My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 514 & 515

“Husband, is our luck too bad?”
Yvette was speechless. Fifty million US dollars in chips, actually lost, how long did it take? ?
Or are you and Chuck not suitable for gambling at all?
“Otherwise, shall we bet smaller?” Yvette distressed the money, after all, 50 million dollars.
If Yvette did not accept the Zhao family, she had never seen so many. Yvette did not pursue any luxury goods, so she was frugal in life and lost so much in less than an hour. I can’t stand it anymore.
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Seeing that she lost every time, she was so distressed and nervous.
Chuck smiled slightly, “It’s okay, my mother said to play casually,”
Fifty million yuan, this is Karen li’s money-making speed, it is really casual to play, after all, his mother is a big tyrant.
“Well, husband, you continue,” Yvette said less.
Karen li is very rich, and this 50 million US dollars is nothing.
“Hey, let go when you lose, and you’re still here. If you feel distressed, you will find a place to hide and cry. Don’t delay others, others have to play,” a few guests said impatiently.
“That’s it, all lost, and you still want to win back? Do you have this skill?”
“Go away! Delayed people, old, son still want to play!”
A few people continue to blame Chuck, you know, they are big bosses!
Come here today to spend some money for a pastime. I didn’t expect these three people to have any bargaining chips. They are still standing here to get in the way, who is it! !
Yvette’s eyes were cold, Chuck didn’t care, “Sister Li, go get some chips!”
“Yes, Master,” Betty left.
Chuck has lost so much, and it is not that he has no experience. He has always been calm, because his mother has money, he is trying to test his hearing and it does not work.
Now, it works, 50 million temptations, the next step is to make money.
The dealer has received the news, she has a sneer on her face, this man really would not play this.
How much money will lose! !
Fifty million actually lost in less than an hour, and it is also a talent.
“Don’t you get away?” a fat man scolded.
He had five million dollars in chips in his hand. He had planned to have fun for a while. The one who won some money was smart, but he was unexpectedly blocked.
He was so upset.
This man lost all his money, but he was reluctant to leave. Was he crying and asking for money from the casino? ?
What a shameful act!
Yvette wanted to shoot, she hated others saying so.
“It’s only five million, what is your hurry?” Chuck said.
“Haha, only five million? What are you doing? You, did she take out five million dollars in chips?” The fat man laughed angrily.
Five million dollars, old, the son is the uncle, wherever he goes is the uncle, actually looked down upon by such a kid? ?
He was so hot that he wanted to hit someone!
“Come out.” Chuck said lightly.
Five million is really a number for Chuck.
For Karen li, it is just a number.
“You can do it, then you can do it!” the fat man sneered.
Can get a ghost!
The plate with chips was empty, and it was almost the same as asking for food.
Chuck looked at him.
“Boss, don’t be angry, you are fellows!” There is a translator next to the fat man, this figure is awesome.
“Fellow? Older, I don’t have such a bad guy!” The fat man laughed.
I met a fellow when I met abroad.
He doesn’t want to lower his identity and recognize Chuck as a so-called fellow. He still feels embarrassed. If you lose, you lose. You still have to leave. Give you? What a shame on the face of the Chinese! !
“Boss, he doesn’t look poor.” Beautiful translator Fei Mei said.
Especially Yvette next to him, there is such a beautiful woman, can it be poor? ?
If she had Yvette’s appearance, she would have been a star already. How could she stay with ordinary people?
“Hills! Not poor? Look at his virtue, this is the first time to go abroad! Save money and go abroad, and play this high-end game, do you have money to play?” Fat man sneered.
However, he looked at the beautiful and beautiful Yvette next to Chuck, he envied, is this a translation? There is such a superb translation!
Why didn’t you meet it when you came in?
Alas, it seems that dogs have better luck, they often eat, shit, and there is shit luck to go.
The beauty translator smiled, redneck? Now it looks a bit like it!
“There is money to play, and more than you,” Chuck said.
“Haha, pretend! More than me? Do you know what I’m doing? I’ve been in the country for five years and I know how much money I have earned in five years? Saying it scares you to death!”
The fat man sneered.
“Let’s talk about my husband again!” Yvette’s eyes chilled. If Chuck hadn’t told Yvette that the casino is the industry of the boss of the killer organization, she would have already done it.
“Beauty, he is your husband? Why are you looking so poor? Take care of me, keep you hot and spicy.” The fat man smiled slightly, his eyes were longing for Yvette.
“My husband is not poor and has more money than you!” Yvette said coldly.
“Hey, is it? Take it out if you have money!” The fat man hugged the beauty interpreter’s waist and mocked.
In his view, Chuck has a dime.
Even if it is a little bit, just lost all of it just now, that is, become a poor egg, and still have money? ?
Yvette had murderous eyes, and she whispered to Chuck, “Her husband, do I want to hit him?”
