My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 472

“Shabi! I just follow Qian Yueying. Do you understand? I don’t know where she is, but definitely not here!!” Ouyang Fei laughed!
Where is there such a coincidence? Qian Yueying was out of the airport, and was definitely looking for Chuck in other places. Will he come here for a party?
Ouyang Fei decided in his heart to secretly tell Qian Yueying that Chuck was hiding in this place and let Qian Yueying take care of Chuck!
When you shrink your head and hide here, you are still proud? ?
Let Qian Yueying come and hit your face hard! !
“You can do it by yourself, she all came over.” Chuck said with a shrug.
“Look at your uncle, do you still want to play me?” Ouyang Fei sneered, she didn’t believe the word Chuck said now!
“Even if Qian Yueying comes, do you know what happened?” Ouyang Fei continued.
What do you have? Such a person like Chuck, even if he said it was a picture taken by himself, but what about the evidence? ?
In Qian Yueying’s eyes, he is still a super girl!
Will she believe you? As long as she sheds a few tears pitifully, she will believe what she says!
This is the difference!
“That’s not necessary, I have told her everything.” Chuck expressionless.
“You tell her? Haha, you are shit in Qian Yueying’s eyes, she will believe you? I’m different, you know? I cried in front of her last time, she believed me, and let me follow She sleeps in a room together, haha, you kneel in front of her to beg for mercy, she won’t believe you, either…”
Ouyang Fei laughed, she was all laughing to death, how to make such a kind of person, but this time to pretend to force? ?
When Ouyang Fei laughed, he suddenly heard the rapid sound of high heels.
When she sneered, just subconsciously turned her head, and a heavy slap shot at her beautiful face!
Snapped! !
This slap hit her face, Ouyang Fei screamed, almost fell to the ground, she was slapped with a slap.
Immediately angry, “Who will beat me? Who… Ah, sister, why are you here?”
Ouyang Fei was shocked suddenly because she saw a icy face to the extreme, beautiful, but full of coldness! !
There was panic in her heart, what should I do? Qian Yueying really appeared!
Ouyang Fei’s eyes dimmed, and tears burst out, “Sister, sister, do you know? I came here to eat with my friends, and this person is going to take me again…”
Ouyang Fei was wronged and said pitifully, but this sentence was not finished yet.
Qian Yueying’s beautiful face was cold, and she flicked it out again with a slap!
Snapped! !
Hit Ouyang Fei’s face!
Ouyang Fei screamed and fell on the ground, tears in her eyes, “Sister, how do you hit me? Ooo, ooo…”
Ouyang Fei cried while covering her cheeks.
The men standing next to him were shocked. He just saw Ouyang Fei beaten. He must be instinct. But when he saw that Qian Yueying was hitting him, he was dumbfounded.
How can his family compare with Qian Yueying?
He shuddered to move immediately! shocked.
Qian Yueying stared at Ouyang Fei, and there was anger in her eyes!
At the very beginning, she looked down on Chuck. She admitted, but if it was not Ouyang Fei who said Chuck later, and slandered Chuck, how could she misunderstand Chuck? ?
It’s all you!
“Sister, this is Zhang Tianxue, you don’t know me anymore? Last time at the hotel, you still…” Ouyang Fei cried up and was aggrieved to the extreme.
Tears, rain pears, tears in his big eyes, to be honest, they are really pitiful, harmless to humans and animals, and really can not help but love.
In this regard, Ouyang Fei pretends to be too good.
“Zhang Tianxue? You still want to lie to me!!”
Qian Yueying grabbed Ouyang Feifei’s hair. Ouyang Fei felt that her head was about to be torn off, and she burst into tears, “Sister, this is Zhang Tianxue, it hurts, it hurts.”
Qian Yueying slapped Ouyang Fei’s face with a slap!
After a few slaps, Ouyang Fei’s face was red and swollen!
Ouyang Fei was stunned, incredible! what happened?
