My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 47

Chuck was startled when he heard this voice. He turned his head and looked at Queenie, who was shocked.
That’s right!
It was Queenie Carson!
When she just got off work, she pressed the first floor button on the elevator and she walked out in a daze. After walking for a while, she realized that she had made a mistake and immediately turned back. But she saw Chuck and Yolanda coming out of the elevator and walking towards the BMW. She was stunned because she knew the car’s appearance. She bumped into this kind of car last time, and she had been waiting for the owners call these few days…
Chuck knew that this was a bad situation. The most important thing was that when Queenie bumped into his car last time, he didn’t tell her that it was him although she had been worried about it for such a long time. But now that she saw it, Chuck felt guilty. However, there was not only one BMW seven series on the road, there were other BMW too.
And… Chuck found that Queenie was not looking at him, but at.. Yolanda!
She thought that this car was belonging to Yolanda! After all, she had a boyfriend from a rich family, which was well known by everyone in the school. Chuck smiled bitterly in his heart. Does he not look like the owner of this car?
Yolanda was also a little stunned, but she was smart and attentive. When she saw Queenie looking at her, she immediately smiled. “Yes, this car is mine. Let me send you back to school.”
Chuck sighed in relief.
Queenie recovered from the shock. She was a little timid as it was such a luxurious car, and she was reminded that the car she had bumped into last time was something like this. She shook her head and said, “It’s alright, you can just send Chuck back.”
What more, it wasn’t good for her to sit inside the car if Yolanda was to send Chuck and her back, although it was still a bit disappointing.
“It’s on the way, come on, get in the car.” Yolanda smiled and came over to convince Queenie.
Chuck hurriedly gave her the car key. Yolanda smiled and grabbed the keys. She opened the door and saw the luxurious interior design inside. Queenie was even more nervous. This was such an extravagant car, what if it she dirtied it?
Chuck hurt to see her like this. He walked over and said, “Its okay.”
“Yes.” Queenie bit her lip and sat inside.
She was very cautious and sat in the seat rigidly. Chuck sat neat to her.
Yolanda sat In the driver’s seat. She hadn’t driven for a long time, her family used to drive a Rots-Royce. Yolanda started the car and skillfully drove out of the parking lot.
“I, I once bumped into such a car and scratched it…” Queenie bit down on her lips and started saying.
Yolanda was silent. She knew that this car was worth more than two million dollars. It would cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars it she scratched it.
“And then? How much did the owner ask you to compensate?” Yolanda asked subconsciously.
“No, the owner didn’t ask me to pay.” Queenie replied.
“The owner of the car is very nice then.” Yolanda smiled.
“Yes, very nice. The car owner was not there at that time, so I left my phone number, but the car owner didn’t contact me…” Oueenie clarified hurriedly.
“In that case, then the car owner didn’t want you to pay for it.” Yolanda’s eyes turned slightly, and she glanced at Chuck Cannon through the rearview mirror. His expression…
Yolanda was surprised. Was the car Queenie scratched Chuck’s car? This idea came to her mind. Looking at Chuck’s expression, that should be the case.
Chuck realized that Yolanda was looking at him and immediately felt a little embarrassed. She smiled and said to Queenie, “Do you know who the owner is?”
“I don’t know.” Queenie shook her head. She was very nervous. She would rather this owner call her and ask her to pay. Then, she would feel much more relieved.
“Don’t worry, the owner won’t call you,” Yolanda said, glancing at Chuck again.
“But…” Queenie sighed.
‘Don’t worry.” Chuck said. Queenie was really naive!
“Yes, but I’m very grateful to the car owner. I wonder if I can say sorry to them personally…” Queenie sighed with a gloomy look in her eyes.
“There will be a chance…” Yolanda said.
“I hope so.” When the car arrived at the school gate, Queenie got off the car. She knew that Chuck lived outside, so Yolanda had to send him somewhere else.
“Thank you.” Queenie said seriously.
“It’s fine.” Yolanda smiled.
Queenie waved at Chuck and ran to the school gate, sadness welling up inside her.
Chuck sighed. Yolanda drove the car around, then drove slowly and said with a smile, “Let me guess, the car she scratched was yours?”
“Yes.” Chuck admitted.
“If so, you’re very nice to her.” Yolanda said.