This time, it’s not pure play.
Yvette didn’t want to destroy Karen li’s plan, after all, the killer organization was not so good to deal with! !
A little mistake will not be solved, and Yvette doesn’t want to impulse something bad.
“Haha,” Chuck smiled slightly, and Yvette was so cute when he whispered.
Yvette would only do this in front of Chuck.
“That husband, I won’t fight, but I am very angry, he said you that.” Yvette said.
“Then I kiss you,” Chuck smiled.
“No now, let me talk at night,” Yvette blushed, embarrassed.
Yvette would blush in a large crowd.
Chuck smiled slightly and said to the fat man, “You are so rich, then Bibi.”
“Huh, what are you qualified to compare with me? Do you think I will compare with you?” It’s ridiculous!” The fat man laughed.
The beauty translator also feels that if this big boss wins money today, then he will have to make tens of thousands tonight.
Following such a boss is right.
Thanks to myself, I still talked to you just now.
“I’m not qualified, you are not qualified to compare with me, understand?” Chuck said lightly.
“What are you trying to do? I didn’t…” The fat man sneered, suddenly choking, speechless.
“Master, 50 million dollars in chips!” Betty took the chips and came over.
Just now other guests were surprised to see Chuck having so many chips again!
I lost tens of millions just now, but now I have exchanged another 50 million. This is 100 million US dollars!
What kind of super rich second generation is this unattractive Chinese? ?
The fat man was shocked, he only exchanged 5 million, but unexpectedly, Chuck suddenly exchanged 50 million US dollars in chips!
This is ten times more than myself!
Who is rich, who is not qualified, at a glance, it is clear!
Fat men’s hearts are jumping out, is this fake?
The beauty translator is stunned, he is so rich? She immediately envied Yvette and found such a rich man.
Why don’t you have such good luck?
“If you are so rich, go and exchange 50 million dollars, compare with me!” Chuck said.
“You… me,” the fat man was speechless. He could come up with 50 million dollars, but it does not mean he was willing to spend 50 million to play!
Is this something the super tyrant did?
“No money? What did you pretend to do?” Chuck returned the fat man’s words just now.
The fat man blushed like pig liver. He was annoyed and looked down upon by Chuck. He couldn’t stand it. “Okay, I will see today. How rich is your kid!!”
“Okay.” Chuck said lightly.
Than rich? With my own mother, I am really not afraid of anyone.
The fat man was annoyed, staring at Chuck with resentment, and took out a card, “Give me another 45 million chips!”
He is proud, 50 million dollars is amazing? ?
I do too, just don’t want to take it out!
Really thought that 50 million could be forced?
The fat man slapped the pretty face of the beauty translator, “I talk to you, didn’t you hear it?” what!
The beauty translator had a slap mark on her face. She was awakened in fright, her hands were covering her cheeks, and the tears of grievances were swirling in her eyes, “Please wait,”
She looked at Chuck even more wronged, and she should follow Chuck’s translation.
At least he looked gentle and did not beat people up.
The beauty translator holds the card to exchange chips.
The fat man stared at Chuck with pride, and I looked at how rich you are! !
Chuck shrugged.
Soon, the beauty translator took the chips and came, “Boss, your chips,”
“Reward you,” the fat man smirked and translated 10,000 chips into the beauty.
The beauty translator said in surprise, “Thank you boss,”
Seen this way, I was just slapped just now, it’s still worth it!
“Now I have 50 million US dollars in chips. What else are you pulling?” The fat man sarcastically.
He is proud of his good luck, and he may win a few million dollars to 10 million dollars, and you! !
Wait for the loss!
Chuck shrugged, “A lot of fifty million?”
“Haha, pretend,” the fat man laughed.
Such words, said in casinos, are you afraid of being joked? ?
Most of these high-end casinos can come in and play, and they are mostly bosses, but there are only a handful of people who can speak more than 50 million people, but it cannot be him!
“Which Chinese people really pretend that there are not many fifty million?”
“That is, this kind of Chinese is too pretending, and I will blush for him.”
All the onlookers were talking about Chuck.
This kind of big talk can be said, how rich is this? ?
“Don’t pretend? I blush for you.” The fat man sneered.
Chuck glanced at him and shrugged, “Sister Li, I have a snack, please give me another 500 million US dollars in chips!”
Yvette’s beautiful eyes are all stunned, 500 million US dollars in chips? Isn’t that cost 600 million?
The fat man laughed, “Are you pretending to be? If you have any kind, just let it go!”
The beauty translator also laughed, and the boss is rich!
“Master,” Betty went to exchange.
Many people have come to watch, 500 million US dollars, this is a big bet! !
Everyone is talking!
Everyone is looking at who Chuck is, so rich.
Fat men disagree, 500 million? So many people at the scene can say that 500 million yuan will come out, but will there be 500 million people out there? ?
You can?
