My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 492

Chuck frowned, could Ouyang Fei kill Black Rose? ?
What a joke?
“Husband, what’s wrong?” Yvette was stunned. What expression did Chuck have?
“Look,” Chuck showed Yvette.
Yvette looked at it, and was also stunned. “She can kill black roses?” Her husband is leading you past, don’t believe her.”
Yvette couldn’t kill Black Rose with a gun last time. This Ouyang Fei was a freshman. Even if he learned something with Black Rose, it’s impossible to kill Black Rose.
“Well, your wife is so smart,” Chuck said.
Yvette was a little speechless, “Hubby, I used to be your teacher, I’m not stupid,”
Chuck smiled, of course he didn’t say that Yvette was stupid, Chuck embraced Yvette.
Yvette blushed.
This Ouyang Fei has led himself in the past, so what should I do? It certainly won’t work in the past, so let her come here? Then shot her to death? ?
“Wifey, what should I do?” Chuck asked.
“Hubby, you let her down.”
Chuck also felt that this should be the case, so he went back according to Yvette’s words. Soon, Ouyang Fei sent a photo, which was a bloody knife.
“I really killed Black Rose. Someone was shooting. I was scared and didn’t dare to come out,”
Chuck ignored her.
To make it clear is to lead yourself down, and Chuck is not a fool, how can he be fooled?
At this time, he was only worried about Logan, because there were still gunshots in it.
Soon, Ouyang Fei sent a photo again. It was a picture of blood in a corner. There was nothing in the blood, but a piece of blood was nothing, but Chuck saw a piece of cloth, as if it was the cloth of Logan’s clothes. Logan was injured? ?
“Aunt Logan,” Chuck panicked. Logan has protected himself for so long. He has saved himself a few times. He was injured this time. Is it Rose? ?
Yvette lived with Chuck, but she was so anxious to see Chuck, and she was also anxious in her heart, able to understand Chuck, so she did not stop, “I will go up with you!”
“You stay here.” Chuck took out the dagger Tang Tang had been carrying Chuck close to!
“No, if you don’t let me go up, I will pull you,” Yvette held Chuck, especially determined.
Yes, she came to protect Chuck, and she must not be allowed to make trouble.
Chuck sighed, “Okay,”
He ran to the front, Yvette pulled Chuck, “husband, don’t run like this, follow me behind,”
Yvette’s killer experience helped her to avoid the danger hidden in the dark! !
Chuck felt anxious in his heart and could only run behind Yvette.

“Sister, Chuck’s pen will definitely come up!” Ouyang Fei laughed!
The black rose was motionless, and her finger was ready to pull the trigger at any time.
“Sister, did that person just kill her?” Ouyang Fei asked excitedly.
Blood, she is very excited to see blood now, she thinks she is a natural killer! !
“No, but she was uncomfortable with that shot! This woman is very strong, and the patience may have surpassed me. They were all shot, and they are a little flawed!”
The big eyes of the black rose and blue eyes were fixed!
The situation just now was too critical. A bullet almost killed Black Rose. She shot out a dangerous shot and shot Logan.
“Sister, it’s been three minutes, this person didn’t shoot, is he already dead?”
Ouyang Fei laughed.
When can I be so powerful? One person was killed by one shot.
“No, it’s not that easy to die!” Black Rose said coldly.
“You, lead Chuck, have you heard?” Black Rose ordered coldly.
“Okay.” Ouyang Fei has a gun in her hand. What are you afraid of?
“Bring this on,” Black Rose took out a black thing, which was a bomb.
Ouyang Fei rejoiced that after receiving the bomb, he taught her according to what Black Rose usually taught her, and went to attract Chuck. If he resisted, he would kill him! !
Ouyang Fei left, and the black rose shot decisively! boom!
She wants to force Logan out!
Logan was motionless here, with a gunshot wound on her shoulder, sweat on her face, and a pale face. But she had no expression at all. The pain must have been painful, but she could hold it back.
Logan suffered too many injuries, which is nothing. boom!
A bullet came over and hit the wall, all of which was gravel. Logan didn’t blink his eyes, and when he saw the timing, he pulled the trigger!
Sparks burst from the cold muzzle and a bullet was fired! !
Shot into the shoulder of the black rose, the black rose showed pain, busy breathing against the wall, her beautiful face, and she was white at once.
“Asshole!” Black Rose was annoyed. Actually he was shot again in this situation.
New injuries and old troubles. Black Rose was so painful that he was sweating, and even his beautiful big blue eyes were a bit sad. boom!
The bullet came again, and Black Rose fled the position, but when fleeing here, he took out a bomb and threw it.
Loganmei was surprised and backed away! boom!
Crack, crack, crack!
Black Rose fired bullets frantically. She had to leave this cover and look for the next one. Today she must kill Chuck!
Logan chased out of the smoke, and her sight was severely hindered. Suddenly, Logan’s muzzle was facing a place, and a muzzle was also coming in this place!
Deathly silence!
Deadlock! The two actually face each other!
Logan didn’t blink, she was afraid? not at all.
Both of them approached slowly. The black rose with big blue eyes stared at Logan, “I don’t have much enmity with you, you can leave!!”
Yes, Black Rose has met your opponent. In this case, it’s no good to shoot first, because everyone’s reaction is about the same. If you shoot her, she will shoot you!
“I will not leave, I must kill you today!” Loganmei eyes chilled!
The black rose approached, and the two cold muzzles were facing each other. They froze for a minute, and the black rose said coldly, “You can’t kill me like this, put down the gun, we two come to play!”
“If it wasn’t for you to kill Karen Lee all the time, I came over to kill my family last time, otherwise you and I could be a friend, Black Rose, I have heard of you!”
Logan did know.
She did not enter the killer business, but was concerned about these things.
“I must kill Karen Lee, and so is her son, but listening to your tone, Karen Lee’s son is very important to you?” Black Rose said coldly.
“Yes,” Chuck is the most important to Logan now!
“It’s worth dying for him? Isn’t it worth it, you leave, I will never move you.”
“No more” Logan’s beauty is more cold, Chuck is now Logan’s counterscale!
“Well, let’s put down the guns together!” Black Rose said coldly. Such a deadlock is not a way!
“it is good!”
Logan agreed that her beautiful eyes had been watching any movement of Black Rose. The two of them crouched slowly, put the gun on the ground in unison, and kicked away with their feet.
Logan drew a sharp dagger, as was Black Rose. She is good at assassination, but she is also a master of fighting!
Black Rose took the initiative to attack, she is also a master of fighting, every move is a killing trick, Logan can certainly resist.
In terms of fighting, Logan’s strength is second only to Karen Lee!
To know that Karen Lee is fighting, there are absolutely no more than five opponents in the world! !
It can be seen that Logan’s fighting strength is stronger, but both of them have gunshot wounds, so they have not played the best level, but this scene of fierce battle is more thrilling than the movie. call!
The dagger slipped out of the wound on the black rose’s arm. The black rose was kicked by Logan. The black rose fell to the ground. She got up and stared angrily at Logan. There was more and more blood on her shoulder, and the pain was gone.
Feel it.
She is very excited and very warlike!
This is a rare opponent. As Logan said just now, if there is no Karen Lee and Chuck, then two people of equal strength may become friends. But this is impossible, because the black rose touched Logan’s counterscale, Chuck!
Logan seized the opportunity, a dagger stabbed past, and killed Black Rose, then Chuck would be safe, the speed was too fast, Black Rose frowned, and when she stepped back, she took out a bomb from the waist It’s past, blow you up! !

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