My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 525

“One dollar? Look at me so small?” The boss took a sip of red wine behind the scenes.
“No, that’s all it means. Anyway, there will be someone with such a great aunt, I will be happy,”
“Oil-smooth, little guy, obey me, I guarantee that no one in the world dares to bully you, don’t expect your mother, she is far from me in this respect,” the boss behind the scene said proudly.
Chuck’e, still believe in your mother! “Thank you aunt.”
“I just wanted to kill you with a single shot,” the boss said.
Chuck smiled slightly, “Auntie, you are a good person, how can you beat me?”
“This is not necessary.”
“Auntie, what’s your name?” Chuck was curious.
She is super nice, beautiful, confident, cold, and undisciplined. Such a woman is actually happy when she is together.
“How did you start to like me?” The boss behind the scene stirred.
“My name is Chuck,” Chuck collapsed. What did she like about her?
“Of course I know your name is Chuck. My mother doesn’t even know my name. Will I tell you?”
“Never mind,” Chuck wants to go out. For these five conditions, Chuck needs to talk to her mother.
“What’s going on? Sing me a song and listen.” The boss lying behind the scenes.
She did not want Chuck to go out like this, but she was annoyed by this Karen li’s son.
“Then you sing our Chinese song, only mother in the world is good…”
“Get out!!” The boss behind the scene exclaimed angrily…

“I, I want to go in and see,” said Yvette, who kept his head down.
She was too worried, and worried that Chuck would be aggrieved in it for herself, and she would feel distressed.
“No, Ceer knows what he does,”
Instead, Karen li felt relieved. At the very least, his son Chuck had the strength to negotiate with others alone.
“Well,” Yvette continued to lower his head, and his lips were all bitten.
The door opened and Chuck came out.
Yvette ran immediately, “Husband, are you okay!”
“It’s okay,” Chuck looked at his mother.
Karen li is at ease and Betty is at ease.
“Mom, she agreed to withdraw the killing order, but let me promise her five things,” Chuck said.
“Five things? Which five things?” Karen li looked inside the private room.
“She hasn’t said that yet.”
Chuck didn’t worry about anything either, she didn’t have much conflict with her mother, so she shouldn’t do anything to herself.
“Well, let’s go,” Karen li wanted to take Chuck back.
“Okay,” Chuck took Yvette’s hand.
Yvette bit his lip and said, “I want to go in.”
“What are you doing in there?” Chuck was surprised, of course he didn’t want to.
“I, still have to be a killer,” Yvette bowed his head.
Chuck sighed, “En,”
Yvette pushed the door and entered.
“Mom, will you return home later?” Chuck looked forward to this. When he arrived at the Li family, he could see his elders, and he could also meet Li Overlord!
Then, then Chuck can do other things and lead black roses out!
Anyway, there are so many photos of black roses in her hand, just send it out, she will definitely find it impossible to find herself!
“Wait a minute…come back to my house first, and then say,” Karen li didn’t want to tell Chuck, she was kicked out by the Li family.
“Well, Mom, you have decided, yes, Mom, I still have to find the black rose,”
“She is back in the United States, but she is not easy to find, and the real killer is still difficult to find in hiding,” Karen li knows, the top killer like Black Rose has done anything, the first thing considered Is a retreat.
If you want to seize the black rose, unless Karen li spends time in person, it will be difficult, but Karen li has not been free recently.
Chuck whispered that there were photos in his hand that allowed Black Rose to come out on his own.
Bettyzheng levied, Karen li stunned, “What photo? Can you let her out?”
Karen li didn’t expect those.
“Well, mom, look at yourself,” Chuck took out Ouyang Feifei’s mobile phone. Karen li froze after watching it, and Betty froze.
“Cer, where did you come from? Why did you take this picture?” Karen li said seriously.
No matter what Black Rose did, killing can kill, but not insulting killing.
This photo was sent out, which is a great insult to a woman who fancy this aspect.
“You must never do this in the future! It is wrong to do so!” Karen li was a little angry.
“Mother, it wasn’t me. Where did I go to take her picture?” Chuck collapsed.
Karen li was stunned again, yes, how did Chuck shoot?
“what happened?”
Chuck talked about Ouyang Fei, Karen li and Betty looked at each other, Karen li was actually surprised, “How can you say this Ouyang Fei is like this? All are women, actually do this?”
“Well, she might be psychopathic because she was photographed by others, so…”
“Cer, who are the people you have contacted with? You can’t do this kind of thing. I will be angry when I do it.” Karen li felt that it was necessary to establish a good view of Chuck.
I’ve taken pictures now. When I really grew up, wasn’t it the same as the emperor? Three thousand beauties in the harem? ?
“Mom, of course I won’t do this. Now that I have this black rose photo, I want to send it out…”
Chuck said his thoughts.
“No! You can’t use this method!” Karen li opposed, other methods, this method she absolutely would not agree!
Betty also said, “Young Master, Li and I are always women. I know what this means for women.
The bottom line. Master, please give the woman a bottom line.”
“Okay, can I send the black roses alone?” This should be okay and not visible to others, so what’s the problem?
“This…” Karen li sighed, “Okay, but you can’t send it to others. Do you know?”
“Well, mom, you got me the phone number of Black Rose.”
“Okay, Betty, look up,” Karen li said.
“Yes.” Betty nodded, just take a moment to check.
At this time, Yvette came out with a relaxed expression on her face. It should be the boss behind the scenes who continued to agree to her as a killer.
This is good for Yvette, but not for Chuck.
Yvette came to see Karen li. She knew the killer code of Karen li. The person she always wanted to surpass was Karen li!
She is complicated and tangled!
“We go home.” Karen li said.
“Wife, let’s go home,” Chuck said softly. Yvette lowered his head and bit his lip. He wanted to go back to his father’s home? ?
She can’t do it, can’t cross this hurdle.
“I don’t want to go,” Yvette whispered.
Chuck sighed, “Go home first, it’s okay,”
Yvette didn’t answer, Karen li said, “There is no need to do this. When you want to kill me, just look for me. You are returning to Ce’er’s house now.”
Everything about himself is Chuck’s, and his own home is Chuck’s.
Chuck has the ability, Karen li will give everything to Chuck.
Yvette’s lips were all bitten, and she bowed her head and gave her a scream, she was tangled and dazed, but Chuck couldn’t refuse to hold her hand.
Chucksong said, “Mom, let’s go back,”
Karen li took them out.
In the private room, the boss behind the scene was drinking red wine. She smiled smugly. She asked Yvette and Karen li about the relationship. It was still the same. She was so happy that she couldn’t help but laugh at Karen li in front of Karen li. .
Then she will definitely agree with Yvette to continue, and it must be very interesting by then.
She drank the red wine from the glass and took out her mobile phones. “The blood leopard’s hunt order was withdrawn,”
“Boss? What did you say?” The killer organization was shocked, and his boss made an exception? what happened? ? She thought she heard it wrong.
“Remove the blood leopard’s killing order, and then rank her among the top 100 killers, giving her the most dangerous task.”
The phone hung up, and behind the scenes the boss stood up and was ready to go back, but the phone rang, she looked at it, and there was a surprise on her pretty face, “What are you calling to do?”
That’s right, this is the number of the black rose.
“What’s the matter?” the boss asked behind the scenes.
“I want to see you,” the voice of black rose is in the phone.

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