My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 488

Qian Yueying is angry, ashamed, and suffering!
She has always been particularly conservative in this regard. If her photos are so disseminated, how can she be a person?
Where is Qian’s face?
Qian Yueying had been under too much painful pressure before. Finally, because of Chuck’s forgiveness, the painful pressure was gone, but now, the pain has reappeared.
This bad degree makes Qian Yueying now want to kill!
“No? Haha, don’t be useless verbally. You have to take actual action! One hundred billion, no less than one point!” Ouyang Fei laughed.
One’s strength comes from strength!
During this time Black Rose’s training for her, Ouyang Fei has greatly improved, it can be said that in terms of cruelty, it has surpassed the black rose who just became a killer!
Heart is cruel, there is strength, then this is the reason why Ouyang Fei can open his lion!
“Do you think I can get so much money now?” Qian Yueying said coldly.
“This is your problem, one hundred billion, one point is not less!”
“The current situation of my money family can’t afford so much money!”
“Oh, are you deaf ears, or bad pen? I said, this is your business, anyway, I will have so much money!” Ouyang Fei heartily, can’t come up with so much money, then your money bankruptcy, I am even more happy!
Who asked you Qian Yueying to hit me back then? ? you deserve this!
Just to crush you!
“You!!!” Qian Yueying shivered with rage!
“Hey, let me post a few more photos to stimulate and stimulate you. That night, I took a lot of photos. Come and let you see. What is your mood when you look at yourself? Haha!”
Ouyang Fei sent a photo, but accidentally, she ordered a photo of the black rose and sent it…
Qian Yueying saw that her photos were sent one by one, she felt ashamed!
She was fainted, and suddenly, she was stunned and opened the last picture subconsciously. This person is not himself?
This is a superb foreign beauty, this is also a sneak shot by Ouyang Fei? ?
Yes, this foreign beauty seems to be in a coma, with her eyes closed, and more importantly, there is a wound on this beauty, but this beauty still has a gun in her hand…
Who is this woman?
Qian Yueying was subconsciously puzzled, but felt disgusted. This Ouyang Fei was really distraught, actually secretly photographing an injured woman!
How many photos did Ouyang Fei take?
Qian Yueying no matter what else, subconsciously saved, she thinks that this photo may be useful, if you can find the woman in this photo, is it useful? …
“I c, made a mistake!!”
Ouyang Fei looked, she actually sent a photo of black roses out, she quickly withdrew, withdrew the photo, she was relieved, but she did not know that Qian Yueying has been saved here…
“Give you a day to consider! Otherwise, men from all over the world can appreciate you! I’m happy to give this world of good welfare to men from all over the world…” Ouyang Fei hung up the voice call.
Black Rose knocked on the door, “Are you up yet? Training!”
“Okay, immediately, immediately!” Ouyang Fei took the phone and put on his clothes to go out.
Seeing the indifferent black rose, she was thinking, making you proud, and waiting for my strength to surpass you, I also used the same method to make you give me all the money, otherwise I would send you a picture and let all The world appreciates what the world’s number one female killer looks like! !
Ouyang Fei followed Black Rose to train, and she was willing to train. In fact, Ouyang Fei would also train by herself when she came back. She wanted to strengthen herself and let men step on her feet.
Here, Qian Yueying is paralyzed on the ground, 100 billion, she can’t get it now, not to mention, with so much money coming out, what if Ouyang Fei still has a base map?
Isn’t it blackmailed endlessly?
Qian Yueying felt despair again, what should I do?
The Qian family couldn’t afford so much money.
When I thought of my photos and pictures to be seen by many people, despair, sadness, and shame made Qian Yueying secretly shed tears, tears and pears, which made people love.
“Mom, what’s wrong with you?” Her daughter found out and ran to care.
“Mom is all right, you can play it yourself.” Qian Yueying wiped her tears, but couldn’t stop it.
She can’t help it.
I tried to find Ouyang Fei myself, but I couldn’t find it!
“Mom, have you encountered anything? You can go to that uncle to help you,” the daughter said seriously.
“Find Chuck?”
Qian Yueying is sad, and looking for him, how can he help himself this matter?
“Yes, find your uncle, he will help you, uncle is a good person,”
Qian Yueying knew that Chuck was a good person, but Chuck just forgiven himself, why should he find him?
“Well, mom knows, you go play.”
The daughter obediently went to study on her own, and Qian Yueying hugged her tightly.
“Well, I will be obedient.” The daughter was clever.
Qian Yueying was reluctant.
Qian Yueying went out confused. She couldn’t say this to the Qian family now.
She didn’t want to talk about her love. She drove out of her own, as if dreaming, she didn’t know where to go.
Maybe she was thinking about where to end herself.
Unconsciously, she drove to a place, she stopped, she was stunned, how come she came here?
She sighed and prepared to leave sadly. A car drove out. It was Logan who brought Chuck and Yvette out.
Qian Yueying lowered her head subconsciously and dared not look at it, she wept bitterly.
“Cer, Qian Yueying’s car is over there,” Logan found.
Chuck took a look, he saw it, but what did Qian Yueying come to do? ?
Didn’t you let her go?
Yvette looked over, “Why is this woman crying?”
She turned to look at Chuck.
Chuckzheng asked, “Wifey, what do you think I’m doing?”
“Little villain, what do you say?” Yvette said in Chuck’s ear, a little sour in her heart.
Chuck collapsed.
At this time, Qian Yueying came out of the car with courage. She had no choice but to find Chuck.
She came with red and swollen eyes, “Mr. Tang, I’m sorry, can I talk to Mr. Zhang alone?”
She saw Yvette in the car with her eyes. She was wondering, who is this beauty? It’s so pretty.
Logan was unwilling in her heart, because this woman defeated the man, she didn’t want Chuck to have too much contact, but Qian Yueying was crying pitifully, Logan moved her heart!
“Cer, are you willing?” Logan asked Chuck.
Chuck looked at Qian Yueying for a few moments, but had no choice but to come out of the car, but he wouldn’t come out. This Qian Yueying would definitely delay the time and stepped aside, Qian Yueying said sternly, “Thank you Mr.
Zhang for giving me this opportunity.”
“What’s the matter? I’m going out.” Chuck expressionless.
“Say!” Chuck was indifferent.
Qian Yueying cried, as if she had been wronged, “Mr. Zhang, I’m sorry, can I ask you to help me?”
“Between us, can you still help me?” Chuck looked at her.
“I know, I know, I can’t do anything, I really don’t.” Qian Yueying shed tears, more pitiful.
Chuck didn’t say a word, just looked at her like that.
“Me, Ouyang Fei sent me my photos and extorted me. I don’t have that much money.” Qian Yueying said sternly.
“So, do you want me to pay for your photos?” Chuck was indifferent.
Qian Yueying has a clear brain, how do you think of yourself?
“No, Mr. Zhang has supernatural powers. I want to trouble Mr. Zhang to help me find her, okay? Please.” Qian Yueying begged.
Chuck was expressionless, but he didn’t expect Ouyang Fei to have the courage to blackmail Qian Yueying. Is this silly?
“How much do you blackmail?”
“One hundred billion.” Qian Yueying cried even more.
Chuck was stunned. Where did Ouyang Fei feel confident? Extorted so much money? Chuck touched his nose oddly.
“Mr. Zhang, Ouyang Fei also took a lot of pictures of other women, she has premeditated,”
“Oh? Did you take other people’s photos? Whose?” Chuck became interested. This Ouyang Fei was so powerful. In addition to Qian Yueying, he actually took other people’s photos?

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