My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 473

Ouyang Fei used to think that Chuck’s family was a little bit of money, but compared to the four big families, it was rubbish, which was a thousand miles away!
Therefore, she had the idea of letting Qian Yueying deal with Chuck, took a picture, and sent it to Chuck.
But she never expected that Chuck was even more powerful than the four big families!
So how much does Chuckjia have? ?
Ouyang Fei felt like she was dreaming. She burst into tears. Her family had a little money, but compared with the four big families, it was totally incomparable.
The Qian family wants to kill themselves, and their parents are absolutely terrified to be fart.
I am going to die.
Ouyang Fei’s cry of fear, tears, “Chuck, please help me, I know I’m wrong, I don’t dare anymore, please, I know it’s enough to say a word, please help me to say a good word, OK?” Okay, okay?”
Chuck can make money, so he must say a word!
Chuck is indifferent!
If you do something wrong, you will be punished! !
“Chuck, you save me, I will accompany you for one year, five years, ten years…
Woo, save me, me, I still have photos of Qian Yueying in my phone, and have they been sent to you? , More beautiful, I’ll give it to you, send it to you all, you save…
Before Ouyang Fei’s words were finished, Qian Yueying kicked Ouyang Fei in exasperation. How many photos did you take? ?
The more she thought, the more angry she was, when Ouyang Fei uncovered her quilt, sure, sure… she was furious!
Ouyang Fei fell to the ground and screamed while covering her stomach!
This is kicked by high heels!
Ouyang Fei was about to pass out. She burst into tears and came over to hug Chuck’s legs. “Chuck, save me, okay, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, woo.”
She was really scared.
Thinking of that time, taking photos of Qian Yueying, the consequence was actually death, she didn’t even think of it at that time!
Otherwise, how dare she do it? ?
Chuck looked down at her, still indifferent!
Ouyang Fei burst into tears and cried, and put arms around Chuck, Qian Yueying came to grab Ouyang Fei’s hair, Ouyang Fei screamed, but just held Chuck’s legs,
“Chuck, woo, Zhang Policy……”
Qian Yueying slapped Ouyang Fei’s face with a slap. Ouyang Fei was confused by a slap. Qian Yueying seized the opportunity and dragged Ouyang Fei’s hair to pull her away. Ouyang Fei let go, but woke up At that time, panic, “Chuck, I don’t want to die…”
“Kill you, Chuck will forgive me.” Qian Yueying sat angrily on Ouyang Fei, pinched her neck.
“You’re wrong, you killed her, it’s your business, your money family will still become a poor wife.” Chuck said lightly.
This Chuck will not change!
Qian Yueying was at first wrong. Ouyang Fei only aggravated this misunderstanding. Eventually, Qian Yueying did it himself.
Chuck said that she would make her money family poor, he must do it!
Qian Yueying, who was pinching Ouyang Fei’s neck, was stunned. She burst into tears. She came here just to ask Chuck!
Then I met this person who hurt myself.
She had no control over killing, but Chuck said the same, she was completely exhausted.
The pressure of the entire Qian family, the grievances beaten by the people in the family, the pain, and once again put pressure on Qian Yueying’s heart, she collapsed!
Tears flowed out, and she was truly pitiful in such an instant.
Qian Yueying’s temperament is different, crying, it is tears rain pear, people love.
“You let me go, okay, please,” Qian Yueying cried.
“I said, I will do it.” Chuck was indifferent.
“How on earth can you let me go and what should I do?” Qian Yueying collapsed and was powerless. Then, what’s the point of she killing Ouyang Fei? ?
In the past few days, she has tried everything she can to accompany Chuck, he is unwilling, begging Chuck, he is also unwilling, and even gave up his self-esteem, kneeling in front of Chuck and begging, he is still unwilling.
She has no choice at all.
Ouyang Fei, who was sitting by her, seized the opportunity and pushed her away, and Qian Yueying fell to the ground.
Ouyang Fei got up with fear and ran, stumbled and ran out, fleeing here.
Chuck gave her a blank expression.
“Chuck, what do you want me to do, can you say that?” Qian Yueying crawled over.
She felt a huge sadness. helpless!
She couldn’t help at home, and she was under such a lot of pressure alone.
“I have already told you clearly,” Chuck shook his head.
Qian Yueying slumped on the ground and shed tears silently. She couldn’t help it anymore. The Qian family was about to finish…