In the monitoring room, the supervisor holding the red wine was a little bit stunned.
One-time exchange of 500 million US dollars in chips?
Since the opening of the business, only three people have done it, and the one with the most money has been exchanged for two billion dollars a day, all of them lost.
500 million? Barely able to enter the top ten!
But this is also the biggest work of the past year, and the supervisor became interested.
“Haven’t you found it yet?” the supervisor asked coldly.
There are many people who can make 500 million at a time, but there are very few people who can take 500 million to gamble!
Such a person should not be an unknown person!
“No,” someone responded.
The supervisor narrowed his eyes and stared at the screen. Betty, who exchanged chips at the front desk, looked at it, as if she was familiar with it. Where have you seen it!
But all of a sudden, the supervisor couldn’t remember it,
“Then let me keep checking!” the supervisor ordered.
The supervisor came to the screen and looked at Betty with a pair of eyes, and his head was turning. Where have he seen it? ?
… hiss!
The fat man was stunned, and his chin would fall off, because Betty pushed a car over and put a lot of chips on it! !
Really exchanged 500 million US dollars? ?
Not only the fat man was stunned, all the onlookers were shocked, and he was really able to exchange so much money!
Who is this guy? ?
“God, this Chinese is too rich, incredible!”
“Too shocked, so rich, so envious!”
“I want to be his wife, don’t know if he wants? I’m in love with him.”
“Me too, I really like him, my God, my God…”
Men and women are shocked, many people have never seen so much money in their lives!
It’s so horrifying now!
The beauty translator has to stare out her eyes, regret it, she regrets it, this person is really too rich, his own boss is simply poor!
Don’t know if he is willing to let himself be a translator?
“You are so rich, pay it.” Chuck said.
The fat man blushed like pig liver, which was particularly ugly. He was annoyed, “You pay so much money, but you dare to play? If it’s 12 thousand, then you don’t be embarrassing.”
He is proud, but he plays big,
“How big are you playing?” Chuck said lightly.
“You can’t afford to play with me!” The fat man laughed, looking at the table!
With a count in his mind, he pushed three million dollars in chips to the triple area!
“Dare you do this with me…” The fat man sneered before he finished.
Chuck shrugged up with stacks of chips, and took a full $50 million in the double area.
Fat man shocked!
Mom, a handful of fifty million dollars? Not money! !
The onlookers were dumbfounded! The jaw is about to be startled.
The beauty translator was stunned.
Yvette was nervous, only Betty and Chuck’s complexion was indifferent.
Betty sometimes, but will hang out with Karen li, that is a private party, the gambling start with a billion dollars, that is shocked!
Karen li will play like this when he is bored, and he can win a lot of money every time!
If you say it, Chuck will be shocked!
The dealer is stunned, so much so, are you so sure?
“I c! Lose you!!!” The fat man laughed.
How could it be possible to win with so much down?
Sure enough, the start was actually three times the area.
The fat man laughed, “Hahaha! I’m hit, boy, you’re my lucky star!!!”
Three million dollars, but made six million dollars, this money is comfortable!
Yvette was lost and missed. She bit her lip and looked at Chuck, her husband, don’t worry, take your time.
Chuck’s face didn’t change, the dealer’s heart sneered. Sure enough, this Chinese person didn’t understand this game at all. She just witnessed Chuck slowly losing 50 million dollars in chips!
You will lose all 500 million dollars.
“Boy, do you still play? Don’t feel distressed, haha!”
The fat man sneered and sneered. He glanced at the gambling table and bet again. This time he pressed five million!
“Go on, you are my lucky star!” the fat man sneered.
Chuck shrugged, “Sister Li, bet three million dollars, in a fifty-six times area,”
“Yes, young master.” Betty immediately did what Chuck said, betting three million dollars.
“Haha, don’t dare to lose one? Three million dollars? You are willing!” The fat man laughed. He just bet 50 million. If he lost, he wouldn’t dare to bet. What does it have to do with a dog? What’s the difference? ?
“Why did this Chinese person become less courageous?”
“Don’t you know? I just looked at him just now. He lost 100 million US dollars even with the one he just did. I dare not dare. If I lose again, 500 million US dollars is not enough!”
“Really? That’s no wonder. When gambling, the most taboo is the one who fears the most. I don’t think he can win this one. He has no confidence in himself, so how can he win?”
“I think so, he lost.”
The onlookers are all expressing their opinions and Chuck’s actions, they basically think that they can’t make it.
Not confident anymore, so the goddess of victory will look at him? That is impossible!
Fat men sneer and sneer. If they dare not start, they must bet a few more at most, and pretend that the remaining hundreds of millions of dollars must be exchanged for money.
The dealer began to roll the dice, the dice entered the turntable, the ticking was rolling, and the onlookers all watched. Suddenly, the dice fell on a number, and the onlookers were shocked!

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