My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 489

“I do not recognize,”
Of course Qian Yueying didn’t know anymore, she hadn’t contacted the murder organization, and she had never seen Black Rose.
“Then how do you know?” Chuck looked at her.
“When Ouyang Fei sent me a photo, I accidentally sent an extra one. Look, Mr.
Qian Yueying took out his mobile phone, found the first saved photo, and handed it to Chuck.
Chuck glanced at it, and subconsciously felt strange.
Is the woman in this photo actually a black rose? What is the situation?
Ouyang Fei actually with Black Rose?
Is this possible? ?
Chuck is a bit ignorant. Ouyang Fei’s method is really clever. Even the photos of black roses can be taken. How was this taken?
At the very least, black roses will definitely not cooperate with Ouyang Fei, so…
Chuck looks at the photos. Is the black rose inside hurt?
So, Ouyang Fei took this opportunity to shoot? ?
If I gave this photo to Logan, Yvette and the two of them would see that they would be dumbfounded…
Chuck is laughing, Black Rose, you are also the first killer, and you will actually be photographed by a woman like Ouyang Fei.
If you know the black rose, do you have to vomit blood?
Qian Yueying was stunned, why did Chuck laugh? Seeing a picture of a foreign beauty, so laughing? ?
It should not be, he is so powerful, how can there be no foreign women?
So the reason for laughing is that Chuck knows the foreign beauties in this photo?
“Send me this photo,” Chuck said.
“Okay,” Qian Yueying took the phone and sent it on WeChat.
Chuck glanced away and put away his phone.
“Mr. Zhang, can you help me find this Ouyang Fei? Please,” Qian Yueying begged, she had no other choice.
Chuck didn’t want to do much fuss, after all, he wasn’t a mother bitch. A woman was crying in front of herself. Should she help her? ?
Chuck couldn’t do it. However, Ouyang Fei was able to take photos of black roses, so that is a problem. If you find Ouyang Fei, then you can find black roses!
Chuck understands why Black Rose hasn’t appeared recently, but it turned out to be injured.
“Please,” Qian Yueying shed tears.
“What are you crying for?” Chuck frowned.
Qian Yueying wiped her tears, “I’m sorry.”
In Zhang Yueying’s heart, Chuck is someone who can really scare her, not to mention, Chuck doesn’t help, she doesn’t know who she is going to!
I couldn’t find someone to help, and I couldn’t afford so much money. The final result can only be said that my photos will be seen by many people.
“Mr. Zhang, I know that the strongman is in trouble, but my photos will be seen by others, me, me…”
“I also read it.” Chuck was indifferent.
“You, you can.”
Qian Yueying felt ashamed, but she couldn’t help it. Chuck had already read it.
She bit her lip and said, “But other men will also watch it. Please, I don’t want to do that.”
“Okay, don’t cry, wait here!” Chuck finished walking towards the car.
Qian Yueying nodded grievously and wiped away her tears, “Okay, I’m waiting for you.”
She feels unbelievable by herself. Now she is crying in front of the young boy who is seven or eight years old? ?
Chuck walked over and gave the photo to Logan, and Yvette saw it.
The two of them were stunned for a while, their expressions were very stunned.
“Husband, where did you get it?” Yvette was forced, what happened?
This is a picture of a black rose!
“Cer, you…” Logan was also embarrassed, she was surprised, how did you get it? ?
“Come on, Ouyang Feiluo asked Qian Yueying, sent a picture of Qian Yueying, and accidentally sent a photo of the black rose.” Chuck said.
Yvette and Logan looked at each other.
Ouyang Fei, the two of them have seen each other, but the two of them were surprised. How on earth did Ouyang Fei do this? ?
“So this Ouyang Fei black rose together?” Yvette analyzed it.
“It should be, otherwise the picture can’t be taken, but how can this girl do this?
The means of taking a picture of a woman is really… It’s hard to say in one word.”
Logan couldn’t help crying.
This she, she certainly can’t do such a thing, everyone is a woman, it is necessary to do so slyly? ?
Logan despised such a young girl, she was so vicious!
Yvette was speechless. “How many people did Ouyang Fei take?”
If this is encountered by myself again, she will definitely be taught!
As a woman, so insulting a woman, is this something a person does?
“I don’t know this. Be careful anyway, especially the two of you,” Chuck is serious!
If Ouyang Fei took pictures of Yvette and Logan, then Chuck would not hack her!
Logan smiled softly. She was not stupid. She was caring, but she didn’t have it for anyone. How could she be photographed? ?
Most people can’t get close to her. Unless Chuck wants to shoot, this is… impossible, Logan is not such a person, nor is Chuck.
Yvette may have been confused before, but now it is impossible. As soon as a woman like Ouyang Fei appears, Yvette will be alert!
