My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 470

“Yes, the situation of the Qian family is now seen. Although it is serious, the Qian family should be able to solve it,” the man also analyzed.
One of the most basic reasons is that the Qian family is a big four family. This reason is enough!
“Well, go in and eat, I’m hungry,” Ouyang Fei said.
The man shrugged and nodded, and had dinner with the beauties. What was he not happy about?
The two came out and walked into the restaurant.
Ouyang Fei came in and thought this restaurant was very good. She was a little curious, “Who is this restaurant? The decoration is not bad!”
“Hey, I know, a friend of my dad is here as a manager, this restaurant seems to be the president of Tang Dynasty in Beijing,” the man laughed.
Mr. Tang, of course, said Logan.
She can be low-key, many people in Beijing do not know that she is the boss.
“Mr. Tang?” Ouyang Fei didn’t bother to ask too much. It’s estimated that he’s a skillful boss!
Not interested to know.
She just asked a little curiously just now, and want to know other things? She doesn’t want to.
“Hello, Master Wen, please here!” The reception came over to receive.
This Master Wen often brought beautiful women here for dinner, and all these receptions met.
The man thinks he has face, “Yeah, Feifei, here!”
Ouyang Fei followed, high-end restaurants are different, they look so comfortable.
The two were taken to sit down. The man asked Ouyang Fei to order. She ordered a few casually. Then, the two began to chat!
This man has tens of billions of money in his own house. This is the reason why Ouyang Fei asked him to come over and pick him up. However, he does not look good.
Thinking of Du Xinye, Ouyang Fei was angry! Taking pictures of yourself actually makes Ouyang Fei vigilant, and now absolutely not drinking anything given by others.
Just in case you hit again.
“By the way, have you heard of the Zhang family?” Ouyang asked a bit boringly.
“Zhang family? Which Zhang family?” The man hesitated.
“There is a man named Chuck, do you know?”
“I don’t know, there is no famous Zhang family in China,” the man is sure, his family is considered to be the upper middle family of China. Zhang family has never heard of it!
Yes, did Chuck’s turtle with its head shrink? What is really in front of the Huaxia family!
“Fei Fei, who is this Chuck you said?”
“A coward, a square in the house, and a five-star hotel,” Ouyang Fei said.
“Oh, that’s the average strength. What happened to Feifei? This Zhang Ze offended Feifei? You made Feifei angry? It’s okay. Tell me where he is. I let him kneel down and apologize to you!” said the man.
Ouyang Fei wanted to speak. Anyway, Chuck was hiding in the capital, so he could really let this man deal with him, but ah, forget it, Ouyang Fei didn’t want to owe humanity, even though this man is willing to take his own initiative, he should also Doing so to please yourself, but Ouyang Fei thinks that a money family is enough, what else can this man blindly live?
“No need.” Ouyang Fei shook his head, and the man smiled, “Yes, Feifei, you know, you just have to say a word, and I will let Chuck honestly apologize to you.”
Ouyang Fei coped, “Well, I know your strength.”
After coming here for a while, the food came up, and Ouyang Fei also wanted to eat a little. She thought the food here was good. After eating, she continued to play with her mobile phone. She had to find a way to find where Qian Yueying had gone. She had to see it with her own eyes. Chuck was picked up by Qian Yueying!
This is her purpose!
However, if this is not so good, I also ask, Ouyang Fei is a little helpless, how should I find it? She doesn’t want to miss Chuck’s picture being picked up by a woman!
She has to appreciate it!
“I’m going to the bathroom!” Ouyang Fei said lazily.
“it is good.”
Ouyang Fei swayed his long legs and stood up to go to the bathroom. The man looked at Ouyang Feifei’s back. He smiled, “This is better-looking than the women I have ever seen. It is young and energetic.
Ouyang Fei went into the bathroom and came out after using the toilet.
At the door, she laughed suddenly because she saw a person coming out of the private room. This person, she wanted to meet for too long, Chuck, haha, she actually saw Chuck.