Chuck was silent as he could read between the lines to what she was saying. After arriving at a place some distance away from the school, Yolanda said, “Thank you for sending me back.”
Chuck was embarrassed.
Yolanda opened the door and got out of the car. Chuck then shifted back to the driver’s seat and asked curiously, “Why aren’t you staying at your boyfriend’s house?”
Chuck knew that she had a boyfriend from a rich family. She could even stay in a hotel every day. Why would she live in the school dormitory?
“Since I can stay in the school dormitory, why should I stay in his house?” Yolanda asked.
Well, what she said really made Chuck speechless. Could her boyfriend even stand it?
“I’ll go to work on time tomorrow, bye.” Yolanda waved at Chuck before walking to the school gate.
Chuck watched from the rearview mirror as Yolanda slowly walked away. He was indeed surprised by this campus beauty, being not only beautiful, but hardworking and independent as well. The boyfriend should be really happy to have such a girlfriend! Chuck smiled and then he drove back….
After Zelda returned home, she received a phone call from her best friend, Quincy.
The first thing that she said was, “Your boyfriend is really rich!”
“What?” Zelda was stunned. Her boyfriend? She paused and suddenly was speechless, Quincy was talking about Chuck Cannon!
“You don’t know yet? Your boyfriend ordered a Porsche 911. A total of 4 million dollars! And he paid everything using a credit card in one shot!”
Zelda was surprised and asked what was going on. She knew about the relationship between Chuck and Wilbur, but didn’t he just buy the Cayenne? Why did he buy the 911 model instead?
“I don’t know the details, but I know that he has ordered that car!”
Zelda was confused. Two cars of that caliber would cost nearly seven million dollars. How could Chuck spend so much money without even blinking an eye? Who were Chuck’s parents?
“Anyway, your new boyfriend is not bad!” Quincy said with a hint of envy in her tone. Zelda sighed. Chuck wasn’t her boyfriend, he was only pretending to be. But she couldn’t say it out loud.
“By the way, did I disturb the two of you at such a late hour?” Quincy smirked playfully.
Zelda was speechless. These were the thoughts inside this crazy woman’s head all day long.
“I’m going to hang up soon. You are disturbing us and he just finished taking a bath.” Zelda had to say so. Otherwise, Quincy would just continue to babble on without giving her a peace of mind.
“Oh, that’s nice, I’m still alone in my empty room. When will God give me a handsome guy like your boyfriend?” Quincy complained, “Forget it, I don’t want to talk about it anymore, remember to just take it easy!”
The phone call hung up. Zelda was relieved. She was going to take a bath and head to bed, but suddenly the lights in the room went out. What happened? Did the circuit burn out? She pressed the switch again in suspicion and her fears were confirmed. How could she sleep without electricity? She packed up her things and was ready to go to the hotel to get a room to sleep.
However, as soon as she opened the door and walked to the elevator door, she was stunned because a person just came out. It was Chuck Cannon! Why was he here? Does he have a house here? If so, why didn’t she know?
Meanwhile, Chuck was also surprised to see Zelda. What a coincidence! Could it be that Zelda’s house was also in this community? He was speechless but knew that it was reasonable. Zelda had several restaurant franchises, so it would be normal for her to spend millions of dollars to buy a house here. However, Chuck, who had lived here for a few days, did not realize that she was his neighbour. He was still thinking that he would have a good sleep since there was no class tomorrow. But now, he just felt embarrassed. He walked out of the elevator and said, “Sister Zelda, what a coincidence!”
“Yeah, what a coincidence. Do you have a house here?” Zelda asked.
Chuck could only nod. He couldn’t lie to her, since she was not a fool.
Zelda was flabbergasted. She knew who the people on this floor were, but Chuck just walked out of this floor and said that he had a house here. A possibility was that it could be that he bought a house from one of the owners here. She knew that just recently, he bought two cars which cost more than seven million dollars. He he also bought a house worth more than three million dollars here, that means he already spent around 10 million dollars. How much money did Chuck have? At this moment, Zelda was very curious.
Chuck could only attempt to say something to break the awkward silence, “Sister Zelda, it’s so late. Where are you going?”
“Oh, the electricity at my house is down. I’m getting ready to go out to find a place to sleep.”
“Don’t bother. You can come to my house instead,” Chuck said subconsciously.

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