My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 475

Ouyang Fei followed the black rose into the room. She thought, why is this woman’s room so fragrant?
It stands to reason that as a killer, she must have a bloody smell on her body, but no!
Ouyang Fei is particularly strange. This room has also lived for several days.
Because it is a hiding place, it has nothing to do with luxury. There is only one bed.
This is the best, there is no other room, if you want to take pictures, it is also more convenient.
The inside is clean and tidy, this black rose is a killer, but it is very good for life.
“What to eat?” Black Rose asked coldly.
“What does my sister do, what do I eat,” Ouyang Fei said weakly.
Black roses are used to make food. As the people of the United States, they must be simple to make food there.
Ouyang Fei looked at it for a while, and began to stare at the black rose for cooking. This back is really perfect.
Ouyang Fei was jealous in her heart Why is this black rose figure so good?
After a while, the black rose was ready to eat, the two ate together, and the black rose went to the bath, of course, she was also very vigilant, after all, she was a killer.
Ouyang Fei was waiting, and the black rose came out of the bathroom without changing to something like pajamas. Ouyang Fei was very frustrated, but he also understood that the killer was in danger at any time. How could he sleep in pajamas? It must be something that you can run out at any time, She wore tight-fitting clothes for convenience.
But how to shoot like this?
Ouyang Fei was a little annoyed. She went to take a bath. She had the man’s blood on her body, so she was very clean. When she came out, she found that the black rose was checking her gun, and her hand was still holding it. This was after sleeping at night. Take a gun? ?
“Sofa.” Black Rose pointed at the sofa.
Of course, Ouyang Fei was obedient. He lay on the sofa and slept obediently. After a while, Ouyang Fei heard the sound of black roses sleeping and breathing. She didn’t dare to move.
Thinking about this time, just like Qian Yueying’s last shoot, secretly passed away to uncover the quilt of the black rose? ?
It was convenient to shoot Qian Yueying last time, basically you just need to uncover the quilt. After all, this is the difference between pajamas and ordinary clothes, but this time it is obviously different.
The black rose is wearing normal clothes, and it is still the kind of jeans. It is too difficult to take pictures. How to say that the killer’s alertness is particularly high!
How can you not feel your hands when you take off your clothes?
Ouyang Fei did not dare to take risks! But there was something unwilling in my heart, and I had to secretly grab the handle of a little black rose.
She turned her head secretly, then got off the sofa, did not look like she was going to take a sneak shot, and went to the bed and whispered, “Sister, can I sleep in bed?
I’m a little cold.”
“No!” Black Rose’s eyes did not open, but he spoke.
Ouyang Fei was irritated, and he was still asleep!
If you just secretly uncovered the quilt of the black rose and took a picture, it is estimated to be a bullet.
Ouyang Fei found a way.
“What are you doing? As a killer, when you go to bed at night, you are not allowed to take off your clothes. Have you heard?” Black Rose suddenly opened her big blue eyes.
Ouyang Fei cursed in his heart, the old lady did not want to take it off?
It’s mainly because I don’t sleep well, and I don’t want to wear so many clothes to sleep even if I pull you!
“Yes, sister.” Ouyang Fei had to give up, but only gave up today, woke up tomorrow, and will definitely find other opportunities.
Ouyang Fei obediently went back to the sofa.
Ouyang Fei fell asleep, not knowing that it was dawn, but when he heard the black rose calling himself, Ouyang Fei rubbed his eyes.
“Starting today, I will start training you and get up at five o’clock every morning!!”
Black Rose said coldly.
“Yes,” Ouyang Fei also wanted to improve herself. She suddenly felt that she was also suitable as a killer. If she was as powerful as this black rose, then appeared in front of Chuck?
So will Chuck be afraid?
Seeing that he could kill him, he must be terrified.
Thinking of this, Ouyang Fei felt happy inside.
Must find Chuck to avenge!
You must let Chuck know that you have to pay a price for yourself yesterday! !
Ouyang Fei got up, washed and followed the black rose.
