My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 536

When Yvette stretched out his head carefully, the people who had just chased his own family guards all hid.
Only one shot sounded occasionally, but as long as it sounded, it would be accompanied by a scream!
This shot is so good, this is a shot!
Yvette was too surprised, who is this?
She was too injured and her eyes were tired. She bit her lip and let herself wake up a little bit.
She must not be dizzy!
This place is still too dangerous. Her strong willpower allows her to persevere, even if she is seriously injured, it will not overwhelm her!
She forced herself to never die here!
She wants to see this person who helps herself! !
“Who the hell? I am the captain of the Jiang Family Guard, I…” the captain scolded in exasperation.
In just a few minutes, six of his team members were actually dead. The key is that he still doesn’t know where the dark gun is!
What does this mean, this person is too powerful!
Completely a sniper master!
Assassination master!
Yvette actually brought a helper, is this a few of them? ?
“Stop, I’m… I c! Hiding!” The captain was furious to find a place to hide.
The dark gun came over, and a brother screamed in the pool of blood, twitching, and the expression of fear before his death was frozen…
This will continue, plus you will be wiped out by the whole army! !
The captain gritted his teeth, she ah, a few people were dead, she didn’t even know who put the gun, this is not too big.
“Retreat, give me back!”
He found the right opportunity and ran away with a shit. Of course, the rest of the others ran, they were almost scared to death, and saw their brothers and companions die.
In an instant, the man ran out.
The gunfire stopped and there was no chase after the victory!
The quietness of the night has been restored here, and the silence has reached a terrible point! !
Behind a tree, a pair of big blue eyes appeared, and a tall figure stood up from the lurking and swayed his long legs towards the car.
Yes, shot, or black rose!
She had already vowed that she would not treat anyone anymore. When she was about to leave, she suddenly thought of something. what is it then?
Karen li.
Yvette was Chuck’s girlfriend, and Chuck was Karen li’s son. She hesitated and decided to save the matter.
It was supposed to return Karen li a little favor.
It was just a few shots, a few minutes was enough, and she forced herself out of the car.
“It’s you? Did you just shoot?” A stunned voice sounded behind the black rose.
The black rose stopped.
Yvette was very stunned. What saved him was a black rose? ?
She endured the painful body and walked to the black rose, which was really her.
How could she?
Yvette was stunned for a few seconds. The black rose was expressionless and she still had things to deal with.
“You, why should you save me?” Yvette was a little complicated.
Originally, the two men were the kind of people who never died. They used to fight with guns, but Yvette had too little experience and lost.
But last time, Karen li hit her three punches. When Black Rose left, Yvette also saw it in the room. this is? ?
Black Rose looked at her, “I still have something.”
Yvette held back for a long time and said a word of thanks. The other fell silent before falling on the ground. He was shot, coupled with excessive blood loss, and was just blown up by a bomb just now, Yvette could not bear it anymore.
The black rose frowned, and walked towards the car indifferently.
But after a few steps, her frown was deep. She looked back at Yvette, walked over, picked up the unconscious Yvette, and put it into the car.
At this time, the phone came.
“Hey, black rose, should you be here?” This is the urging sound in the phone.
“Not going today.”
“But you just said…”
“I said, I won’t go today, tomorrow!!” Black Rose said coldly.
“Okay, okay, you can come whenever you want, waiting for you…” People here are a little scared, hang up the phone in a hurry, and dare not urge them anymore.
Black Rose drove Yvette back.
Yvette was injected with a painkiller, and then Yvette took a bullet and bandaged it.
Yvette continued to be in a coma, and all fell asleep, lying motionless.
Black Rose stared at Yvette for a few seconds, “I don’t know how you take care of women,”
She went out and found Chuck’s number. She stared at the number for a few seconds. This number was the person who sent her photo last time! !
This person read his picture, although it has been deleted, but!
The black rose was in pain, he had never seen it before, and he actually saw it…
After the black rose finally got tangled, it still passed.
She has her own business, and she doesn’t have much time to take care of her. She must let Chuck pick Yvette away. She doesn’t like taking care of people. She has made an exception today.
After all, the current rules of Black Rose are not good for anyone.
An exception today, and never again!

Chuck is already at the place with his mother.
“Cer, inside,” Karen li said.
Chuck has got off the bus, and the mother said on the road, this gathering is the Chamber of Commerce, mainly because Karen li wants Chuck to get to know some merchants in the United States and how they do business.
After all, the sole heir to Karen li’s huge business empire is Chuck.
She had to train Chuck.
First of all, Chuck was not in contact with top businessmen or ordinary businessmen. Karen li rarely participated in this kind of party, but for Chuck’s future, she still had to attend that one time.
“Mother, I have to follow you today.” Chuck whispered.
“Why?” Karen li was stunned. Shouldn’t Chuck play by himself?
“I can’t speak English.” Chuck was not confident.
Studying is too bad, too lazy to learn, in China, Yvette, Chuck did not learn.
“Ah, you must be lazy in reading! This is wrong. Hurry up and learn? Do you have to sit down and learn the language of at least ten countries!” Karen li said seriously.
When Karen li was studying, everything was the first, every time, no matter what, it was the first.
Chuck did not inherit this gene.
Lazy, don’t want to learn.
“Ah? Ten countries?” Chuck was stunned, this is to learn to die?
“Yes, must you understand? I tell you, I bought a few small countries. Are you the king of that country? You don’t understand your own language? How can you do it?” Karen li simply said It must be learned.
Chuck was stunned, “Mom, am I a prince.”
“You are not a prince, there is no prince now,” Karen li said with a smile.
“Oh, can I find an interpreter to follow along?” Chuck discussed.
“No! Obedient, there is no harm in learning a little more. You have to live old and learn old,”
“Mom, I’m not as smart as you,” Chuck was frustrated.
“Stupid boy, what is clever. Hard work is the most important thing, you know?” Karen li said with a smile.
Karen li can do it by himself now, but he can’t reach this level if he is smart. How many years has it been?
“Well, I know,” Chuck nodded. This study had to be obedient.
“Go, follow me today, I will translate for you,” Karen li took Chuck in. How good is her English?
Inside is the lobby of a hotel, many people are in suits and ties. This is indeed a big party, but Karen li’s cell phone rang, she took it out to see, she said, “Cer , I answered the phone, there is food there, you are hungry to eat something, you drive today, don’t drink,”
“I know,” Chuck walked past.
Karen li came to a point and answered the phone. That’s right, Zhang Qing’s father Zhang Qingyang.
“Aren’t you going to see Ce’er? He just said that he wants to see you,” Karen li said Chuck’s idea.
“I’ve encountered something. You can give me some money over there.”
“Well, don’t you have a card in my hand? There are three thousand in it…”
“not enough.”
“Well, I’ll transfer it to you immediately,”
“That’s hanging.”,
“What are you doing? Where?” Karen li sighed, but Chuck came, this is his son.
“You never asked, why did you ask today?” The voice was strange.
“Well, don’t ask, I’ll transfer it to you immediately, bye,” Karen li hung up the phone, she sighed,
“Qingyang, don’t you have any questions?”

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