My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 490

Qian Yueying saw Logan driving with Chuck, Yvette left, she stayed in the car for a while, stopped crying and weeping, she wiped away her tears, and she was worried that her photos would be distributed.
Chuck. . You should be able to find Ouyang Fei!
Qian Yueying sighed and went back to wait for the news. She was ready to drive back, but thinking of the last few words that Chuck said just now, her grievous tears came out again.
Killing a man by oneself is not something that one can choose!
This is born.
She stayed for a long time until she called from home, before she wiped her tears and drove back.
When she arrived home, she took care of Qian’s affairs and dragged her tired body to find her daughter.
“Mom, did you go to your uncle just now?” the daughter asked sensiblely.
“Well, Mom went to him,”
“Is that uncle willing to help my mother?”
“Yes,” Qian Yueying hugged her daughter.
“I said, uncle is a good person,” the daughter was happy, she continued in a small voice, “Mom, will you be with your uncle?”
“Don’t talk nonsense, it won’t.” Qian Yueying shook his head, how could this be possible?
He has no other feelings for him, and there is no feeling between men and women.
Qian Yueying can still know this clearly.
If something happened with Chuckzhen, thank you, so accompany him, it can be said to be a deal.
He was so young that he could easily destroy the Zhao family and make his money family look like this. Such a person would not be worthy of himself.
What’s more, he obviously dislikes himself, and he has been crying in front of him recently, so he definitely thinks that he is a crying woman.
So this is impossible!
“Why not? Uncle is also a man. Men like beautiful women, mother, you are a great beauty, so uncle must like her mother,” the daughter asked, simply asking.
Of course she knows that her mother is beautiful, or the kind of beautiful and unpretentiously beautiful, how could Chuck not like it?
“It’s not like this. There are a lot of beautiful people around him, and his mother is nothing. Besides, his mother does not match his age, and his mother is about the same as his sister,” Qian Yueying embraced her daughter and relaxed a little.
However, that being said, where do you qualify to be his sister!
“However, I think my mother and uncle are very good. I want my uncle to be my father,”
“Daughter, don’t talk nonsense,” Qian Yueying shook her head, her daughter just likes to think everywhere.
This is impossible.
“But I think,” the daughter grumbled into Qian Yueying’s arms.
“Don’t think, mom alone is enough to support you, no need to dad.” Qian Yueying comforted, she was already used to sleeping at night, there are no men around.
What if you spend a lifetime like this?
Only occasionally will I feel lonely, empty and cold. I am used to it, and forbearance will pass. After all, if people do not live for a century, how long can they live?
“Well, mother actually likes uncle, right? Otherwise, she won’t go to her uncle for help.” The daughter said naively.
“Oh, dear, don’t talk nonsense, okay?” Qian Yueying was speechless, his daughter, really.
I have no choice, so I went to Chuck!
She kissed her daughter, “Don’t talk nonsense, let’s go to sleep,”
“When did my mother let her uncle sleep next to him?”
Qian Yueying is going to be speechless by her daughter’s childish words. She really sleeps next to you, and you girl must leave!
Alas, what are you thinking about?
Qian Yueying hugged her daughter and began to worry, can Chuck find Ouyang Fei? Get back your photos? ?

“Cer, the specific position of Ouyang Fei has been clearly established. I will go now.” Logan said to Chuck.
She made people position, it is already very clear, one hundred kilometers away from here.
Chuck and Yvette looked across!
The last time Black Rose made herself so miserable, she must be caught and killed.
Of course, it will not make her die so easily! !
This woman must let her be exhausted and die in shame and anger!
“Okay, let me prepare, this black rose is very strong,” Logan looked at Yvette.
Of course Yvette knew that if Logan wasn’t there last time, she must have died.
In fact, Logan’s preparation is to prepare a gun!
“You two, wait for me at home.” Logansi wanted to go, but still did not want Chuck to go, after all, it was too dangerous.
If you are not careful, you will be killed by Black Rose.
“Aunt Logan,” Chuck certainly wasn’t willing. During this time, Logan took good care of herself, and now Tang Tang is going to face the black rose alone? How does this work?
Logan is rather helpless, she can’t stand the eyes of Chuck, how can she refuse? “Okay, you two will just follow, be careful!”
Chuck and Yvette nodded.
Must be careful!
Logan drove home, went to prepare the gun, and soon got home ready, Logan drove to the locked place, Chuck’s eyes were cold, black roses! !

Today’s training for Ouyang Fei and Black Rose was completed. Ouyang Fei went back to the room tiredly and continued to send Qian Yueying a message, “Time is running out, how is it going? Give money, or want the world to watch it To your body?”
Qian Yueying panicked here, hasn’t Chuck found Ouyang Fei? If you don’t find it, isn’t it? ?
She didn’t dare to startle, “You made me think about it, didn’t you give me a day?”
“It’s giving you a day, but I suddenly changed my mind. I will give you another hour to consider. If you don’t give me money, you will be appreciated by men all over the world.” Ouyang Fei sneered.
I think Qian Yueying is also very interesting.
“100 billion, you let me think clearly!”
“No, I haven’t thought about it for you for too long, I guess, are you getting people looking for me? Haha!” Ouyang Fei laughed away.
Qian Yueying was scared, did she know? ?
“Unfortunately, you can’t find me!” Ouyang Fei was proud, she followed a woman like Black Rose, so vigilant, how could other people find it? This is impossible.
Qian Yueying breathed a sigh of relief, but she saw that Ouyang Fei was so proud.
She panicked and worried that Ouyang Fei must have been hiding in a very hidden place. Can Chuck find it?
Qian Yueying slowly despair.
“Look clearly. After an hour, if you haven’t answered, then I will send out your photos one by one,” Ouyang Fei received the phone and sneered.
She was ready to rest in the beautiful bath. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door outside, Ouyang Fei frowned, and she walked to the door alertly, “Who?”
“Me,” it was Black Rose’s voice.
Ouyang Fei disdain, come over and find yourself doing? She opened the door, Black Rose came in with a cold face, Ouyang Fei asked, “Sister, you have me…”
Snapped! !
Black Rose suddenly slapped it down and hit Ouyang Fei’s face heavily.
Ouyang Fei froze, her eyes were angry and she covered her cheeks, “Sister, what are you doing?”
Black Rose slapped again!
Ouyang Fei stared at the black rose innocently, “What are you doing? Why hit me?”
“What did you do?” Black Rose said coldly, with a murderous body!
“What are you doing? Sister what are you talking about?” Ouyang Fei panicked, wouldn’t she know that she had taken her picture? It shouldn’t be, she didn’t look at her cell phone, it’s impossible to find out.
So what’s wrong?
Black Rose slapped out, Ouyang Fei fell to the ground, backing away in fear,
“Sister, I didn’t do anything, no!”
“Mobile, give me your phone!”
Ouyang Fei was frightened. During this time, she was trained, and her ability has improved many times than before, but she is not an opponent of Black Rose. She is not a fool. She has to turn her face and wait until she is almost as strong as Black Rose!
But Black Rose wants her own mobile phone now. Did she find herself taking pictures?
Isn’t this dead?
Ouyang Fei got up, “Sister, don’t hit me, do you have any misunderstandings?”
“I’ll say it again, give me the phone!!!” Black Rose said coldly.
Ouyang Fei panicked and shivered. What should I do? Resistance? It must also be dead, Ouyang Fei’s tears came out, and he kneeled in front of Black Rose, “Sorry sister, I know I was wrong…”

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