My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 504

Chuck felt that Murong Qing must hate him, because he and Murong Qingma were with him in the car that time, but afterwards, they have been shirk their responsibilities and let Murong Qing take medicine to solve it.
Now Chuck thinks of himself, he feels too guilty.
You must give Murong Qing a good apology.
However, Chuck was close to Murong Qing and found that Murong Qing’s figure was as beautiful as before, but his face was particularly haggard, and his beautiful eyes were covered with blood.
What’s wrong? ?
What Chuck didn’t know is that Murong Qing has been investing, but recently there has been a big problem that broke her capital chain. She has been flying around these days and she has not slept for days. .
If the problem cannot be solved this time, she may be impoverished, and she has thought of many ways to no avail.
Murong Qing went to the parking lot to drive. She thought of other ways to solve the problem, but she heard the voice and someone walked behind her. She looked back and found out that it was Chuck!
“President Murong,” Chuck didn’t know what to call her, just guilt.
Murong Qingmei’s eyes were cold, “What are you doing here?”
“I saw you, so come here,” Chuck said.
Regarding He Murongqing, Chuck really didn’t know how to describe it. It was as if Chuck asked Queenie at that time, and guilt was the biggest mood in Chuck’s heart.
Chuck felt sorry for Yvette, and also felt sorry for Murong Qing.
“What are you doing here? Am I kidding me?” Murong Qing was cold.
During this time, she was so busy that she had forgotten this man, and forgot about this man who was in the car and said so afterwards.
He didn’t hold him accountable, but he said, hurting himself.
But this man appeared again today, what is this for? Joke yourself going bankrupt? ?
“President Murong, sister Murong, what do you do with my jokes?” Chuck sighed, Murongqing still hates himself so much!
“Isn’t it? Put away your fake goodwill! I don’t need you to be responsible.” Murong Qing got into his car.
Chuck sighed and said, “Sister Murong, what have you encountered?”
“It’s none of your business, leave my sight!” Murong Qing started the car.
Chuck reached out and grabbed the steering wheel, “Sister Murong, I was right last time…”
“Don’t talk about the last thing, I forgot, it was a nightmare!!” Murong Qing said coldly.
That time in the car was a nightmare. She never wanted to do that nightmare again.
“I’m sorry.” Chuck sighed for a long time, said with sigh, these three words can express Chuck’s guilt.
To Murong Qing.
“I accept your sorry, let go, never appear in front of me, you and my cooperation, I will pay you every month.” Murong said coldly.
Chuck was silent and let go.
Murong Qing drove away, and Chuck stood here for a long time until he received Betty’s worried call. It stands to reason that Chuck should have been out long ago, but she never came out. Betty was worried and had to call and ask.
Chuck came out and got in Betty’s car.
“Master,” Betty let out a sigh of relief. She had already prepared it over the hotel, preparing dishes that Chuck liked to eat.
“Sister Li, let me check now. Has Murong Qing encountered any problems recently,” Chuck said.
It must have been a problem, otherwise, Murong Qing would not be so haggard.
“Yes, I will call to check now,” Betty took out her cell phone and called.
A minute later, Betty had a result, “Young Master, Murong Qing’s capital chain suddenly broke, causing problems for her several projects.”
“This way?” Chuck understood, that is Murong Qing is now short of money.
“Probably how much is this missing?” Chuck asked, he must be so guilty of Murong Qing.
“At least 5 billion, or more.”
“Help her make up for this.”
Betty stunned, “make up?”
“Well, make up, or you don’t have that much money?”
“No, young master, the last time Mr. Li said on the phone, as much money as you want, there is as much money as possible. The key is how do you plan to make up for the young master?”
Betty smiled.
Karen li is worried about Chuck, so the previous plan can only be invalidated. As long as Chuck wants to use it, he can use as much money as long as Chuck is happy. Money is not a problem.
“Don’t let Murongqing know,” Chuck said, definitely not. According to Murongqing’s character, she knew that it was her own supplement, so why would she want it? ?
“This, I have to think about it, young master, are you in conflict with Murong Qing?” Betty was a little weird.
“Well, there is a contradiction,” Chuck sighed.
“Okay, think about it,” Betty drove. “Master, then back to the hotel?”
“Let’s go to the square first to see it, but I haven’t been there for a long time,” Chuck originally came back one day in advance, just to see what happened here, because Chuck didn’t know how long it would take to go to the country this time.
You have to tell Yolanda about something, or Chuck will be at ease.
“Yes,” Betty drove Chuck to the square.
Seeing Chuck’s sorrow, Betty wanted to ask, but she didn’t think how to ask.
“Sister Li, am I bad?” Chuck muttered to himself.
At least Chuck was too guilty for Murong Qing.
Betty was stunned and shook her head, “Of course not, Master, your heart is very kind,”
Betty was honest.
Chuck really didn’t have a shelf. It might also be that Chuck didn’t know how much Karen li had, but I knew that for the nature’s reasons, Chuck would also be like this.
“Thank you Li for comforting me,” Chuck sighed.
“No comfort, it’s true,” Betty smiled.
Although, Chuck accidentally bumped into herself twice, but it was really careless, and he did not have any irregular behavior towards himself, which is good.
You know, Karen li’s three views are super positive. If she is known, Chuck will accidentally touch her, and she will be angry.
Therefore, such a thing, Betty did not dare to tell Chuck.
Worried that Karen li will punish Chuck.
“En.” Chuck was absent, looking out the window.
Betty is thinking, what happened to Chuck? Betty didn’t think much.
At the plaza, Betty accompanied Chuck and arranged how to solve this Murong Qing’s mouth.
Suddenly, she thought of a way to let the bank lend money to Murong Qing.
She started calling.
Murong Qing dragged his tired body back home, and her cell phone on the road never stopped, and it kept ringing. There were too many calls coming in. It was all a matter of breaking the capital chain.
Murong Qing was lying in bed, closing her tired eyes. She was going to rest, and she hadn’t slept for a long time.
After a while, the phone rang again, and Murong woke up and answered with a sigh. There was a man’s voice inside. Murong Qing remembered that this was a bank phone. She wanted to make a loan to make up for this, but people were unwilling to do it after evaluation. What are they doing now? ?
Murong Qing was a little nervous.
“Hey, President Murong, right?”
“Yes, I am,”
“Is it convenient to come to the bank? We have carefully considered your application and have approved it. You can come here.”
“Thank you, thank you.” Murong breathed a sigh of relief. She hurriedly went downstairs and drove to drive. She could get over this difficulty, and the bank actually lent money to herself.
Well, it must be the reason why they have been cooperating before, so they changed their minds again.
I can spend it myself. Murong Qing drove to the bank with peace of mind and saw the president.
“President Murong, the money you want is already prepared on our side, you just sign it,” the president took the document.
This procedure is also a cut-off procedure. After all, Betty has already explained it. He just has to follow Betty’s instructions.
“Okay,” Murong Qing signed with peace of mind and saw the numbers above. She was relieved that the bank actually lent itself 6 billion this time! This is a big number, at least it can barely fill this hole, so that the capital chain can barely run.
After signing, Murong Qing was waiting. The president smiled and waited, and then went out.
This process was a torment. After half an hour, the president came in. “President Murong, you can.”

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