“But women like the Black Rose were filmed, and Ouyang Fei still has the means!”
Chuck said.
“Well, we will be careful.” Logan smiled.
Yvette nodded, “What do you mean now, husband?”
“Ouyang Fei blackmailed Qian Yueying, so there is a way for her to show up, she appeared, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the black rose.”
Yvette, Logan was quiet for a few seconds, Logan nodded, “Well, Ceer, you can do this, let Qian Yueying give me the phone, let me check the location of Ouyang Fei,”
She returned the phone to Chuck, and Chuck was thinking, what would she think if Black Rose saw this photo, and in her own hands? ?
Chuck walked past, Qian Yueying was nervous, her lips were all bitten, and she said, “Mr. Zhang.”
The voice was particularly wronged and restrained.
“Give me your phone, and I will ask Aunt Logan to help you locate Ouyang Fei.”
Chuck said.
“Thank you Mr. Zhang,” Qian Yueying was pleasantly surprised, and she was busy taking out her mobile phone.
Chuck caught, “No need to thank me, I’m not helping you.”
To be honest, without a picture of black roses, Chuck would never help Qian Yueying.
“Is it because of the foreign woman just now?” Qian Yueying really analyzed by herself, and Chuck really knew the foreign beauty in the photo.
Chuck nodded.
“Thank you, Mr. Zhang. Thank you very much.” Qian Yueying lowered her head and felt lucky that she had saved this photo.
“What can you thank me? Thanks all day,” Chuck looked at her expressionlessly.
Qian Yueying bit her lip, her heart was ashamed, and she was speechless. “Mr.
Zhang, I still say that. I am willing to listen to Mr. Zhang, and I really want to listen.”
“No need.” Chuck shrugged and gave Logan the phone. He didn’t need this. Qian Yueying was beautiful, with a good figure, obedient, and sometimes pitiful. This was good, but Chuck didn’t need it.
Qian Yueying bowed her head, she sighed, Chuck was too oppressive, Qian Yueying couldn’t help it, how to thank? No one lacks anything.
In fact, Qian Yueying knew what Chuck didn’t want to do to herself. She meant working for Chuck.
Logan opened WeChat and saw Qian Yueying’s photo. She sighed. This Ouyang Fei was abominable. He did it while others were asleep.
She sent Ouyang Fei’s WeChat to someone and said, “Find out where this person is!!!”
“Cer, well, you return the phone to Qian Yueying.” Logan gave the phone out with a smile.
Chuck took it, walked over and gave it back to Qian Yueying.
“Thank you,” Qian Yueying took the phone, and she was nervous, “Ouyang Fei said to give me a day to consider.”
“Got it,” Chuck said. How could Logan’s strength fail to locate Ouyang Fei with WeChat? ?
“You go back and wait for the news,” Chuck is ready to get on the bus.
Qian Yueying bit her lip, “Wait.”
Chuck frowned.
“I mean, I’m willing to work for you, Mr. Zhang,” Qian Yueying said. She felt nothing before, but this time Chuck gave hope to despair. This must be thanked.
“Work for me?” Chuck touched his nose, Qian Yueying’s strength is still good, if you work for yourself, you can still, but ah, Aunt Logan will definitely not agree.
“Yes, Mr. Zhang will do what I want. I would like to do everything. Thanks to Mr.
Zhang for helping me this time,” Qian Yueying knew that Du Peixin is the same, so it is okay to do it yourself!
“No, I don’t want me to contact you more, I don’t want to be unlucky,” Chuckzhi said.
Qian Yueying’s body was trembling. This man was the biggest pain in her life.
Others said that she would turn her face, but Chuck said that her tears came out at once, and Qian Yueying bit her lip, eyes. There were tears inside, and it was really pitiful.
“I, if I don’t marry someone, I’m not a man. I’m not at all. You don’t believe me, me,” Qian Yueying was choked, and was on the verge of breaking out, “Mr.
Zhang, I’m really No man…”
Chuck was speechless. He said this sentence wrongly just now. He shouldn’t have said that. It was too much. Chuck could only take comfort, “OK, don’t cry,”
“Yeah,” Qian Yueying’s convulsive throat, “Mr. Zhang can call me if he has any need, then I will go back and wait for the news,”
Regardless of whether Chuck needs to use himself, Qian Yueying makes this plan and repays this thanks.
“Okay,” Chuck couldn’t stand it anymore. Suddenly I felt that this woman really is so pitiful. After all, she got married and broke the man, let her be single until now, and raise her daughter alone. How do you spend it? of? It must be stressful.
Qian Yueying got in the car and was wronged, and her sad tears could not stop, she cried in the car, and she cried so much in front of him again.

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