My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 469

Ouyang Fei became more and more happy, and she couldn’t wait to see Chuck being troubled by Qian Yueying.
The last time she was slapped by Chuck, she already had a huge shadow in her heart. She could dream of her tortured Chuck crazy in her dreams recently!
She wants revenge!
Now it seems that taking a picture of Qian Yueying at that time was really the most correct decision.
Even Ouyang Fei felt that she had a base picture in her hand. In case she had no money, she could still take this picture and sell it. Tens of millions of them easily had no problem at all.
After all, Qian Yueying, the most beautiful woman among the four big family Qian’s, is a noble example. Who doesn’t want to see pictures of such women? ?
As long as you shoot yourself, how many people are rushing to get it?
Ouyang Feimei was nourished.
Ouyang Fei saw that Qian Yueying had walked in, and she was so jealous!
Recently, a few prettier than myself have emerged. That Yvette, and Qian Yueying in front of them, are all superb beauties.
At the moment, Qian Yueying’s high-end clothes reveal the figure to the extreme.
Ouyang Fei looked at this figure and became more jealous.
“Huh, when I reach your age, my figure is definitely better than you!!” Ouyang Fei hummed.
She was not in her twenties, and there was room for growth. After she was sensible, she has been practicing yoga and squats to maintain her perfect body. She continued to practice until she was in her twenties. No one can compare to yourself!
Ouyang Fei is so confident!
However, she saw that Qian Yueying came out after a while, and her face was even more haggard. What’s going on?
Yes, Qian Yueying really has no choice. She wants to ask Karen Lee, but how can Karen Lee meet her? What’s more, Karen Lee is still abroad, and it’s even more impossible to come over to see her.
She walked out sadly, not expecting this to be the case. She sighed and sat in the car and shed tears. She had collapsed in a few days.
What should I do? The Qian family’s situation is getting worse and worse, and it won’t last long.
When she came over just now, she wanted to see Chuck, but Chuck couldn’t see herself at all. The huge pressure had made her completely unbearable. She would be beaten when she went back. The three elders slapped her hands, and she was in pain.
Not daring to resist, can only bear being beaten silently.
“Woo.” Qian Yueying was in the car. When no one was there, he dared to cry.
“What should I do?” Qian Yueying cried!
Of course, Qian Yueying is crying in the car. How can you see Ouyang Fei here?
She thinks, what is the situation of Qian Yueying? Didn’t you see Chuck?
Yes, she hasn’t seen Chuck recently. Did Chuck hide?
Haha, afraid of the revenge of the money family, so hide like a turtle?
Ouyang Fei ridiculed, what garbage stuff, a little money, in front of the family like the Qian family, it is garbage!
Even the garbage is not as good, Qian Yueying is angry, you Chuck will hide! It’s just a tortoise.
Ouyang Fei looked for a while and saw that Qian Yueying drove away.
Do you already know where Chuck hides? Haha!
Ouyang Fei couldn’t wait to see it. She drove far behind Qian Yueying and found that Qian Yueying had entered the airport. Where did she go?
Ouyang Fei decided to take a look at the past. At the very least, she wanted to see Chuck being picked up by Qian Yueying first, so she would be in a better mood. If she could, she would like to take pictures.
Go in and find that Qian Yueying is a private flight, that is to say, a private jet.
How do you ask this?
Ouyang Fei was annoyed, but Qian Yueying was ahead, and he also called and said to go to Beijing immediately.
Is Chuck in Beijing? Really, hiding in the capital, Chuck you turtle Ouyang Fei immediately bought a plane ticket and planned to go to Beijing. There was no lesson anyway. After waiting for a while, Ouyang Fei got on the plane and arrived in Beijing. She certainly did not know where Qian Yueying had arrived.
She was a little annoyed!
But, she came to the capital before and met some friends while playing in the bar, all of them are kind of five million sports cars, and some of them added their own WeChat! She agreed, after all, she was eligible to add her own WeChat.
