My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 494

Ouyang Fei’s mocking, Logan’s sad eyes are cold.
“Are you afraid? Haha, you have such a good body, what a pity you have died? Let me take a few photos…and resist? Then, after killing you, after taking a good shot, rest assured, absolutely take your figure Shoot it out and let everyone enjoy it!”
Ouyang Fei laughed.
She knows women very well. Last time she only met Qian Yueying, she saw that Qian Yueying was absolutely super rich. Today Logan said that although there are no decorations, but noble temperament, Ouyang Fei saw that, should it? In terms of money, Qian Yueying is not too bad.
I took the picture and then went to blackmail, it was not too easy for the money to come.
The more I think, Ouyang Fei feels excited.
Black Rose heard a frown, “Ouyang Fei, do you want to do this again?
“Sister, this woman is so cheap, you don’t have to be afraid to see her like this. I have to make her afraid. I said to shoot her, her eyes are full of anger. Isn’t it more interesting?” Ouyang Fei said .
Black Rose stared at Ouyang Fei coldly, this 18-year-old girl was too vicious! !
She is ashamed. She has never thought of doing such a thing since she has been a killer for so long. Everyone is a woman. There is no need to do this, which is too insulting.
But Ouyang Fei didn’t have a bottom line at all. It might be normal for a man to do this, but for a woman to do so, Black Rose felt no meaning at all, and even blackmail can be changed in other ways.
This Ouyang Fei has no bottom line and forgets that she is also a woman.
Logan was not afraid, she felt a little sad.
She died when she died, but she felt sorry, but after she died, she had to take off her clothes and take pictures. This was the reason for Logan’s sorrow.
She sighed and struggled hard, Ouyang Fei laughed, “Big beauty, you cooperate with me, pose a few poses, let me shoot, I will let your cheap life, okay?”
Loganmei stared at her, “I won’t let you go if I’m a ghost!”
“Then you must be a ghost first!” Ouyang Fei was annoyed, and a dagger was ready to be inserted into Logan’s heart nest! boom!
“Ouyang Fei, are you going to die!” A person’s anger reached the extreme voice, and the figure rushed over, Chuck! Here comes the angry Chuck! !
He came up just now, listening to the sound, and seeing Logan hurt like this, he was filled with anger. boom!
This is Chuck’s angry punch, he is going to kill Ouyang Fei who hurt his Aunt Logan!
There was a warm current in Logan’s heart, and her eyes were blurred. She was tortured by Ouyang Fei just now. She didn’t hum or fear, but Chuck appeared, she was afraid, afraid of Black Rose seizing this opportunity and killed Chuck .
Chuck is her anti-scale, and the only thing she fears now.
Black Rose sneered, did it finally appear? Then solve you!
Black Rose rushed in front of Chuck, she attacked, Chuck was surrounded by anger, he trained for such a long time, he could not defeat Black Rose, but the situation of Black Rose was also seriously injured.
Chuck greeted Black Rose’s attack. Black Rose was shocked and grew up so fast? ?
Yes, this is the result of Logan teaching Chuck day and night. It can be said that Chuck is very different from the first time he met Black Rose!
Black Rose felt physical pain, Chuck went crazy, and Logan’s scars seemed to ignite Chuck. This was so good to Logan that he was injured by these two people.
Chuck is angry, as angry as death!
Chuck’s tricks were all trained by Logan. He accurately learned Logan’s attacking methods. He attacked like a leopard, and the black rose in the shot was defeated, and the black rose was punched back by Chuck. Now!
The black rose spit out blood, and his big blue eyes were angry. Was he actually hit by such a rookie?
This was not possible before, even if you were shot.
“You are going to die!!” Chuck attacked in anger!
His fists became hard because of his anger, and his legs became stronger because of his anger. At this time, Chuck had only one idea in his heart, that is, he killed Black Rose and Ouyang Fei! !
The black rose frowned, how could he lose to such a garbage?
The two men fought fiercely, Chuck became more and more courageous, snap! Chuck’s palm like steel hit the black rose in the face!
Black Rose shocked herself. . Was it kicked? A striking slap mark appeared on the beautiful face of Black Rose. If there are other killers at this time, it will definitely be shocked. You know that Black Rose is the number one female killer!
Slapped by a man? ?
Others would think it was an illusion, but the numbness on his face told Black Rose that he was really beaten! boom!
Chuck kicked a foot in the heart of the black rose, she flew out like garbage, wow, the black rose spit out blood, big blue eyes in addition to anger and cold, but also because of this foot, the eyes are dark, the spirit is not so many.
Chuck rushed over and prepared to punch Black Rose with a punch! but! !
“Chuck, don’t move, the old lady tells you not to move, have you heard it!”
Ouyang Fei pointed Logan’s neck with a dagger.
Painful and afraid of losing Logan’s fear, Chuck recovered from his anger and he stopped. boom!
The black rose got up and kicked on Chuck’s stomach. Chuck flew out and hit the ground. This kick made Chuck kick bleeding.
“Don’t.” Logan was in pain, her tears came out, this was for Chuck.
“Stand up, the old lady told you to stand up!” Ouyang Fei sneered sneered. She was so cool. She saw this Chuck like this, she wanted to laugh excitedly!
Do you regret Chuck? At that time, you admit that you like me and let me kick you, why don’t you do that?
When I asked you for mercy and asked you to say a good word to Qian Yueying, why didn’t you say it? ?
This is your end, then the end for me Ouyang Fei!
Chuck stood up, Logan was in pain, “Go away.”
“Auntie Tang, you can rest assured that I will rescue you, just like you saved me last time. I want to return your good to you.” Chuck said softly.
Yes, last time Chuck was caught by Yvette’s grandfather, and was tortured so much. It was Logan who suddenly appeared, stabbed himself with a dagger, and then saved himself. Chuck will do the same today.
Because the person in front of you is so good to Aunt Logan! !
“No, I beg you to leave,” Logan burst into tears, and her heart was about to break.
Chuck was hurt like this, which must be very painful.
“Haha, can he still leave? Get over for the old lady! Hurry up!” Ouyang Fei was proud, Chuck came calmly, he was in pain, but he wanted to save Logan.
“Sister, give me a few slaps in the past!” Ouyang Fei said proudly. Black Rose looked back at Ouyang Fei. She also wanted to torture Chuck. This is a great opportunity!
Such a slap hit Chuck’s face, Chuck’s face was numb, Black Rose slapped again coldly, Chuck did not fight back, straightened his body.
Logan told Chuck, don’t be afraid of anything, be strong, and die hard, Chuck remembered.
“Haha, elder sister, good fight, Chuck, do you regret it? Regret is so to me!”
Ouyang Fei was proud, she saw Chuck’s embarrassment, she wished the person playing Chuck was herself.
“Release my Aunt Logan!!” Chuck’s eyes are bloody!
“Release, I haven’t tortured you well, would you let me let it go? In this way, kneel down and give me a kowtow, kowtow, I will put your Aunt Logan, how am I doing to you? Haha!!!”
Ouyang Fei was already smug, and her hatred for Chuck broke out perfectly at this moment.
Grabbing Logan is to pinch Chuck’s neck, Chuck will be at his mercy! !
How interesting is this?
“Don’t, Ce’er, don’t you kneel,” Loganmei has a firm appearance, she has been very moved, the appearance of Chuck, let her have the feeling of being protected by a man for the first time, this is Chuck gave her .
But Chuck is the man Logan likes. How can she let this man kneel? Logan’s death would not do this, so she chose to end her own life, don’t let Chuck be controlled!

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