My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 500

Several bodyguards immediately sent Master Zeng to the hospital. In this case, if Master Zeng died, they would also be buried with him! !
“Master, Master!” Several bodyguards were almost scared to pee, which was too scary.
Master Zeng was dying, his trembling finger was pointing at Yvette, “Give me, give me hold her!!”
Yvette faced indifferently, these bodyguards really want to seize themselves, there is no possibility!
Several bodyguards rushed over, Yvette’s eyes turned red, she did not intend to leave, because she had a murderous opportunity!
No one here can run away!
Yvette attacked at the fastest speed, and injured these bodyguards a few times!
In the eyes of these bodyguards, they were shocked! !
They have never seen such a fighting style, and no one-and-a-half move is wasteful. what!
A bodyguard covered the wound and fell in shock in a pool of blood!
He twitched his body and closed his eyes. He didn’t even think of dying. He actually died in the hands of a woman. what!
A scream came into Master Zeng’s ears, his scalp tingling, and fear appeared. what!
The last bodyguard could not afford to fall to the ground. After the convulsion, he did not move. Master Zeng knew that all his bodyguards had been killed by this woman.
This is a woman!
Not dreaming, really!
Yvette came over.
Master Zeng was frightened and immediately took out his phone to call someone, but Yvette’s dagger was inserted.
“Ah, my hand…” Master Zeng screamed.
“What are you going to do, I am the young man of the Zeng family, the Zeng family…” Master Zeng screamed in fear, he never thought that this woman was so ruthless! so smart!
More importantly, he did not expect that in China, there are people who dare to do it himself!
He never thought of killing!
“Zeng Family?” Yvette drew his dagger, his expression was indifferent.
“Yes, you are not afraid that my Zeng family will kill your whole family? As long as you let me go, nothing I did today happened! Card! I will give you 10 billion!!!”
Master Zeng said in fear.
His heart is full of hate! This is the so-called overturning in the gutter!
What about this woman killing her bodyguard? Never dare to do it yourself!
Because I belong to four big families!
When I am well, go home, it is the death of your whole family, I will torture you to death!
Master Zeng has thought of a hundred ways to torture Yvette!
Let you die better than life!
“Ten billion?” Yvette was indifferent.
“Yes, ten billion, as long as you let me go,”
“But I don’t lack money.” Yes, what money does Yvette lack now? My mother was about to take over all the business of the Zhao family, and her money could not be counted.
“The 50 billion, 100 billion!!!” Master Zeng was horrified, no one could refuse this number!
She will definitely not stand the temptation! Will definitely agree! At that time… torture you to death!
“No, what you say is useless, know what I do?”
“No, what are you doing?” Master Zeng is unbelievable. What, even 100 billion yuan is not exciting? ?
“Killer, I am the killer.” Yvette said lightly.
“You?” Master Zeng was shocked, there was such a beautiful killer? how can that be?
“Killer, you are self-loving, I have never done anything to you, because you are not qualified, and there will always be only one person in my heart, that is my husband, then you know who my husband is?” Yvette said It’s getting colder.
“You, who is your husband?” Master Zeng feared that the so-called husband was fake, who else could it be?
Is it also a killer?
“You should know.”
“I, I haven’t seen it, I don’t know, you, what are you doing,” Master Zeng scared, but he has the endless enjoyment of glory and wealth, is he dying?
“Do you know why I don’t lack money?”
“I don’t know, your knife, don’t come close, please.” Master Zeng shivered.
Fear of death enveloped him.
“My husband gave me a family, a very big family, know what the name of this family is?”
“I don’t know,” Master Zeng vaguely thought of something, shocked again, his body trembling even more!
“Zhao family, my husband gave me his ruined Zhao family, so I’m not short of money,”
“What? You said, did you mean that the Zhao family was destroyed by your husband?” Master Zeng was incredible! ! is it possible?
The Zeng family has been paying attention to this matter recently, but there is no clue as to who the Zhao family is.
It’s so mysterious, and I have recently reorganized the money house. Is this person her husband?
Master Zeng’s instinctive unbelief, but he saw Yvette’s indifferent eyes, he believed, because at this time, what meaning does Yvette deceive himself?
But he didn’t understand it. Last time he saw Chuck, it was like a hanging wire.
How could he destroy the Zhao family?
He thought about why he hadn’t found any clue in his home for so long, and he couldn’t find out who this was, because the person who killed the Zhao family was too low-key…
“Yes, it’s my husband’s extinction, my husband is so powerful, what is your money? So you said my husband is incompetent, I’m angry, the consequence of angry is that you are going to die!!”
Yvette stabbed down, and Master Zeng struggled in horror, but it was useless…
“You, you…” Master Zeng was dying.
His eyes were getting heavier and he didn’t understand until he died. He actually died in the hands of a woman, and would die in such a place. This woman really dared to do so.
He was full of regrets. Why did he come to provoke this woman? Why didn’t he bring a few people when he came out today? Why did he underestimate her just now? …
“Save me, please help me…” Master Zeng shivered, he wanted to live, he wept with tears.
Yvette glanced at him, as a killer, since she started, she would not leave a live mouth! Even the young master of this Zeng family!
Yvette made up a knife! Master Zeng’s expression of fear was frozen, and he was killed by this woman.
Yvette removed all traces according to his habit, and then drove away. She must resolve the killing of this killer organization as soon as possible.

“Who did it, who did it!”
The Zeng family, everyone glared at them, they just received the news just now, a young master of his family died outside, and all the bodyguards died!
The head of the Zeng family, flushed, is angry and cold!
How dare you move your own family? ?
This is hitting Zeng’s face!
“The traces on the scene were cleaned up,” someone said angrily.
When he went to see the scene, he was frightened by the young man’s horrified expression. One can imagine that when the young master died, he knew something very scary.
“Check, be sure to check it out for me!” said the owner of the Zeng family in exasperation. This is one of his favorite grandsons. The future heir of the Zeng family was actually killed!
“Yes!” The man was about to leave.
“Grandpa, did you do it without a long-eyed pen?” Some people from Zeng analyzed.
In this place in China, can people from the Zeng family be passive? This is very likely that other people do not have eyes!
“Yes, grandpa, who dares to mess with our Zeng family?” Others catered.
“No matter who this person is, find it out!”
Several people went out, this is a big deal! Must be clear.
Several heirs of the Zeng family came around.
“Dad, Lier is so dead. I saw Lier’s wound. The dagger did it. The knife was deadly.
The other bodyguards were stabbed to death. I think it was done by a professional killer.”
“Killer? You mean, someone hires killer killer?” Zeng’s eyes are blood red!
“From a professional point of view, the killer did it,”
“Who could it be? The Qian family? The Duan family?”
“It’s hard to say, I now think that someone is so bold in killing children. Apart from these two families, who dares to do this?”
The Zeng family looked at each other!
Who dares? This is a big problem.
“You mean, the person who destroyed the Zhao family did it?” The owner of the Zeng family had a flash of light in his eyes!
If so, then things are serious.
“I don’t think so. This person has no conflict with our Zeng family. Why did he do this. It doesn’t make sense!” Someone shook his head. Why did this person do this to the Zeng family? I didn’t do anything in my Zeng family!

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