My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 526

“Do you want to see me?”
The boss behind the scene was a little surprised. It is good to know how to say this black rose.
Although it still has a big gap with Karen li, it is now the number one killer!
But she knows that she hasn’t been able to take on the task recently. She must know why. She has always known that when someone costs money to kill Karen li with black roses!
However, she also knew that Black Rose could not kill Karen li, so Black Rose had an enmity with Karen li. Recently, Black Rose has been in China. She came back a few days ago, and she also knows.
“Yes, I want to see you.” Black Rose’s voice continued to spread.
“Okay, old place, I will only wait for you for half an hour,” the boss behind the scene is about to hang up.
“Wait, I am far away, and I may not be able to come in half an hour,”
“Then I don’t care.”
The phone hung up, and behind the scenes the boss began to drink red wine and waited, but, she called and asked about the recent situation of Black Rose.
“Black Rose, you are playing a bit big. When Karen li is really going to kill you, it is useless where you hide!” The boss behind the scene said, drinking red wine to watch the time.
Half an hour soon arrived, the boss stood lazily behind the scenes, but she had other activities.
Will not delay time in this place.
But, the door opened.
The black rose with big blue eyes came in, and there was a person behind him, yes, Ouyang Fei! !
Ouyang Feimei saw the behind-the-scenes boss, and she had a stunning, beautiful and noble woman in her heart.
She just knew in Black Rose’s mouth that when the boss of the world’s largest killer organization was actually a woman, she was shocked!
She felt at once that she would become such a woman.
She saw it in front of her, and instinctively came up with a perverted idea in her heart, that is… I really want to take a picture of her!
This is a big boss. If you shoot it yourself, isn’t it smooth sailing from now on? ?
But is there any way? Ouyang Fei is in trouble and has no chance at all!
“Who is she?” The boss behind the scene looked lazily at Ouyang Fei.
“The one I brought.” Black Rose said.
“You brought it? Your apprentice?”
“It’s true.”
“You sit, she is standing.” The boss behind the scene asked Black Rose to sit, and Ouyang Fei stood.
In this room, Ouyang Fei was still not qualified to sit, but Ouyang Fei was angry, but could not show it.
The black rose sat down.
“See me?” The boss behind the scenes drank red wine.
“You and I have known each other for many years, and I think…” Black Rose rarely bows his head, and the boss behind him is one.
“Say what you do!” The boss behind the scene interrupted her.
“I feel something is wrong, just feel wrong, but where is wrong, I don’t know, I know you have a relationship with Karen li…” Yes, after the black rose came to the United States, I felt there was something wrong, just Restlessness.
Right, that is it.
She has something of her own and feels the same in the hands of others.
But what is there?
No, the black rose is a killer. There is no way to say anything. She is a cautious person, and nothing will be caught in her hands.
Be careful, be careful, this is the biggest reason why black roses can live to the present.
Uneasy, uneasy, let her come here.
“No, I have nothing to do with her.” The boss behind the scene said without hesitation.
The black rose was stunned, and her beautiful big blue eyes were turning, “That…”
“what would you like?”
“I want you to protect me for a while,” Black Rose said.
This is the first time the Black Rose has softened, but if she doesn’t kill Karen li or Chuck, she is really unwilling to die.
Now it is the most safe way.
“Guarantee? Why do I protect you?” The boss behind the scenes drank red wine.
Black Rose is the first female killer, earning her a lot of money, but there is no other relationship between the two, or even a little relationship.
“Guarantee me for half a year, and for the next three years, I will give you ten tasks. I don’t want a penny,” Black Rose said.
“Oh, like this??”
“Five years!” Black Rose immediately stepped back.
“Five years? Keep you half a year??”
“Yes, half a year will do.”
“How do I know that half a year later, will you die under Karen li?” The boss behind the scene said indifferently.
“In this business, you will not lose money, absolutely not,”
Black Rose knows this behind-the-scenes boss too much. Money is tempting to her. Sometimes she can do anything for money, but when it comes to rules, she is useless no matter how much money she has!
“Oh, okay! I will only guarantee you for half a year.” The boss behind the scene smiled.
In five years, even if Black Rose died halfway, she could earn a lot for her.
Black Rose was relieved a little, then next, she could recover herself and start revenge!
“You follow the people outside,” the boss said.
People outside will take the black rose to a safe place.
“Well. Ouyang Fei, go!” Black Rose ordered.
Ouyang Fei nodded, but the boss behind the scene said, “She stays, I have something to say!”
Black Rose accidentally looked at Ouyang Fei again, and she went out.
“Sister, do you have anything to do with me?” Ouyang Fei walked up, very polite, his big eyes were cute and harmless to humans and animals.
“Don’t pretend, when you came in, when I first looked at me, I found bad eyes, let’s say, what were you thinking?” The behind-the-scenes boss is a man who specializes in psychology, Ouyang Fei’s flowery intestines It really can’t hide in front of her.
However, the boss behind the scenes did not expect Ouyang Fei’s thoughts to be so nasty.
The reason why she let Ouyang Fei stay alone was that she was fancy with Ouyang Fei.
Isn’t that what the killer wants?
Ouyang Fei can cultivate it!
“I, I think my sister is beautiful, and I think it is as beautiful as my sister,” Ouyang Fei certainly dare not say.
Could it be that I want to shoot you? ?
The only result that came out was that it was cut into meat sauce to feed the dog.
“Why are you a killer?”
The boss behind the scenes doesn’t want to hear such words.
“I want to be stronger and step on all men under my feet!!!” Ouyang Fei said his goal.
The boss behind the scene was surprised. This Huaxia woman actually thought bigger than herself? ?
Is a malleable person.
“Okay, good idea, follow the black rose, learn her things, I will keep you alive.” The boss behind the scene was satisfied.
Ouyang Fei took her seriously.
However, she is actually different from Ouyang Fei in essence.
Behind the scenes, the boss has his own principles and rules. Once formulated, she will strictly demand it!
But Ouyang Fei is different. She is a person with no bottom line. In order to achieve her goal, she can do so at all costs! !
“Thank you sister,” Ouyang Fei was pleasantly surprised.
She was relieved a lot. After all, she took a photo of black roses. In case she was discovered, she was not happy.
“You can go out,” the boss said.
Ouyang Fei bowed his head and walked outside.
At this time, waiting for the black rose outside the door, her wounds no longer hurt. What she needs now is a good hiding place to restore herself to strength!
However, the phone rang suddenly and she took it out to see it was a stranger’s number.
She frowned, and there were only a handful of people who knew her number. Who would this person be?
She answered.
“Black Rose?” Inside is the temptation, the man’s voice.
Moreover, there is familiarity.
“Yes!” Black Rose said coldly.
“Oh, I found you. Do you know who I am?” Yes, Betty has found the number of the black rose.
And gave Chuck, of course Chuck can’t wait to find the black rose out!
There is also Ouyang Fei, this woman, Chuck wants her to die immediately! Last time, she shot Logan in one shot!
If it were not for her, Logan would not hurt that way! !
Chuck hates her!
“Chuck!” There is a big murder in the big black rose and blue eyes! Did you find your number? This is the rice country?
Actually so fast, Black Rose had an accident, but fortunately he prepared himself.
“Yes, it’s me. I’ll call you nothing else. I just want you to see something. You will be surprised when you see it…” Chuck smiled slightly.

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