My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 468

Because of this, he felt that it was unnecessary and nothing more.
Let the Qian family become a poor man, almost, why let this photo be spread out, Chuck does not want to do this.
“No, you keep it, please keep it?” Qian Yueying took Chuck’s hand, crying and begging.
It turned out that he had long seen himself.
“Do not stay.” Chuck shook his head, deleting these photos one by one in front of Qian Yueying, leaving no one behind.
Qian Yueying sat paralyzed on the ground, feeling weak.
Chuck put away his phone, “You can go out.”
Qian Yueying lifted her tearful eyes and said with a terrible throat, “How can you forgive me? I really want to do anything. You just have to say that I will do it.”
“You just have to go out,” Chuck expressionless.
This matter, Chuck decided, he must make the Qian family poor.
Let Qian Yueying’s sense of superiority not.
“Chuck.” Qian Yueying cried with her lips covered, “I still have a daughter, she…”
“Does your daughter have anything to do with me? Is it mine?” Chuck asked.
“It’s not yours.” Qian Yueying shook her head and climbed up in despair.
She dragged her body to the door. The regret in her heart made her unable to move.
She opened the door and went out.
Qian Fangyun, who was waiting outside, saw his cousin crying so badly, he ran over, “What did he say? Does he already treat you…”
He felt that Chuck must have done something with his cousin Qian Yueying, because such a beautiful woman took the initiative to give her a hug, this is a man who can’t refuse it!
“No, he didn’t touch me,” Qian Yueying suffered. What should I do now?
Chuck said that he would make his money family poor, according to the current situation, he can definitely do this.
Because it was really Chuck, the Zhao family was destroyed! What does it mean for Chuck to make his money family poor? ?
“What? How could he not touch you?” Qian Fangyun was incredible.
“Me, me.” Qian Yueying couldn’t say it, said Chuck looked at himself? Said Chuck thought he had children? She couldn’t say it.
“What did you do just now? What did you cry for? Cousin! Say!” Qian Fangyun was desperate, his cousin was crying like this, so what room do you have to save?
“He didn’t do anything. He showed me something. I know. I always misunderstood him. He was angry and should, but Qian Yueying cried.
“But what?”
“He said, we must make our family poor.” Qian Yueying collapsed, the pressure was too great, she couldn’t breathe!
“What?” Qian Fangyun fainted.
“What should we do? What should we do?”
“Go back and say,” Qian Fangyun can only say that, his cousin is crying like this, he thought, Chuck abused her just now, but no! So now there is no other way, so only go back to discuss!
Qian Yueying was helped back by Qian Fangyun.
Money house!
Qian Yueying cried and said, the owner of the Qian family slaps in exasperation.
Qian Yueying was hit on the ground, “What did you do?”
Everyone in the Qian family scolded Qian Yueying. What is the situation? Is it because Qian Yueying is alone, that he has no money?
This kind of involvement is terrible!
“Qian Yueying, look at what you do! Why do you treat him so badly?”
“That’s right, people didn’t bother you, you looked down on him the first time you met, why did you do this?”
“Alas, it is said that others are shame, rubbish, aiming at him everywhere. Whoever puts this on him? Yueying, what are you doing?”
The people in the Qian family have anger, despair, and sighs.
“Grandpa, I’m sorry, everyone’s sorry, I want to accompany him, he is unwilling, I said he wants me to do anything I want, but he is still unwilling, I really don’t know what to do.” Qian Yueying said with a cry .
She couldn’t think of a way out. She all crossed this hurdle. You know, she is still attractive to men. She is so active. Chuck still has no meaning at all. She really has no way.
“Mom, why are you crying.” A little girl ran over, six or seven years old, she sadly lifted her mother up.
“Mother did something wrong,” Qian Yueying wiped her tears herself.
“Mom, what are you doing wrong?”
“Mom should not look down on people,”
“Mom, why do you look down on people?” the girl asked simply.
“Me.” Qian Yueying was speechless, right, why should he look down on Chuck?
When he first met, he said he wanted to buy Zhao Yunlei’s hotel. He believed that it was all right, why not?
Qian Yueying hugged her daughter and wept.
“Qian Yueying, what you did yourself, Li solved it for me, otherwise you should stop entering the door of the Qian family!” said the owner of the Qian family in exasperation.
Just in the time just now, his family’s industry has been bursting out of problems one after another, and he is about to collapse. If this goes on, within a month, the Qian family will be completely in debt, and it will not be It’s that simple!
“Grandpa, I have no choice.” Qian Yueying cried.
“There is no way you can think about it!”
Qian Yueying desperately hugged her daughter, what should I do, what should I do?
Today is the quietest day of the Qian family. In the hall, it is the same silence as death!

At the university, Ouyang Fei had just finished her class. She knew that Chuck hadn’t been here for so long. She was very happy. Was that Qian Yueying adjusted it? She checked it later!
How to check it?
At that time, Qian Yueying had a limited version of the watch. She asked.
According to the description, she thought it was the Qian family, the Qian family of the four major families! She later checked again and determined that there was really a person named Qian Yueying among the Qians, otherwise what could she have for tens of millions?
Ouyang Fei died happy when she knew about it at that time. What if Chuck had money?
In front of the Qian family of the four major families, it is not the same as the ants.
That Qian Yueying can make you Chuck die with one hand!
Let Qian Yueying know that you have a picture of Qian Yueying on your cell phone, so are you still dead? ? Let you see Chuck’s picture, and hit me, this is the end of Chuck!
But when she first got into her BMW, she bored her phone and looked at WeChat to see if there were any activities today.
But when she was pushing the news, she looked at it curiously and immediately stunned. What happened? Why are all the news of the Qian family?
What is happening?
Ouyang Fei looked at it for a long time, and was stunned. It’s all ah. How could the Qian family have such a serious problem? She is not stupid, knowing that this is the Qian family who has been rectified, but who has the ability to rectify the four big families!
Ouyang Fei was shocked. Now that the Qian family is worried about internal and external problems, how can it be able to deal with Chuck? Isn’t that making Chuck cheaper?
Ouyang Fei definitely didn’t want to see such a thing. She drove to the Yeshi Hotel.
From a distance, she was fine. Chuck didn’t have anything at all? ?
Didn’t you do everything in vain before, and let Chuck see a superb photo for free?
Ouyang Fei was annoyed that Chuck was so cheap. She couldn’t tolerate it. She had to let Chuck know what it would cost her to beat her. It couldn’t be so simple.
She tried again, but after reading the news, she saw that the problems of the Qian family were more exposed. Who did this? Who has such a great ability!
Ouyang Fei is difficult to understand!
She thinks about it, and really can’t think of anyone with this strength, which is amazing.
Ouyang Fei was about to leave, but saw a car driving into the hotel at night.
She continued to look suspiciously, but she saw a woman with a good figure, got out of the car, and looked at her back beautifully. Who is it?
The woman turned around haggardly, Ouyang Fei was scared, this is Qian Yueying, what is she doing here at this time?
At this time, shouldn’t the Qian family be overwhelmed? Why come here? rest?
Ouyang Fei couldn’t figure it out, but she certainly couldn’t let Qian Yueying see herself. If Qian Yueying knew what she was doing, what would be her end? She wanted it all herself.
But why is she coming here? Came to find Chuck? Ouyang Fei was suddenly happy and must have come to Chuck to settle the bill, haha. Have a good show! Chuck, do you regret it to me now? ?

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