My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 477

“Grandpa, Chuck didn’t forgive me, he didn’t,” Qian Yueying collapsed and burst into tears.
What she suffered during this time, let her collapse a little.
She has been begging Chuck for so many days, seeing the situation in her home day by day, and getting worse day by day, she is desperate.
She even sometimes thinks that her money family has become poor, then she will arrange her daughter and then commit suicide.
Because she can’t bear this!
“Mom, stop crying,” the girl distressed her mother.
“Really not?” The head of the Qian family was disappointed.
“No, Chuck didn’t take care of me at all. I couldn’t help it, sorry grandpa,” Qian Yueying said.
The owner of the Qian family sighed and was disappointed. “That’s why I read it wrong. I feel wrong,”
Yes, the problems encountered by the Qian family in the past few days, he couldn’t deal with them at all. Like the outbreak of the plague, he couldn’t deal with them at all. For the first time, he felt that the Qian family was worthless in front of people like Chuck.
“Grandpa, what did you see wrong?” Qian Yueying asked tearfully, wiping tears.
“According to the frequency of this period of time, about fifteen minutes, there will be a news broke out, just an hour has passed, and no news has been broke out, I think, it should be Chuck in people looking for more explosive The news!” The owner of the Qian family sighed, and the disappointment in his heart was even more serious.
He has become numb, yeah, the Qian family has been so miserable these days, and in at most fifteen days, the Qian family will collapse.
Seeing that Chuck was about to do this, how could he suddenly stop? ?
I must have thought about it.
“An hour?” Qian Yueying wiped tears hurriedly, and stopped crying. “Really?
“Yes, but if you say this, it should be that I think too much. Why did Chuck let me go of the Qian family?” The owner of the Qian family sighed and became more haggard all of a sudden.
Qian Yueying had such a hope in his heart, but grandpa said so, yeah, Chuck hated himself so much, he went to beg him yesterday, he was indifferent yesterday, why would he stop today?
Thinking of this, Qian Yueying’s tears burst out like a burst. She squatted down and hugged her daughter, “Mom sorry for you, sorry for you…”
When I think of my daughter, I can only live in poverty in the future, and even have no money to go to school. Qian Yueying feels like he was cut by a knife.
“It’s okay, Mom, we will get through the difficulties,” the girl is more optimistic.
In her heart, her mother was so powerful, she could do everything for the money family again.
She believes in her mother.
Qian Yueying is desperate, this is impossible, such a big family collapsed, and the debt-laden money cannot be paid off in ten lifetimes.
“Grandpa, Grandpa.”
A young man ran over with surprise on his face.
“Ah, what’s wrong? What happened?” the Qian family sighed and asked weakly.
Qian Yueying wiped her tears and stood up. Even if Qian’s affairs could not be handled, she would face them.
“Grandpa, did that Chuck forgive us?” the young man said in surprise.
“Ah, you have thought about it for a while, is there anything that hasn’t broke other news in an hour yet? This is not true. Chuck didn’t forgive Yueying, nor did he forgive our money family!” The head of the money family shook his head.
He even felt that this was a glimpse of light!
The reason why Chuck did not come at the previous frequency was that he was ready to go, preparing for direct greater power and greater breaking news to quickly defeat the Qianjia.
He is even more desperate!
“Sister Yueying, did Chuck really forgive us?” the young man said anxiously.
One after another, the other people of the Qian family also came, with a look of anticipation, anxiety, nervousness…
“No, he didn’t forgive me. I went yesterday. He didn’t,” Qian Yueying shook his head and lost his soul.
“That…” The young man took out his phone again.
“What’s wrong?” Qian Yueying sighed.
The head of the Qian family shook his head, supporting his tired body and preparing to go back to the room to rest, because this family was soon not the Qian family.
“I saw that everything about our money family was withdrawn at the source. Am I reading it wrong? Alas, it should be!” the young man asked in confusion.
Qian Yueying was surprised, hurriedly grabbed the man’s hand, and tremblingly asked, “What are you talking about? What are you talking about?”
“Sister Yueyingjie, you scratched me. I said everything about our money family is gone. Is my phone broken or can’t it be brushed out?”
Qian Yueying hurriedly took out her mobile phone and looked at herself. Soon, she was pleasantly surprised, and she was really gone.
“Grandpa is real, our Qian family’s business is really gone.” Qian Yueying wept with joy!
“Really?” The head of the Qian family looked at Qian Yueying’s mobile phone excitedly.
I really didn’t see it. What does this mean? On behalf of Chuck, have you spared your money? ?
“Really, really.” Qian Yueying cried.
The rest of the Qian family were crying with joy. During this time, every minute was suffering. They were under tremendous pressure. This pressure let them know that their Qian family was in front of people like Chuck. hit!
They thought the money house was over, but now?
“Yueying, Chuck forgave us, right?”
The owner of the Qian family was excited, and the other Qian family members all looked at her with their eyes shut.
Say yes!
Being watched by everyone, Qian Yueying was nervous, “I, I don’t know, I saw him yesterday, but he didn’t forgive me yesterday, how could it be today… By the way, my daughter went to see Chuck just now. It was Chuck forgiving me because of my daughter??”
Qian Yueying is incredible!
She crouched down and asked nervously, “Daughter, what did you say to him?”
All the people in the family are watching this seven-year-old girl.
“Mom, I said to my uncle, I can’t afford to go to school, and also said that you are wrong, let your uncle give her a chance…” said the girl.
“Then? What did he say?” Qian Yueying was nervous!
“Uncle told me to go home without saying anything else,” the girl said.
Qian Yueying froze and asked her daughter to come back without saying anything else, that is, she didn’t forgive herself.
So why is there nothing about the Qian family? ?
How is this going?
Everyone in the Qian family looks at me, and I look at you, all are quiet.
Deathly silence!
Because everyone here is not sure what happened.
After a few seconds, people from the Qian family talked about it!
“Did Chuck move her heart because of the girl’s words? So let go of our money house?” Some people analyzed.
“Is this possible?”
“It’s possible, didn’t Sister Yueying say that he was only twenty or less? It’s normal to have Yun Yin’s heart. The girl must have cried in front of him, so he softened…”
“What? This Chuck was only twenty years old?” Someone was shocked!
A young man under 20 years old, can actually make his family like this? How strong is this background strength!
“Yes, if you are under 20, should you still be a college student? Sister Yueying, am I right?” Someone asked Qian Yueying.
“It seems that at his age, he must be a college student,” Qian Yueying said.
“Na Yueying, in this situation, the obvious thing is that Chuck let me go of my money house. You should go and ask now, remember, you must be polite!”
By this time, it was simply pulling them back from hell.
“Okay, I’ll go now.” Qian Yueying said, she squatted down and kissed her daughter, “Mom thank you, mom went out, will come back at night, good, wait for me at home.”
“Okay,” the girl said obediently.
Qian Yueying ran out anxiously, and she had to immediately go to Chuck to ask whether she had forgiven herself, forgive her money family…
“Grandpa, Yueying is going this time…” Someone was worried. This seemed like an illusion. They were afraid that this was a dream. They were about to wake up soon.
“Yueying himself will ask clearly, if there is no accident, this Chuck is forgiving Yueying, forgiving us, this Chuck is really confusing, can be put in place, this person’s future may not be limited. “” said the Master of the Qian family in awe.

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