Yes, Chuck came out to the toilet.
This guy is still in a mood to hide here? Ouyang Fei mocked that he no longer has a picture of himself, so what are he afraid of?
Ouyang Fei wanted to laugh, but didn’t expect you to bump into yourself.
She is thinking about shrinking her turtle, do you know that I am the one who made you? Haha!
If you know that I took Qian Yueying’s picture and give it to you, let Qian Yueying adjust you and let you hide here, you know this will go crazy! Haha!
Ouyang Fei was proud.
Chuck came over. He just ate very comfortably. In recent days, Logan took care of himself and learned to fight after eating. For Chuck, this kind of life is quite fulfilling!
It’s just that Chuck’s guilt, Logan’s business, Logan did not deal with it!
Chuck thought that it would be better to find time to solve the company’s affairs with Logan.
Otherwise, Chuck can’t feel at ease.
“You are here?” But, a familiar voice came, Chuck was stunned, looked up at a beautiful woman with sarcasm, Ouyang Fei? ? she was. .
Chuck was forced, she dare to appear in front of herself? What is this for?
“Why did you hide here?” Ouyang Fei smiled slightly, feeling too comfortable in his heart.
“Hiding?” Chuck is weird. Why did she come to Beijing? Watch yourself joke?
“Oh,” Ouyang Fei smiled, and wanted to pretend?
“What are you laughing at?” Chuck touched his nose. What on earth did the woman do? ?
Somehow! This caught Qian Yueying, she is estimated to be killed!
“Laughing at you,” Ouyang Fei was proud.
“Laugh at me? What’s so funny about me? Do you have a picture of me in your phone?” Chuck said with a shrug.
“Shameless! Are you still qualified to mention this?”. Ouyang Fei thought that her body was actually seen by this head-down turtle, and the anger in her heart went off, and she wanted to immediately slap this one! !
“Then what do I mention? It’s nice to mention you?” Chuck laughed. Actually, Ouyang Fei’s figure is really good. It can’t be compared with Lara’s, but what about it. Much better than too many women, but unfortunately, it has been deleted.
“Go to death! Sha pen!” Ouyang Fei raised his hand in annoyance to slap Chuck!
How could Chuck let her fight? Backing a little, Ouyang Fei slammed short.
Chuck is too lazy to take care of her. How dare this woman appear in Beijing? This is really a model of not being afraid of death.
Don’t know that Qian Yueying hates you at this time? ?
“Chuck, you played with me, do you understand? Do you understand?”
“You play with me? How did you play?” Chuck wanted to laugh, what was this woman thinking?
“Still pretending, you are afraid of dying in your heart now, what use do you have?” Ouyang Fei was annoyed, she felt that she should immediately contact Qian Yueying and let Qian Yueying come immediately to clean up Chuck!
At the very least, it is necessary to smash Chuck’s mouth! Really cheap!
“I ask you, what are you doing here in Beijing?” Ouyang Fei stared at Chuck. Sneered.
“You can’t control this.” Chuck shrugged.
“Hehehe! Don’t care? Don’t think you came here in Beijing. I don’t know the reason. You hid here, right?” Ouyang Fei laughed, really a tortoise!
Chuck looked at her again, this hiding? Chuck does not think that Ouyang Fei knows anything? What about black roses? Otherwise, how can you hide yourself?
But Chuck is not hiding from black roses. If black roses come out, Chuck still wants to fight with her. How to say that he has been training for so long.
Unfortunately, the black rose never came out.
“Stop talking? Admit it? Hehe, Chuck, I said that it’s useless for you to pretend to be in front of me,” Ouyang Fei disdained. At this time, Chuck was pierced by himself. Was he scared? ?
Thinking of this, Ouyang Fei was not satisfied, letting you beat me, letting you see my photos, this is your end, being picked up by Qian Yueying.
“I advise you to find a place to hide,” Ouyang Fei continued mockingly, Chuck was speechless, haha, really comfortable!

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