My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 521

“Slow down, slow down! Don’t kill me!” The supervisor was terrified. She was paralyzed on the ground. This was real fear.
The Li family does not say that the name Karen li is in some high-level circles in the United States, but the people who talk about change of color! !
Rich, powerful, beautiful, temperament…
Many, many describe Karen li, isn’t this the woman in front of you?
“I won’t kill you, but are you going to give me the money I won? This is the money I want to give my son,” Karen li said.
Yvette was already in shock. He solved so many people in just a few minutes. What is this?
Horror is beyond description!
Yvette suddenly had such a little despair. When will he be able to surpass Karen li?
This gap is too big, do we really have to wait until Karen li is seventy or eighty?
Yvette’s sad eyes are complicated and struggling!
“Me, I’m not qualified to spend so much money, no,” the supervisor cried, fear shrouded her, and she was already scared to cry.
The figure of 50 billion is too big. How could she use it?
“Then you don’t talk about honesty in the casino? You lose, but don’t give money?” Karen li asked.
“I…” The supervisor crawled over to kneel for Karen li.
With so many people resolved, how could she be able to resist? ?
She was scared.
“I lost, you beat me, scold me, I don’t have so much money, no…” The supervisor cried and begged.
Just now I took the initiative, but now it is like this, and it will be like this in a few minutes.
“No? That’s because your casino doesn’t talk about integrity, right?” Karen li said.
“I…” The supervisor shuddered.
“Karen li, don’t talk nonsense? If you lose, you lose, how much is lost, I still give 50 billion yuan!” At this time, a voice suddenly sounded in the casino, as if monitoring.
“Boss!” the supervisor screamed in surprise, she remembered this voice!
It was the voice of the boss behind the killer organization. She had never appeared, but the supervisor had heard it.
Chuck was pleasantly surprised. The boss of this killer group finally appeared, so did Yvette save?
Yvette’s beautiful face is complicated, the gap, she only saw a huge gap.
His own strength cannot allow the boss of this killer organization to show up, but Karen li can.
“I have told you many times, to do business, to say one is you, two is two, if you lose, you will admit defeat! If you win, you will receive money! This rule is fixed and must be enforced. No one can change it, but What have you done? Are you breaking my rules?” This is a cold voice!
“No, no, yes…” the supervisor screamed in fear.
She feels that she has too much money, 50 billion yuan, she is not qualified to use it at all!
So I want to play bad!
“The one who breaks my rules has only one result, that is death! No one can escape!” The cold voice sounded again.
“Ah, ah!”
The supervisor screamed in horror, “No, please don’t kill me, don’t…ah,”
The atmosphere of fear enveloped her. She was afraid and was easily collapsed. She got up and ran outside. “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me…”
She ran out, there was the fear from the bottom of her heart, could she run away?
No! !
Chuckxin was worried. The meaning of the boss’s words was too obvious. No one could break the rules she set, including Karen li.
What’s more, there is a little conflict between Karen li and the behind-the-scenes boss? ?
“Mom,” Chuck whispered.
“Cer, rest assured, it’s okay,” Karen li said comfortingly, while watching Yvette.
Yvette seemed to be the child who did the wrong thing, bowing his head and biting his lip.
“It’s okay? Karen li, are you too optimistic?” The voice laughed a little.
Karen li is silent.
“Five billions of dollars I have already made people into your account, lose as much as possible, I am the person who talks most about credit, and I have not found the account.”
“Wait, where are you? I want to see you!” Karen li said.
“See me? What do you see me? I don’t want to see you.”
“I want to see you all right?” Karen li was helpless.
“Are you asking me to be right?”
“Well, begging you,” Karen li nodded.
Betty is anxious, Chuck is angry, his mother…
Yvette’s lips bite harder, she… actually begging? ?
“Oh, Karen li, you really make me happy, okay, for your sake… Haha, you actually begged me??
I am happy, you say it again, beg me…”
“I, please,” Karen li held back for a long time and said.
“Haha, I have recorded this part of the voice. When I am not happy, I will let it out and listen to it. For the sake of being so obedient and so obedient, then I will barely tell you why, where am I?
You know, come and find me, half an hour, I only wait for you so long!!”
The voice stopped abruptly!
Karen li took a breath and thought of the place behind the scene where the boss said, “We go out and get in the car!”
After she finished speaking, she went outside, and Betty followed.
“Wife, let’s go,” Chuckla Yvette.
“I,” Yvette didn’t know how to describe it. He just thought that Karen li was begging others. This was for himself? But she is her own father and enemy!
“Go,” Chuck pulled her, and Yvette went out with him.
“Her husband, I’m sorry,” Yvette’s eyes were red.
“What stupid words are you? You did this for me,” Chuck felt distressed, and Yvette did a lot of stupid things for himself.
If it were not for Yvette to take over the task of killing herself, then she would be fine, maybe she had already done several tasks.
“Well,” Yvette bit his lip.
Four people got on the bus.
Karen li and Betty sat in the front, and Chuckjiang and Yinan did the back.
Chuck embraced Yvette.
Yvette bowed his head and dared not look at Karen li.
Driving Karen li looked behind, she was silent with a sigh in her heart.
She knew that Yvette really liked Chuck.
But what Karen li said, Logan was the most satisfied daughter-in-law in her heart.
Logan’s gentleness, tolerance, and understanding are suitable for Chuck.
It is happy to marry and have children with Logan, which is what Karen li wants now.
But Karen li will not force Chuck, she is a person who dares to pursue.
Otherwise, she would not be with Chuck’s father when all the members of the Li family objected.
Love is free.
At this point, Karen li is particularly enlightened.
You are like that, so why should you ask your son not to be like that?
Her son Chuck likes it, then it is the most important thing. She will not lead or destroy now. The feelings of Chuck and Yvette.
Less than half an hour!
The car drove to a particularly luxurious bar!
There are too many luxury cars outside, and Chuck is not surprised by this. Is this bar also the boss behind the killer organization? ?
Guess so.
“Cer, wait.” Karen li stopped Chuck who couldn’t wait to go out.
“What’s wrong with my mother?” Chuck was anxious, almost half an hour!
“I want to say something to you two,” Karen li is serious.
“Well, mom, you said,” Chuck was serious.
Yvette was still like a child who did the wrong thing, bowing his head and saying nothing.
“Her character is weird, moody, and her thoughts jump very big! I actually don’t want to contact her because she is so unruly,” Karen li has a headache.
This boss is five years younger than Karen li.
But he did too many things that made Karen li speechless. Karen li didn’t want to say anything about these things.
It’s a headache.
“Mother,” Chucklai was so embarrassed that it made her mother have headaches. ?
“Attention, let me talk about everything, I understand her temper, you two don’t understand,”
Karen li said seriously.
“Well, is this mother better than you?” Chuck couldn’t help asking.
Karen li was stunned and smiled slightly, “What do you think?”
“I think my mother is the most powerful,” Chuck really thinks so.
The boss of this killer organization just asked Karen li so much. Hearing Karen li begged, he was so happy, what did he say? Explain that this boss is worse than his mother.
“Really good, let’s go in.” Karen li got out of the car with a smile, praised by her son, she was happy.

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