My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 528

After Black Rose finished speaking these words, she went outside, and the boss turned to look at Ouyang Fei behind the scene. ?
There is no bottom line for women, what did you do? The boss behind the scene is curious.
The black rose went out.
Ouyang Fei breathed a sigh of relief, feeling proud, going to you, want to kill me? ?
Ouyang Fei’s beautiful eyes are all venomous, and they turned over with the black rose so quickly, it is really not very good!
Fortunately, I learned something.
Otherwise, you will lose money.
Ouyang Fei decided that he would absolutely not be able to go out for the time being. He must wait for his killer ability to reach first-class!
Ouyang Fei is a person without a bottom line, but also a person who works hard to train!
She knows that no one can believe now, the only thing she can believe in is herself! !
So you must improve your strength!
Only in this way can I survive and be the first killer!
You have to make a lot of money.
“Sister,” Ouyang Fei called the boss behind the scenes.
“Little girl, Black Rose actually said that you have no bottom line, where have you reached the bottom line?” The boss behind the scene waved his hand and everyone went out.
“I, I did something bad, I want to learn the fighting of the black rose,” Ouyang Fei lied and opened his mouth.
“The goal is clear enough! Regardless of the means, it’s okay.” The boss behind the scene looked at Ouyang Fei again. Of course, she was the best.
She does things by any means, otherwise how could she be the boss of the killer organization? ?
“Thank you sister,” Ouyang Fei relieved.
“OK, I will take you to play.” The boss stood up behind the scenes.
“Thank you.” Ouyang Fei was pleasantly surprised. Did he pull in the new backers so quickly?
Was it admired in a similar way? ?
She thought so, but she didn’t know that the boss behind the scenes also had a bottom line. For example, what Ouyang Fei did, she might be able to do it for men, but she couldn’t do it for women.
Because they are all women.
“Go,” the boss behind the scenes wanted to see, this Ouyang Fei has no bottom line.
“Uh huh,” Ouyang Fei followed with joy.
But instead of leaving the bar, I went to other private rooms with large beds and hot springs.
“How many do you want?” the boss asked behind the scenes.
“Sister, how many?” Ouyang Fei was stunned. What does that mean? Ouyang Fei felt trembling as he thought of something.
“A person with no bottom line, pay attention to this? I ask how many do you want?”
“Ah? No, I don’t want it,” Ouyang Fei was scared. She was still intact. How could she do anything in such a place?
All she needs now is exercise, all she needs is to strengthen herself! ! She wants to keep herself.
Ouyang Fei is ruthless and will not waste time on this. If the boss behind the scenes wants her to come out to play, she will immediately exercise and learn to fight.
Perseverance in this regard, Ouyang Fei is too high, otherwise she will not grow so fast!
“No? Little girl, are you eighteen?” The boss looked at her again.
“Have you never taught your boyfriend?”
“Yes, but men are used to play and kick. I gave them, didn’t they let them play?” Ouyang Fei always thought like this.
“It’s a good idea, but I don’t like seeing women or that’s the case, so how many do you want?”
The boss behind the scene sat down and took a glass of wine.
“I don’t want it, I really don’t want it,” Ouyang Fei was anxious. She thought so, but she still wanted to get married later.
“No! You have no bottom line, how can you do something with a bottom line? You don’t say it, then I will help you! Reject, you can go out and lie down without refusing,” said the boss behind the scene.
Ouyang Fei bit her lip, she was tangled, and she must be dead when she went out, but her body is for her future husband!
Ouyang Feimei’s eyes were red, she didn’t move, she didn’t dare to go out, black roses would kill herself when she went out, she lay down, there was no way, she had hatred in her heart.
The boss smiled slightly behind the scenes and pressed a button in a place, “Call a few…”
“No, I like Huaxia,” Ouyang Fei burst into tears.
“Hua Xia? Our American men are more handsome than Hua Xia men and have better facial features,” the boss said.
“I don’t want, I want Huaxia. I’m from Huaxia. I like Huaxia’s men.” Ouyang Fei looks down on Huaxia men, but if she gets married, she will still choose Huaxia.
“Just you, call someone in… Huaxia’s,”
Ouyang Fei wiped away her tears, she was poisonous, you actually forced me so well, I must revenge you Ouyang Fei! !
You wait for me!
You wait for me!
Ouyang Fei was surrounded by humiliation. She already had a plan. Today’s shame, she wants to let the behind-the-scenes boss pay back 100 times! !
Behind the scene, the boss was drinking red wine, and there was a hint of teasing in his blue eyes. He took out his mobile phone and called someone, “Follow the black rose, I want to know where she is. She can’t die so fast, don’t let her discover… …”

The black rose came out and she got in the car. What can she do?
She was expressionless and wiped away tears with a tissue, which was sad.
She swears that she will never be nice to anyone afterwards. For the first time, she got this result!
Black Rose drove, she knew where Chuck said, she stomped on the throttle, let’s be done!
You must get back your pictures, even if you are dead!

“Mom, the photos have been sent to her,” Chuck said to her.
“Well, is she… angry?” Karen li was helpless. She hadn’t done such a thing before. She did things neatly. This is really true. .
“Well, I’m particularly angry,” Chuck thought of Black Rose’s tone of speech, and Chuck wanted to laugh.
“Don’t do this in the future, do you know?” Karen li said solemnly.
“En, mother, don’t worry.”
Of course, Karen li was relieved of Chuck. Betty asked, “Do you want someone to come out?”
“No, I understand the person of Black Rose, she will come over, this kind of photo is the most important to her, she can’t let others see…”
“Well, it’s important for all women,” Betty said.
Chuck shrugged awkwardly, “Mom, Sister Li, I haven’t done that kind of thing.”
“It’s not about you,” Karen li smiled slightly, “I can’t control you too much, but remember to respect the woman, your dad respects me particularly, and I respect him too. It is best to respect each other as a guest.”
“Well,” Chuck envied. He looked at Yvette.
Yvette came back and kept his head down and bit his lip. Chuck hoped that one day he would be able to hold a wedding with Yvette.
But can this day come?
“You won’t have to do it later, I will come with the black rose,” Karen li said.
After a person is angry, desperate and sad, what can be done, it is impossible to estimate, the dog can jump the wall in anxiety, not to mention the black rose?
In this case, Karen li personally handled it best. As long as the black rose came out, she could not run away.
“Okay, Mommy listens to you,” Chuck just looked at it.
Yvette bowed his head without comment.
“However, I heard from you just now that I think Black Rose is a bit…” Karen li didn’t know how to describe it. This kind of picture was taken by a trusted person and concealed, and everyone will collapse.
Karen li suddenly felt that the black rose was a little pitiful.
She killed herself for money, and Karen li resisted both times without any loss. This was her own responsibility.
The conflict is not too big, the only thing is to beat his son Chuck last time!
This is absolutely not tolerable by Karen li!
“What’s something? Mom?” Chuck asked.
“Nothing,” Karen li shook her head and asked Betty to look outside. Maybe Black Rose would engage in a sneak attack!
Betty went out.
Karen li looked at Yvette, “Do you want to start?”
“I…” Yvette looked down, she wanted to see how Karen li shot, wanted to learn.
Chuck did not know whether to speak or not, and could only keep silent.
After a while.
Chuck looked at the time, he frowned, did Black Rose not want this photo? Still want to let yourself send out her pictures?
Chuck called Black Rose and connected.
“No, you want me to take your picture…”
“I’m coming!”
This is the voice of Black Rose, Chuck heard the rumbling engine roar! !
A sports car gallops from a distance, and it is the black rose that drives!

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