My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 476

Ouyang Fei Ma Li took pictures from all angles, and she sneered in her heart. You are so powerful, haven’t I got the handle? ?
Ouyang Fei is clever and remembers everything about the black rose clothes, silently restored, to ensure that the black rose will not find out when he wakes up!
After restoring the black rose’s clothes, Ouyang Fei went to the toilet.
She glanced at herself, and she all laughed herself.
I didn’t expect it to be so easy!
Yesterday, Black Rose told herself her name, Ouyang Fei checked it online, and she was pleasantly surprised!
This big, beautiful woman with big eyes like sapphire and superb figure is actually the number one female killer in the world!
Such awesome!
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But, for such a powerful person, the body picture is in my Ouyang Fei’s hands!
Ouyang Fei is proud, if he distributes this photo, how much money would he have to earn? ?
If you have money, you can ask many, many people to protect! calm down!
I can’t do this for the time being. When I still use her, I still have to learn all her skills, and I also take the position of the first female killer. It’s not too late to turn my face…
Ouyang Fei had to laugh about it.
Looking at these photos, Ouyang Fei has jealousy in mind and has the gift of photography. He took the black rose to the extreme!
However, Ouyang Fei feels envious of the photo effect. This figure can’t be resisted by men. Obviously, he can rely on his face value, but his strength!
What a cheap bone!
Ouyang Fei whispered, she put the phone in her pocket.
Suddenly, she was thinking about the photo of Qian Yueying and the photo of Black Rose.
Ouyang Fei thought of Chuck’s girlfriend Yvette!
If you can get Yvette’s photos, can you revenge Chuck better?
If he took Yvette’s picture and showed it to Chuck, he would be angry!
Think about it, Ouyang Fei is happy.
This is a chance. If you meet Yvette, you have to do everything you can to get Yvette’s photos!
Ouyang Fei sneered and muttered
“Chuck, you offend me. It is the last thing you should do in your life! I will let you know this! Hum! If you saved me the day before yesterday, even if you just said a good word for me, then this is the best black rose I might even send you photos to enjoy and appreciate. It’s the same as sending Qian Yueying’s photos to you, but you are so abominable!”
Ouyang Fei pretended to press the flush, and then went out, Ouyang Fei was startled.
Because Black Rose didn’t know when, she stood at the door of the toilet!
“Sister, you scared me.”
Ouyang Fei was terrified, it was terrified. Fortunately, he was in the toilet just now, and he didn’t say anything.
The black rose frowned, “Come out!”
“Oh,” Ouyang Fei came out, and the black rose went in. Ouyang Fei patted his chest, afraid for a while.
Fortunately, when I took the picture just now, it was very fast, otherwise I would definitely be caught in the right place, it would be dead.
Ouyang Fei’s heart is ready to sleep.
The black rose came out and said indifferently, “Go out to sleep!”
“Oh,” Ouyang Fei thought, because he had taken pictures before he was unwilling to stay here. The simple reason was jealousy.
Ouyang Fei was jealous of Black Rose’s figure and didn’t want to see it.
Ouyang Fei went out by himself, and Black Rose sat down. This injury should delay himself for a few days, so he could train Ouyang Fei for a few days. When the time comes, Chuck must be killed!
The black rose lay down, and the pain kept her going to sleep.