“Call, call!”
Ouyang Fei ran out, her face pale and fearful.
She was almost strangled by Qian Yueying just now.
She was so scared that Qian Yueying just wanted to kill someone at that moment!
Soon, she resented!
If he begs Chuck like this, he hasn’t saved himself yet. Is he really taking his own roots?
The old lady does not beg you! go to hell! !
Ouyang Fei found a place to hide, she sneered, this smile, appeared on her beautiful face, looks particularly untidy!
She took out her phone and looked at Qian Yueying’s photos!
Yes, she did not lie to Chuck just now!
There are more photos of Qian Yueying in her phone!
Even more explosive!
She didn’t send it to Chuck. She thought at the time, why should Chuck be cheap? Certainly not! !
“Qian Yueying, Qian Yueying, you actually want to kill me, okay, I will send you your photos and see how you can see people after you!”
Ouyang Fei sneered.
However, she looked up and suddenly saw a man, the man who just ran away.
She was irritated at once!
Angrily walked over!
Ouyang Fei slapped heavily on the man’s face, “You, she, dare to show up in front of me??”
She was really blind, and let such a coward pick her up!
But just now I dropped myself and fled like a turtle with a head down!
The man touched his cheek, “Are you okay?”
The man was a little stunned.
Yes, when he was standing next to him, he already knew the ins and outs of the matter. When he learned that Ouyang Fei actually took a picture of Qian Yueying, he was shocked, and then he wanted to see it especially. After all, Qian Yueying But the best beauty!
Why doesn’t he want to see it?
But ah, this Ouyang Fei made such a thing, it must be dead!
Is it still alive?
Men just thought they were wrong!
“Lao Niang is of course all right, is it up to you?” Ouyang Fei was angry!
“You escaped?” The man touched his nose.
“What’s your business? Get away! Stop appearing in front of me!” Ouyang Fei pushed away the man.
However, her hand was caught.
She was annoyed and she slapped her hand at the man, but the man grabbed her hand and sneered on her face.
“Let go? Do you dare to touch me?” Ouyang Fei is angry, and dare to touch himself with this shame? It’s just one of my own playthings.
“You should have died, so before dying, make me happy. This is what you should do. After all, for so long, what do you really think I am so good to you for?” The man sneered, revealing that there should be Grim!
Yes, he has known Ouyang Fei for so long. Waiting for today, how could he let go? ? impossible!
“What are you talking about?” Ouyang Fei exasperated!
“I said you took me as a plaything. In your eyes, why is it also a plaything? Hey, since it is a plaything, then it must be played.” The man slapped Ouyang Fei’s face.
Snapped! !
This slap is too heavy, and suddenly it hit, Ouyang Fei was beaten up.
The man dragged Ouyang Fei into the car. Ouyang Fei was sore and she responded. “You, what do you want to do? Do you dare to hit me, you hit me suddenly?”
Ouyang Fei was furious, she was struggling, but how could she be as powerful as a man?
She struggled to no avail at all.
The man slapped Ouyang Fei’s face again with a slap. She feared, “What do you want to do with the surname? No, no…”
She grabbed the things next to her and prevented the man from dragging her away.
But the man glanced at her and punched Ouyang Fei’s belly with a fist. Ouyang Fei screamed and covered her stomach, fell to the ground, hummed, and stopped moving. She was stunned by a fist.
The man glanced down at her, grinning sternly, “You have been playing with me for so long, you have been drinking to me, today, it’s your turn!”
After the man finished speaking, he took Ouyang Fei up.

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