However, Ouyang Fei hasn’t paid much attention, how to say, men are used to play.
She took a picture of herself, just took the word “Jingcheng” in the Beijing Airport, and sent a circle of friends, with: Boring to go to Beijing…
As soon as the circle of friends came out, someone immediately responded.
“Yeah, the little beauty has come to the capital, I’ll come to pick you up!”
“I happen to be in Beijing too. I’ll drive over to pick you up!”
WeChat kept thinking, Ouyang Fei glanced at him for a while, mocking, “Chang Na virtue, come over and pick me up? Do you want me to vomit?”
“Also, this shabi pen doesn’t seem to work, come over and pick me up? Go die!
And you, like a winter melon, are short and fat, shabi pen is more handsome than you, the key is that you pretend to be handsome? .”
Ouyang Fei hummed, more than a dozen people sent messages to pick them up, then just pick one that was pleasing to the eye, and none of them would be pleasing.
“It’s all rubbish, and none of them look handsome. Forget it, this is all right.”
Ouyang Fei reluctantly nodded someone, “Come and pick me up!”
“Okay, I’ll be here soon!” The person returned the message.
“I only wait for you for ten minutes!” Ouyang Fei sent a message. Yes, ten minutes is enough. When she puts it on, she doesn’t even bother to wait.
Ouyang Fei found a place to sit and wait.
After waiting for a while, Ouyang Fei complained, “It’s been eight minutes, but it’s still not coming. Is it such garbage? Give you a chance that you don’t catch it, it’s your waste, forget it, find another person,”
Ouyang Fei took out his phone impatiently. How precious is his time, wasting his time in vain? Ouyang Fei can’t tolerate it!
She sent a message to another man who was a little more pleasing to the eye, “I’m so tired, you come and pick me up,”
“Okay, I’ll be here soon!”
Yes, Ouyang Fei is beautiful. The youthful temperament is difficult for men to resist. This is the simplest operation.
Ouyang Fei despised, “Ten minutes, I will only wait ten minutes for you.”
However, at this time, a sports car came over, and there was a tall man inside,
“Fifi, I came here in ten minutes, get in the car!”
The man is personable, Ouyang Fei muttered, “It’s your acquaintance.”
She swayed her long legs and stood up. The person who sent the message just now returned, “You must arrive in ten minutes!”
“Forget it, I’ll take the car myself, next time,” Ouyang Fei returned, and she was too lazy to wait ten minutes again. How can I say that there is already a car now, then I’ll be seated.
“Fifi, I’m all on the road, I’ll be here soon, I’ll be here soon,” the man returned.
Ouyang Fei was too lazy to go back, “When do I write badly? Just send you a message, you are on the road? Pretend!”
She put her mobile phone in the bag, came over, and got in the car.
“Fifi, it’s been a long time,” the man smiled slightly.
“Long time no see,” Ouyang Fei said much lazier, “I’m hungry.”
“Okay, I have already booked the best restaurant. Let’s go eat!” The man laughed.
When he came, he immediately booked the best restaurant. At the very least, Ouyang Fei felt that she valued her. How else can you have other opportunities? ?
“Well,” Ouyang Fei played on her cell phone. The man turned his head to look at her. He hadn’t seen her for a few months. Hey, so much more beautiful. The figure is so good.
Men can’t wait to drive!
Arriving at one of the best restaurants in Beijing, Ouyang Fei glanced and thought it was ok.
“By the way, who has been adjusted by the Qian family recently.” Ouyang Fei asked casually.
“This, I don’t know very well.” The man shook his head. Yes, the Qian family has been rectified in recent days, and it has been spread in China. But no one knows who was rectified because no one let it go. The news came out!
“I guess it’s someone from the other two families.” The man analyzed.
“Okay, I think the Qian family should be able to resist it. After all, she is a big family.” Ouyang Fei expressed her opinion. She also wanted Qian Yueying to clean up Chuck, of course, she didn’t want the Qian family to be in trouble.

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