My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 501

“I don’t think there is any conflict. How could that person do this? What’s more, we didn’t analyze it last time? This person who killed the Zhao family didn’t have much skill, because he dealt with the Zhao family. The money family was dealt with, and it was abandoned halfway, indicating that this person has no strength, how could it be him? I think it is someone else!”
Someone’s analysis is actually simple, because this person wants to eat four big families, but by the middle of the day, with self-knowledge and self-knowledge, he found that he didn’t have this strength. Therefore, when dealing with the money family, it was abandoned halfway. This person must have been very hurt, and dare to mess with his own family? ?
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This is a fool and will not do it.
The head of the Zeng family was cold, and he was extremely angry about this matter, “No matter who it is, even if it is that person? Kill my grandson, I must let him bury my grandson!!”
Several Zeng family’s heirs also agree, so it is necessary!
At this time, someone came in.
“Master, I found a little.” The man came in with the computer.
This was discovered on the monitoring of Master Zeng’s car.
The Zeng family head and others came over.
This person put.
Everyone saw the video. This was the scene of the death of Master Zeng. A woman appeared, but no picture of murder appeared, and there was a dead end.
The picture freezes!
This is an indifferent pretty woman! !
Yvette, a woman with a perfect cap and a peaked cap!
“Who is this person? She killed Lier?” Some people questioned.
After all, Master Zeng is also a master of fighting, plus there are several bodyguards, how can all a woman be killed? ?
This is a bit incredible!
“It should be, Grandpa, you look at her eyes, very indifferent, should be a killer!”
The head of the Zeng family stared at Yvette for a while, and the expression on his face was already grim. “Find her! Catch it, I want to see, who dares to kill my grandson!!!”
This person is out, as long as this woman is still in Beijing, it is not difficult to find her!
The strength of the Zeng family is very strong!
“Grandpa, don’t be angry, be careful of your body. A few of them went out in person, this woman can’t run!” Someone comforted.
The head of the Zeng family is sad, his favorite grandson!
He decided to seize this woman and let her experience all kinds of pain! !
This is the price of your lack of eyes!
And this woman’s family, all family will die!

In the ward, Logan received a call. In this place in Beijing, she wanted to know what was not difficult.
My own person called to say that the young master of the Zeng family was dead, and a hidden camera shot a little bit. A car was owned by Yvette.
Logan thought of it all at once, this Master Zeng should have been killed by Yvette.
But why did Yvette do this?
What list of killers did you receive? It should not be, then. .
Logan thought of it.
Of course, Master Zeng knew that, lascivious, playing with, women, must have taken a fancy to Yvette, but Yvette disagreed, and then came to Qiang, unexpectedly being killed by Yvette.
“Back to President Tang, I also found a person dead,”
“Who is dead?”
“I don’t know, but according to the traces on the scene, it should be a killer, and this killer is chasing your friend.” The person said.
Master Zeng had the killer chopped up to feed the dog, but there were still some clues, which had not been dealt with yet. After all, the bodyguards were dead.
In addition, Yvette’s car can be seen with bullet marks on the video, so he thought so.
Logan frowned and understood.
Yvette said that someone wanted to kill Chuck, then the killer was Yvette, but Yvette didn’t do it, so the killer organization began to pursue Yvette in order to maintain its reputation! !
“Okay, I get it,” Logan said, “give me to continue to investigate, who is going to kill the child!”
Logan endured the pain when the phone hung up. She wanted to get out of bed and Chuck went out to make food for herself. Although she had everything to eat in her hospital, Chuck formulated a nutrition package for Logan.
This was done by Chuck himself, he wanted Logan to hurry up.
The door opened and Chuck came in with fragrant rice.
He saw Logan about to get out of bed. He hurried over and dared to hold Logan on the bed.
Logan was stunned.
“Aunt Logan, how can you get out of bed?” Chuck said seriously.
“Cer, me…” Loganmei was shining and smiling softly. Chuck was too careful about herself these days.
Logan felt for the first time how gentle a man took care of others.
Chuck covered Logan with a quilt. Fortunately, Logan looked much better and his eyes were refreshed. Chuck took Logan’s hand to sleep too comfortably last night.
“Aunt Logan, you have to lie down. There is something uncomfortable. You tell me, I will press you.”
“No, do you know where Yvette went?” Logan shook his head seriously.
The killing order of the killer organization is not a joke!
Yvette’s current strength is not enough to cope with these.
“She said to go out, but did not say where to go.” Chuck felt that Yvette might go out and do something, most of which also took over the Zhao family.
Chuck didn’t think much.
“Cer, do you know what Yvette is doing? What are you doing here this time?”
Chuck shook his head, “She said miss me.”
“No, Yvette told me that someone will kill you,”
“Kill me?” Chuck was stunned. Apart from Black Rose and Master Li, who else would kill himself? ?
“Yes, someone in the killer organization is looking for a killer to kill you,”
“Killer organization? How did Yvette know?” Chuck was strange. What happened?
“Because Yvette is a killer.” Logan said, Yvette is too dangerous now, she sighed, Yvette is not going to tell Chuck now?
“Aunt Logan, what are you talking about?” Chuck was stunned. When did his wife become a killer?
Chuck didn’t think of it at all, but in all of Yvette’s recent actions, she really is, the fighting strength has improved so fast, and she has super high alertness. This seems to be a necessary quality for a killer!
But why should Yvette be a killer? ?
“Yvette is a killer,” Logan distressed Chuck.
Chuck took a breath, why?
“Because Yvette wants to improve himself, being a killer is the most direct way.” Logan said, yes, the killer has to face too many dangers, then in this process, people will get a great promotion.
This time and last time, Logan saw Yvette’s promotion.
Chuck sighed, Logan said that, Chuck understood, why did Yvette want to improve himself? It is to have the strength to kill my mother! !
“Yvette took over the task of killing you, which is the biggest reason for her coming to Beijing.”
Chuck was stunned, “but Yvette didn’t treat me…”
“Of course she won’t do anything. The reason why she takes this task is to protect you,”
“protect me?”
“Well, Yvette likes you very much. When a person likes a person in particular, she will do some things that she thinks can protect you,”
Chuck was stupefied, yes, Yvette was sometimes particularly stupid. Last time she was threatened by Li Overlord’s son, she set fire to the square, and now she took this list for herself.
“Yvette took the list but didn’t do it, then the killer organization would maintain its reputation and chase her. The reason she left was because she had been chased by the killer organization.”
Logan said.
Chuck was so anxious that Yvette did so much for himself? But he didn’t know until now that Chuck took out his mobile phone to make a call anxiously, and it took a long time before the call was connected.
“Husband, I have something to do now, and I will give you back in the past,” yes, Yvette was chased by the killer again.
Yvette was forced to a place that she didn’t want to pick up, but she couldn’t bear to see Chuck.
“Wife, you are a killer. You are dangerous now. Tell me, where are you! And I love you!” Chuck said anxiously.
Yvette listened here, and panicked, Chuck actually knew, but the last three words, Yvette had tears in his eyes…

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