Why is his own pitiful and useless in front of Qian Yueying? Doesn’t she believe in herself?
Did she actually believe in Chuck? is it possible? impossible!
Why does she believe in Chuck! why!
“You pretend to be very similar, do you know you hurt me? Do you know?”
Qian Yueying said one word, her anger could not be controlled, she wanted to kill!
At this time, she was full of regret!
Why should I believe such a woman?
She is also allowed to sleep in a room with herself. She still uses her kindness to take pictures of herself? ?
My own kindness has become a donkey liver and lungs!
“Sister, what are you talking about? Me.”
Ouyang Fei was scared. At this time, she could clearly feel that Qian Yueying was angry, and she begged her gaze at the stunned man next to him, “Master Wen, Master Wen, please take me away, leave here… …woo woo woo woo.”
The man shivered and said to Qian Yueying in horror, “Mr. Qian, I don’t know anything. I don’t know this woman. You are casual, sorry, sorry!”
“Go!” Qian Yueying screamed!
The man fell to the ground in fright. The Qian family is not something his family can provoke. Offended, his family is finished, he can only escape.
For a woman like Ouyang Fei, just have fun. He will definitely not offend the money family for such a woman!
He got up and ran away with his legs.
“Master Wen, Master Wen…” Ouyang Fei was shocked!
This man who likes himself has just ran like this, leaving himself behind!
She is incredible!
“Woo, sister, don’t hit me, it’s him, it’s Chuck,” Ouyang Fei cried.
“You still say!”
Qian Yueying was angry but slapped Ouyang Fei’s face with a slap. “The picture you took!!!”
“I don’t, no, sister, how can you doubt me so much? I won’t do such a thing, sister,”
Ouyang Fei feared, Chuck really told her?
Did she actually believe it? ?
Why would you believe it?
“You’re still lying! You took my picture and gave it to him, right?” Qian Yueying’s eyes were red and enveloped in anger.
“No, he told my sister you? I didn’t, my sister, don’t believe him, don’t believe it!”
Ouyang Fei hurriedly shook his head.
“I believe him.”
“What? Sister, he is slandering me, sister, me…” Ouyang Fei’s eyes widened!
Why, why would she believe Chuck!
“Do you know where you hurt me? Do you know?”
At this moment, in the past few days, the huge pressure made Qian Yueying finally unable to support, she collapsed and burst into tears. .
Ouyang Fei was stunned. What caused her?
“You made me misunderstand him, you made me Qian family now this is the case, it is you!” Qian Yueying wiped away her tears, beautiful eyes surrounded by anger again!
“Sister, what are you talking about?” Ouyang Fei was at a loss.
“You made me misunderstand Chuck. He now wants to make my money house poor,” Qian Yueying couldn’t help but slapped Ouyang Fei’s face with a slap.
Crack, crack!
Ouyang Fei screamed!
“Are you saying that the current situation of the Qian family is that Chuck is making you feel better?”
This is real?
Chuck’s strength can actually be adjusted to the money family?
The Qian family is four big families! how can that be? ?
What happened to Chuck? What background?
Ouyang Fei was completely sluggish and indescribably dazed. Is what Chuck said just now is true, is it really that he made the Qian family appear in the current situation?
And what he said, is it true that Qian Yueying asked him to save his photos?
In a flash, Ouyang Fei went from shock to fear, what did he do?
Chuck is suddenly stronger than the four big families? ?
“Yes, you hurt me. If you don’t let me misunderstand him, half of what is happening now may not happen.” Qian Yueying gritted her teeth!
Yes, without Ouyang Fei, you may not laugh at yourself that much. Then look down on Chuck!
What happened today may not happen!
“Now, I am going to kill you!!” Qian Yueying is full of murderous opportunities.
Ouyang Fei cried, “Don’t, sister, I know it’s wrong, I know it’s wrong, I don’t dare anymore, sister, sister… woooo, Chuck, save me, save me!”
Ouyang Fei’s begging eyes turned to Chuck.

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