My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 474

The man put Ouyang Fei into the car, he had to find a quiet place to do something.
After adding Ouyang Fei WeChat for so long, Ouyang Fei has been ignoring himself. When was he ever played by such a woman? ?
Not ever!
The man snorted, and the car drove to a roadside with no one, he laughed!
A slap hit Ouyang Fei’s face. Ouyang Fei wanted to wake up in pain, but he didn’t have the energy. Just now, when the man punched, he had to vomit blood.
“Don’t wake up?”
The man is gruesome and starts.
But Ouyang Fei suddenly woke up, she was struggling in panic, “What do you want to do? Don’t!”
The man slapped Ouyang Fei again. Ouyang Fei was confused and struggling.
“When you play with me, you should think of today, anyway, you are going to die, don’t waste it!” The man laughed.
Ouyang Fei dare to take pictures of Qian Yueying, she must be dead!
Anyway, you are going to die, so you must use it in advance!
Maybe Qian Yueying knows, and thank you for torturing Ouyang Fei!
“Don’t!” Ouyang Fei despaired, and her tears flowed out, “Don’t treat me like that, I’m afraid, I’m afraid.”
“It’s only now that I dare not say that it’s late!” The man laughed wildly.
Ouyang Fei closed his eyes in despair, was he about to be insulted?
I just did a little thing, why should I be punished like this? ?
Ouyang Fei was not reconciled, but no, how could she resist?
She wept and shed tears!
She hated Chuck to the extreme, it was you Chuck, what did you say to save me? what happened?
It’s all you! ! suddenly!
Ouyang Fei froze and opened her eyes, she was afraid, because the man lying on his body actually had a dagger on his back!
Inserted in the man’s spine!
The man was motionless and dead.
“Ah, it’s murder, it’s murder.” Ouyang Fei escaped from the car in horror. She was covered with blood and her face was horrified.
“The courage is so small? Then I don’t mean anything to save you!” This is a nonstandard Chinese language.
Ouyang Fei was stunned, and she saw it. In the darkness, a pair of beautiful blue eyes, looking at herself! !
Actually a foreign woman with a good figure!
Ouyang Fei was forced, subconsciously, jealousy grew in her heart!
This foreign woman is better than herself in terms of appearance and figure.
This was the first thing Ouyang Fei noticed.
“Who are you?” Ouyang Fei stepped back vigilantly.
“I am the one who gave you a new birth!”
This beautiful, foreign woman with big blue eyes came over.
Come to the black rose in the capital!
After these few days of hard work, she can basically determine the location of Chuck, she must kill Chuck!
When she was about to start, she saw such a little interesting thing for her.
She doesn’t like to save people, what’s the matter with her?
But the reason why she came here, the first reluctantly, is a woman, she can not see a woman so insulted.
The second thing is that she saw Ouyang Fei’s little potential!
This Ouyang Fei’s heart is cruel and yin enough, then this is the biggest reason for Black Rose’s shot.
“Without me, you are insulted by this man now.” The black rose’s long legs are so charming, every step of the walk is beautiful.
Ouyang Fei feared, “But you kill…”
“So what do you mean, I shouldn’t save you?” Black Rose said blankly.
“No, he damn, thank you for saving me,” Ouyang Fei said, “Sister, what are you doing?”
“Do you hate Chuck right?” Black Rose said straight.
“Hate, I wish he died!” Ouyang Fei was angry.
When she thought that he had just begged for Chuck just now, he was indifferent.
He didn’t even want to say a good word to herself. She was so angry with such a cruel man!
“Okay, this is why I saved you!”
“Sister, do you really want to kill Chuck, too?” Ouyang Fei walked by, and she was already courageous, otherwise she would not dare to take pictures of Qian Yueying.
This foreign woman obviously helped her, so what else is Ouyang Fei afraid of? ?
“Yes, I want to kill him.”
Black Rose said coldly!
Logan has been protecting herself, she has no chance!
“Then I can help you, sister.” Ouyang Fei said.
“You are very smart.” Black Rose looked at Ouyang Fei again. This girl is not very young, but her heart is very poisonous!
This is not more successful than when the black rose was 17 or 18 years old.
“Thank you sister.” Ouyang Fei said, she saw that this foreign beauty is very powerful, in Ouyang Fei’s eyes, this is the big backer!
Then you have offended the money family, you have to find a backer to protect!
This is just right, she is a person who knows the current affairs as Junjie.
She was suddenly thinking If you want to hold this backing tightly and protect yourself, you can secretly do other things besides following her wishes. For example, when the big foreign girl falls asleep, you can shoot her secretly. The picture is the same as Qian Yueying’s body, and then you can threaten her at a critical time! !
Thinking this way, Ouyang Fei’s heart is beautiful, and this idea came out, and it was slowly ingrained in Ouyang Fei’s heart…
If Black Rose knew that Ouyang Fei thought so, she must have killed Ouyang Fei immediately, stabbed her, and even dared to take pictures of herself? ?
“I can make you change and become great! Are you willing?” said Black Rose.
Ouyang Fei is too weak, but such a vicious girl, a little training, then it is a killer!
How to say, this girl, beautiful, good figure, a little confused, you can fascinate many men, this is a great potential stock!
Training her will be an assistant for Black Rose in the future!
What’s more, she really needs a helper now to kill Chuck!
“Yes, I am very willing!”
Ouyang Fei was pleasantly surprised. Of course she was willing. She didn’t want to be beaten again. She wanted to become as powerful as this big beauty. Then, wouldn’t the men in WeChat even become their own plaything? ?
“Okay, from now on, you stop everything and all the people in your family, friends, relatives, and even the people you know!” said Black Rose.
“Okay, I will do it.” Ouyang Fei was afraid of herself and was found by Qian Yueying. How dare she reveal to others where she is?
“Follow me.” Black Rose said.
“Okay,” Ouyang Fei followed. She still had blood on her body. She was afraid and wanted to find a place to clean it.
Ouyang Fei followed, she looked back at the man in the car, she laughed, “Sha pen, let you touch me just now, now is your end!!!”
Black Rose took Ouyang Fei a distance, two people got into a sports car and drove to an ordinary hotel!
The hotel here is very secluded and safe. When Black Rose came to China before, he stayed here.
“You live in the room next to me and call me something.” Black Rose said coldly.
“Sister, can I live in a room with you? I’m scared,” Ouyang Fei said pitifully.
“Live by yourself!” Black Rose frowned.
Ouyang Fei burst into tears, “Sister, look at me like this. I was beaten like this. I was in pain, and I was scared. I was afraid that the person came to me. Can I do it one night today? Please…”
Black Rose was indifferent, “I told you when I was on the road, killer. I want to train you to be a killer. I have no guts to do this. What killer do you want? You still promise to say yes?”
“Please, just one night tonight, I won’t trouble you anymore tomorrow, I’m scared, I was almost killed just now…” Ouyang Fei burst into tears.
Black Rose stared at her for a few seconds, “Well, just one night today, starting tomorrow, I will give you three days, if you can’t prove that you are useful to me, then I will kill you!”
Yes, how could a black rose want a lag? Useless, then she will give up!
This black rose as a killer will never make a mistake.
“Well, I will make your sister happy,” Ouyang Fei said seriously, wiping away tears.
“Come in.” Black Rose opened the door and went in.
When Ouyang Fei wiped her tears, there was a little hidden sneer on her face, and she continued to attack me. Wait for me to take a picture of you today to see how you still attack me! !

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