Black Rose took Ouyang Fei out, in a deserted rotten building, let Ou Yang Fei exercise, Ouyang Fei was tired and panting, paused a little, black rose slapped, or kicked.
It’s a heavy hit, and there is no pity for Xixiangxiyu!
Ouyang Fei was irritated, but he dared not to speak!
She was only obedient, but her thoughts of taking photos of black roses became more and more intense as she was beaten!
Must grasp the handle of the black rose!
Must take a picture of her! !
But at this time, Black Rose suddenly received the call, and she answered with a frown, a task inside.
“I said I haven’t taken the task recently. How many times do you want me to say?…Yes, what? Fifteen million dollars asked me to do it once?”
There was a little contemplation in the big black rose blue eyes.
The task on the phone is relatively simple, maybe half a day, she is considering.
“Yes, send the information!” Black Rose hung up the phone.
After a while, the information came over.
Black Rose opened it for a while, and said to Ouyang Fei indifferently, “You practice yourself and wait for me here at seven o’clock in the evening. I will take you back! Understand?”
“Understood!” Ouyang Fei gasped.
Black rose left!
Ouyang Fei cursed immediately, but did not relax and continued to practice hard and exercise.
She is just upset that Black Rose has been beating herself, but this training is about herself. Simply put, it is her learning that she can strengthen herself and prevent others from bullying!
Ouyang Fei is smart in this regard and will definitely work harder.
She insisted on the night alone.
At this point, Ouyang Fei’s perseverance is not bad, and it is very strong!
At night, she was tired and hungry, but she still didn’t relax a little and continued training!
Suddenly, she saw a person appear in the dark, she was relieved, and the black rose came back.
She ran over, but found that the black rose was covering her chest. Is this a shot? ?
Yes, when Black Rose performed the task just now, at the most critical time, she didn’t expect that the other party actually thought of dying together!
So the black rose was shot.
“Sister,” Ouyang Fei was pleasantly surprised. Isn’t this a chance? ?
“Go back,” Black Rose said indifferently.
This injury was still quite heavy for her, and she had to go back and take out the bullet herself.
“Okay, sister, I help you,” Ouyang Fei took the initiative.
But how did the black rose bring her closer? Directly refuse.
Ouyang Feili immediately cried in anxiety, her tears were full of tears, full of concern, “Sister, don’t die, you are dead, what should I do? I will be found by that Qian Yueying, I will take care of you.”
I have to say, Ouyang Fei’s acting is so good.
Black Rose was thinking, yes, Ouyang Fei didn’t want to have an accident in this situation. What’s more, it was not convenient for her to handle the gunshot wound.
“it is good.”
Ouyang Fei was proud and helped the black rose back and untied his clothes.
Ouyang Fei wanted to vomit. Why is this gunshot wound so disgusting?
“Sister, how to deal with it?” Ouyang Fei asked.
Black Rose gave Ouyang Fei a dagger, “Burn red, then dig out the bullet for me.”
Ouyang Fei shocked! Isn’t this painful?
She didn’t think about it, and immediately did it, but she deliberately used a little force to stir the dagger in the wound and kept “crying”, saying that she couldn’t find…
The black rose was sweating all over. Suddenly, Ouyang Fei took the opportunity and dug it out hard. The black rose hummed in pain and his face was pale.
“Sister, you sleep well, I’ll sleep on the sofa today,” Ouyang Fei bandaged, and said.
Black Rose glanced at her, the gun in his hand was still not loose, but he closed his eyes.
Ouyang Fei was proud, and patiently waited until midnight, Ouyang Fei called Black Rose, “Sister, sister…”
Yes, this kind of operation by Ouyang Fei is too ruthless, and the pain that can’t be carried by Black Rose passed out. It was only a short time. Ouyang Fei cleverly seized this time.
“Sister, elder sister…” Ouyang Fei’s beautiful face was gritty, and the black rose was motionless. Ouyang Fei sneered, silently took out his phone and turned on the camera…

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