Chuck and Logan went to her company, which was actually some internal problem, and it was relatively easy to solve.
Chuck was waiting, he received a call from Betty.
In the past few days, everything about the Qian family can be described as bleak.
Chuck said, there is not much feeling.
“Master, according to this situation, the Qian family will be heavily in debt after fifteen days!” Betty is too experienced in this area.
According to Karen Lee’s power, all the loopholes of the Qian family were dug out, and this continued, coupled with Betty’s other attacks, the Qian family could sustain for so long, worthy of the name of the four families.
“Ok, go on!” Chuck said.
Hanging up the phone, Chuck suddenly saw a 7- or 8-year-old girl coming over with special politeness, “Good uncle.”
The girl was very beautiful. Chuck gave her a few glances and squatted, “What are you doing? Do you know me?”
“This is the first time I have seen my uncle,” the girl said.
Chuck looked at her strangely, “What’s the matter?”
“Uncle, I am seven years old and I want to go to school,”
“Your parents don’t have the money to go to school for you?” Chuck doubts that this girl’s temperament, although it’s not spoiled, but has the temperament of an aristocrat, obviously, this is a child of a rich family.
“Before there was money, but now it is gone. My mother did something wrong.
The consequences are particularly serious. I have no money to go to school.” The girl’s eyes were red.
Chuck looked at her strangely, “Who is your mother?”
“My mother is a poor woman. She was married twice. The first time her husband died. The second time after giving birth to me, my father died… My mother has been alone for so many years. She is very poor. , Beg uncle, give my mother a chance,” the girl said in tears.
Chuck murmured, this is Qian Yueying’s daughter?
Chuck looked closely, and felt that there was something like it. Qian Yueying was a superb beauty. As her daughter, she must have inherited her beauty.
At just seven years old, he is a beautiful embryo.
“Uncle, please, my mother knows wrong, will you give my mother a chance?” The girl lowered her head and bent like a salute, with a particularly good attitude.
Chuck touched his nose and looked at her again.
How to say, Qian Yueying has come to ask for herself every day these days, and every time she silently shed tears, Chuck actually couldn’t see a woman crying, and Chuck didn’t want to watch it anymore.
To prevent Qian Yueying from coming again, she cried in front of Chuck without saying a word yesterday. Chuck was bothered yesterday.
For the Qian family, Chuck thought, do you want to forget it?
“Your mother made you come?” Chuck said indifferently.
“No, I came by myself. My mother didn’t know that I was here, uncle,” the girl shed tears, pitifully.
Chuck looked at her for a few seconds, honestly, if this is false, then the girl who is only seven years old is too good at acting.
This is true. She saw that her mother was washing her face with tears every day and was under tremendous pressure. She couldn’t help but come to help her mother.
She actually didn’t know how to get here, just know, Logan, she ran over and waited, but didn’t expect to meet Chuck today.
“Go back yourself.” Chuck stood up.
“Uncle, my mother is crying every day. She knows wrong, she really knows wrong, beg uncle you…” The girl’s tears drowned.
“Go back yourself,” Chuck shook his head.
The girl looked at Chuck dimly with tears in her face. She wiped away her tears and bowed her head, saying, “Thank you uncle, I haven’t been driven away.”
The girl turned and left.
Chuck looked at her for a while, and hesitated for a while, then took out her mobile phone.
The girl came out with tears, the phone in her pocket rang, she took it out to see, it was her mother’s, she answered, “Mom, I’m sorry, I’m here… I’m going back, um, I’m waiting for you here. ”
Less than five minutes later, a car drove over anxiously.
Anxious Qian Yueying came down, she ran to hug her daughter.
“Where did you go? I will beat you again if I run around again.” Qian Yueying was so haggard that she couldn’t take it anymore. The people in her own family could not stand it when she scolded herself.
Her daughter suddenly disappeared again today, and she died anxiously.
“Mom, sorry,” the girl shed tears.
“What’s wrong? Tell your mother, what’s wrong?” Qian Yueying felt distressed.
During this time, she didn’t accompany her daughter at all. She was only seven years old!
“It’s okay, I saw my uncle just now.”
“Which uncle?”
“It’s the uncle whose mother made a mistake.”
Qian Yueying sighed, “Daughter, don’t come over here, how did your mother ask you to ask him? What’s more, ask him to be useless…”
Qian Yueying has already felt Chuck’s indifference. What’s the use of his daughter begging him?
She took her daughter home. Suddenly, the head of the Qian family ran over and said in surprise, “Yueying, did Chuck forgive you?”

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