My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 498

Qian Yueying looked dumbfounded for a while, and now his photos are gone, but how can he not be happy at all?
Qian Yueying walked out of the hospital sadly and got into her car. She sighed and drove back. At the very least, when she came, she already thought about thanking Chuck. Any method would do.
Because Chuck helped her get back the photos, how much help did she have? ?
If the photos were spread out, she didn’t know what to do. Now Chuck easily solved it, but Qian Yueying was a little lost.
This is an inexplicable feeling, why is it like this? ?
Qian Yueying sighed and drove away, and there was still a lot of work to be done by his Qian family. He couldn’t be cranky and had to help the Qian family to recover its former vitality…
But she didn’t want to, but her mind was chaotic and chaotic.
Unspeakable feeling, why is this so?
Is his daughter right, Chuck? ?
It shouldn’t be!
He was so much younger than himself, did he like him?
What is this, are you masochistic? impossible.
Qian Yueying himself denied, this is too headless, may he like him?
There is no reason.
But Chuck is the third man to see his body, although it is a photo, but. . It still feels weird.
Plus Chuck made himself ups and downs, because of this he feels to him? ?
Qian Yueying’s own analysis found that it was wrong. The reason why he was lost was because of Chuck’s attitude towards himself. .
Qian Yueying became more and more chaotic, and she sighed sadly, even if she really felt for him, but how could he think of himself?
He also quit a man and a daughter. How could he be with himself?
Qian Yueying stopped thinking, she felt that if Chuck asked her to do anything in the next time, she would definitely agree without hesitation.

Chuck went upstairs to accompany Logan for breakfast. Logan’s appearance was good. Chuck was at ease and always accompanied Logan, anyway, he was not willing to leave.
What Chuck didn’t know is that on the third day, it was time for Yvette to kill Chuck. The killer organization gave Yvette an ultimatum! !
Yvette received the phone call. She stayed in the room quietly for a while and then told Chuck to go on a walk. Chuck thought she was cold to Yvette, so she felt sorry for her guilt.
Logan like this, Chuck must be guarded to rest assured.
Of course Yvette was not because of this. He smiled and said no, and then Chuck kissed him, and Chuck was at ease.
Yvette came out, and the last pass was already off. She was thinking what should she do?
The people of the killer organization come to kill themselves, so in order to maintain the reputation of this organization, it is conceivable how many people will let them come to kill themselves!
Yvette must find a way to live, because she is dead, she has no way to join Chuck, and even no way to avenge her father! !
Yvette had a plan in his heart. He personally went to the headquarters of the killer organization to explain this matter. See if there is still this opportunity. Otherwise, it will be chased endlessly. Although his own strength may be tempered, it will be more improved. , But it will die at any time!
This won’t work!
Yvette came out of the hospital. When he was driving on the road, a cold muzzle was facing her. Yes, the killer organization came.
There are many killers all over the world, and no one can run away with the order of this chase order!
Because the rules of the killer organization are broken, the only result is death! !
Yvette’s sixth sense told herself that she might have been stared at. She suddenly stepped on the accelerator. After the engine roared, the car left quickly, and a bullet hit the Yvette car!
Yvette looked away, her eyes were cold, she came over so quickly, and she was not so easy to be killed! ! boom!
The bullet shot again from a place, Yvette suddenly hit the steering wheel, avoiding the bullet, she quickly left here.
But at this time, suddenly a luxury car came over, and the window opened, showing a handsome face, yes, this is Master Zeng!
He accidentally discovered Yvette who was driving. In fact, he was a little unhappy in his heart, because he gave Yvette several days, but he didn’t come to find himself!
This trick is good for fun!
Yvette’s carelessness made Master Zeng more interested in Yvette!
“Beauty, you seem to have a little trouble.” Master Zeng said with a smile.
His luxury cars are bullet-proof and can be played casually. This is an opportunity.
Yvette was released last time, and he met again this time. Then it is still very fate!
Yvette frowned.
“It’s okay, I’ll help you solve it!” Master Zeng snapped his fingers, “Help the beauty solve this man! Go!!!”
Behind the luxury car, the two following cars immediately began to look for the direction in which the bullets were coming. These people were also well-trained and quickly found it and began to pass.
In less than three minutes, Master Zeng received a call, “Master, solved, is a killer!!”
“Oh, it’s kind of interesting, this beauty actually has a killer to hunt? Is this selfdirected?” Zeng Shaoyi smiled slightly.
“Master, how to solve this corpse?”
“Chop and feed the dog!” Master Zeng ordered.
“Hey, beauty, I have solved it for you,” Master Zeng said aloud.
Yvette’s eyes chilled and stopped the car.
Master Zeng got out of the car with a smile, “How about your husband? Why is it not here? You should protect you!”
“Here is five million.” Yvette took out a card.
“Oh, here again, beauty, do you think I helped you for money?” Master Zeng laughed.
“Don’t mess with me, I will warn you again!” Yvette threw the card into Master Zeng’s car, and then got on.
Just now Yvette was ready to do it himself. He missed several shots in a row, so it only shows that this man is not good!
It is not difficult to solve!
Master Zeng came over and smiled, “Beauty, you still owe me a favor!”
Yvette’s eyes chilled, “Go away!!”
She was particularly disgusted with this kind of thing. The man had thoughts about herself. She knew that, so she was so close. When she thought of what such a man wanted to do, she felt very sick.
Master Zeng was personable and kept smiling. This woman, he thought it was very interesting. No woman dared to talk to herself like this before!
“My favor, how are you going to give it back to me?” Master Zeng asked with a smile.
Yvette’s eyes chilled and came out of the car, “Do you want to die, right?”
“Haha! Interesting.” Master Zeng laughed, and several bodyguards in his car came out without expression, or even with some sarcasm!
Master Zeng also has some fighting. Where does this woman have the courage to say such things? Don’t you know Zeng’s family, but one of the four big families? ?
“Beauty, you are too angry, you owe me love, I let you back, isn’t it justified?”
Master Zeng still smiled.
“I said, give you money!” Yvette stared at him!
“I don’t need money, I want you… Accompany me for a meal, this one should work!”
“I have given you a chance! This is one million, and your last favor!” Yvette took out a card again.
“Haha, beauty, you look down upon me like that?” Master Zeng smiled.
Several of his bodyguards spoke indifferently, “Others begged our young master to take one shot, but from 500 million, you give one million, what is it?”
“Do you mean that you gave me a break last time, I want to return your favor, and give you 500 million?” Yvette’s eyes were cold!
“This is my most basic price. Others ask me to do things. Five hundred million is the basis. I generally charge one billion. But you are different from beautiful women. I am willing to help you. It is also simple for you to return me. Just accompany me for a meal. ,” said Master Zeng with a smile.
“I have given you money, one million,” Yvette’s voice was cold, 500 million? Just kidding, how could Yvette give it? She now gives out 6 million, and she is distressed to death. After all, Yvette was poor before.
If it were not for the property that Chuck gave her to the Zhao family, she could take up to 100,000 out as a thank you.
“That won’t work. There is too little money. You can still eat with me,” Master Zeng smiled. This woman is really interesting. Master Zeng has a greater desire to conquer!

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