My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 535

“Special person? How special?”
Behind the scene, the boss is a bit stunned. Does Black Rose say so?
Black Rose refused to kill Karen li. She was already surprised enough, and she said good things about Karen li? ?
“Don’t you know?” Black Rose asked rhetorically.
“I don’t know, I don’t know. She is a stubborn person.” Of course, the boss behind the scene knew who Karen li was.
She is a special… yes, a special woman.
But did Black Rose know?
How did she know?
“I, contacted, and I knew,” Black Rose said.
Karen li released her this time. Black Rose has completely changed Karen li. If it were her, she could not do this.
Of course, she also respects her opponent.
This can be seen from Logan’s last fight.
If she really had the opportunity to kill Karen li before, she should not let go, but it is not absolute. After all, at the very least, it is not easy to find an opponent.
“Okay, don’t say it, you can recover quickly, I will let you do things!” The boss behind the scenes is too lazy to say anything, what?
Has Black Rose changed her mind about Karen li?
How did Karen li do it? Why haven’t you changed her yet?
Of course, the boss behind the scene must have changed Karen li, but she didn’t admit it.
As for the person of Black Rose, the boss behind the scene is particularly fancy. Black Rose has half of Karen li’s work before it.
It is really impossible to find a killer like Black Rose, and Karen li withdrew again.
That Ouyang Fei still needs to be trained. She is a good shooter as a killer, and may be more powerful than Karen li in this respect, because Karen li has a bottom line, but Ouyang Fei has no bottom line.
Without a bottom line, Ouyang Fei will rise.
“Wait!” Black Rose had coldness in his eyes!
Ouyang Fei, she must kill!
Because he is so self-conscious, Black Rose is definitely going to kill! !
“Is there anything else?” The boss recovered indifferently behind the scenes.
“Ouyang Fei! I want to see her!” Black Rose said coldly.
“No, I have promised to protect her, so I still need to train her, so I can’t.” The boss said behind the scenes.
“Then you may regret it.”
“I won’t regret it, you will be angry with her like that, I won’t, because I am different from you, you still have a little sympathy, but me, I am not familiar, do you think I will have compassion?”
The behind-the-scenes boss is an elite. Of course she knows what Ouyang Fei must have done.
Although she doesn’t know exactly what she did, how can she not be prepared?
How can the unguarded person be today?
“Then… Good luck, but if she goes out, I grab her and I will kill!” Black Rose said, this is what she must do next!
Ouyang Fei, she will kill!
“Then you are killed and you are killed when you go out. That’s because she can’t do it. Then I continue to waste time on people who can’t do it?” The boss behind the scene said indifferently.
What she wants is a master, not garbage.
The black rose happened to help her clean up the trash, why is she not happy? If Ouyang Fei is so bad, he is killed when he goes out, and the boss behind the scene will certainly not waste much time and money.
Black Rose hung up the phone. She continued to inject herself with painkillers. That was better.
She continued to sleep and had to recover quickly!
But she just closed her big blue eyes and the phone came again. She looked at it and frowned.
This was one of her former clients.
Let Black Rose kill a few people, not bad people.
The phone said that if Black Rose wanted to kill someone, the pay was still her pay. At this time, Black Rose was injured, how to take orders?
Black Rose refused, she could not get out.
“Double the reward!”
“If you don’t go, I can’t go with something,” Black Rose declined.
She was injured, although better, but there is no need to make this money!
After all, she is not short of money.
“Help me, didn’t you say that last time, would you like to call you if you have anything?” said the phone.
Black Rose was silent, she said what she said, “Okay, I will find you!”
“Ok, I will wait for you!”
The phone hung up, and Black Rose gave herself painkillers again, then packed up and drove out.
In this case, you can first figure out who this person wants to kill, then after she takes it, she still has a few days to nurse.
The car was galloping on nobody’s road. Suddenly, she heard gunshots.
She frowned, looked at a dark place for a few times, someone was in a shootout, and several people besieged one.
She didn’t want to do much business, it wasn’t her character, not to mention she doesn’t have the ability to manage it now.
Also, she decided that Ouyang Fei treated her so much, she would never treat anyone better now.
Absolutely not! !
But when she left, in the darkness, she suddenly saw a woman’s face, she was stunned, how could it be her?
No reason!
That’s right, she saw Yvette.
Yvette was shot from her cousin’s house, she did not notice.
Almost died inside, and then escaped, but how could her cousin let her go? Immediately let the family guards chase down!
She has already killed ten people, but because Yvette was shot, she has no strength and is blocked here.
Now she is particularly dangerous!
But she didn’t want to call Chuck, she said she would wait at home, and went out again.
Carry it so willingly.
Black Rose was stunned. Of course she knew that Yvette was Chuck’s girlfriend, but she ignored me. How could Chuck let his girlfriend be in this situation? ?
The black rose with big blue eyes stared at this scene, which was so unexpected. boom!
The gunshots continued, and Black Rose was about to leave. She had decided not to be nice to others, and definitely would not!
Once bitten, twice shy! !
She stepped on the accelerator and continued to leave!

A bullet came and Yvette was pale. She was hiding behind a tree at this time. She wanted to leave here with her own ability.
“Not coming out yet? Still want to run? Call me!”
The cold commanded voice sounded in a place, crackling, about ten people shot at the same time, and the bullet shot at the tree behind Yvette.
Yvette’s face didn’t change color, she bit her lip without any panic, she found a chance to shoot! boom!
A man was hit, this man fell in blood, and his head was shot in one shot!
“I c! The youngest! Call me, shoot me into a horse honeycomb! Call me!!!”
An angry voice sounded!
With all guns shooting, the isolated Yvette had no chance anymore. She tried to escape and could not die here!
I still have a lot of things to do, I haven’t killed Karen li, I haven’t married Chuck, I haven’t been born yet…
Too many things.
Yvette worked hard to find a chance. Suddenly, a grenade came and Yvette gritted his teeth and jumped out, bang! The huge shock wave pushed Yvette away!
Yvette fell to the ground, she spit out blood, the gunshot wound made her uncomfortable, and was blown up. She gritted her teeth and went up to continue to find a place to cover!
“She was blown up and grabbed her, I will torture her! How many brothers have we killed? Give me!”
People rushed over, Yvette’s eyes were cold, she hesitated, should she call Chuck?
But how to say!
When Yvette was in danger, suddenly, one of the people in the group screamed, and one fell to the ground, with a hole in his eyebrows and blood flowing out.
“Who? Who!”
These people are shocked, is there a helper? The lead captain was furious, “Who, she yarded me out! Who put the dark gun!!!”
This is bold! Actually put the dark gun, do not know who he is? boom!
A bullet came out, hitting the man looking away from the Middle East, this man fell down!
“Ah, find a place to cover, cover!” The captain was shocked. This is the eyebrows of grabbing guns, what is this master? ?
Everyone went into hiding, but the bullets rang again, someone was shot, one, two. …
The three fell to the ground almost simultaneously.
The captain was startled, “Old eight, old, who! Give me out!”
They shot indiscriminately, but did not hit, the scene was chaotic!
No one knows where the dark gun came from. Yvette was stunned. Who is helping himself? ?

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