. Please show me.”
“Remember that you stayed that night. The next morning you saw me and said what photo I was looking at. Do you remember this matter?”
“Remember, don’t you, you were watching me at the time?” Qian Yueying was weak and trembling.
“Yes,” Chuck took out his phone.
Qian Yueying is about to collapse, “Are you lying to me? Are you, are you…”
“No, you see it for yourself,” Chuck opened WeChat, found the strange WeChat account, opened it, and there was a photo from Ouyang Fei.
Chuck’s mobile phone was handed over, Qian Yueying took it tremblingly, glanced at it, she collapsed on the ground, collapsed and shed tears. This one is really herself.
How could she not distinguish this? A glance is enough.
She looked down, and the picture seemed to be monitored, but she knew in her heart that when she went to bed that night, she felt that there was nothing wrong with it. At that time, Ouyang Fei uncovered her quilt and was taking pictures.
It’s just that she didn’t think much at the time, how could she think about it, then a poor girl who would do such a thing to herself? ?
She really didn’t expect that now that she was confused, she knew it was wrong.
It turns out that Chuck can really buy the Zhao’s hotel.
It turned out that he had misunderstood him from the beginning, and he was justified in beating that girl…
He is not a garbage man, no.
I misunderstood, so I looked down on him more and hated him more.
But what he did, Chuck felt inexplicable, so he finally couldn’t help getting angry…
This is wrong, because he looked down on him at first, thinking he was talking about, after all, where can Zhao’s hotel be bought by ordinary people? Even the four big families couldn’t buy it. Can Chuck?
But he really can.
Qian Yueying’s tears looked up, “I’m sorry, I really don’t know this, I really don’t know…”
Qian Yueying is full of remorse. Why do you believe a woman you just met so much?
Chuck took the phone back. “This is not important. What’s important is that I told you to finish your money, then it must be finished!”
“No, don’t do this to me, to my money house.” Qian Yueying cried.
“You can go out,” Chuck said, “Of course, you can see clearly, I deleted all your photos in front of you, you are good to see,”
Chuck clicked to delete, Qian Yueying grabbed Chuck’s hand, “No, you can keep it, keep it,”
She was really surrounded by shame. She felt guilty and felt that she was too wrong. She should not look down on Chuck at the beginning, otherwise, she would not misunderstand him more and more.
“Please keep it,” Qian Yueying cried. She really summed up the courage of this sentence. This pair of women all want to delete it the first time, but what qualifications do you have to delete it? ?
If Chuck stays, does it mean that he still has a chance?
“Don’t stay,” Chuck shook his head. Chuck had already seen this picture first. He had no interest in seeing it. He didn’t even bother to look at it again. He even thoughtlessly spread it out.
Although it is so spread out, Betty certainly has various channels to distribute it, which can be seen by many people and make the Qian family more influential, but Chuck is not prepared to do so.

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