My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 542

Jiang Family!
Yvette’s cousin was lying on the hospital bed. He was angry. Last time Yvette ran away. He was angry! !
Yvette’s ruthlessness, he saw it.
It is absolutely impossible to keep Yvette alive!
Otherwise, this is a scourge! Time bombs that can appear at any time.
“Sen’er, the few members of the family guards could have killed Yvette’s cheap woman, but a man suddenly appeared on the way,” she was helpless!
When the captain came back, he was still afraid, saying that he met a particularly dangerous person and killed many people with one shot.
When he said it, he was very frightened, as if he had just walked away from the ghost gate.
After she heard it, she was also surprised. You know, the members of her family’s escort team were all carefully selected. How could they be shot one at a time? ?
She wanted to talk to her son yesterday, but he had been in a coma for a few days, and just woke up just now, saying this, her son was furious!
“I don’t care! I don’t care! Mom, you tell someone to kill that slut now, I want to see her die!”
Cousin Yvette was angry!
This is humiliation. My ears are rotten and my gun is lame. How can I become a lame if I am so handsome? ?
This is something he cannot tolerate!
All this was caused by Yvette. She made herself disgraced in front of her family and in front of the family guard, everything was her!
He wants to see Yvette die now!
“But she has run away,” his mother was helpless.
She was looking for Yvette for a few days, but she did not find it. She also wanted to kill Yvette to get rid of her troubles.
“I don’t care, I don’t care! I just see her die! Die!!!” His face was all grim, and the hate in his heart had arrived.
“Okay, don’t worry, Mom will do it. You can rest for a while, I will find someone from the killer organization to assassinate her,” she certainly knows the relationship between Yvette and Chuck!
Of course, knowing the relationship between Yvette and Karen li, she doesn’t think Karen li will protect the enemy.
“Okay, Mom, I’ll wait for you, no matter how much it costs, I will let her die!”
“Okay, sleep peacefully, but what happened between Yvette and Karen li? Do you know?” She said it just in case.
After all, she has been in the United States, knowing that Karen li is powerful, otherwise Grandpa Yvette will not make such a move.
“Mom, you think about it for a long time, you don’t think that the person who helped Yvette escape is Karen li? How is this possible!” Yvette’s cousin shook his head, even mocking, this is impossible!
“If Karen li really shot, then a few of them could not come back alive,” she said in the simplest analysis.
She clearly knows Karen li’s strength. These are the members of the family guards, and it is impossible to resist!
As long as Karen li shot, then those few people are sure, 100% must be all dead! !
“What do you want to say, mom?”
“Karen li’s son Chuck doesn’t like Yvette!? According to Karen li’s personality, will Yvette be protected?” This is something she must consider now. At the very least, Jiang Yi at home Nan’s grandpa is dead.
It has already caused the family to plummet, not to mention that she and her son have seized the property, and for this, some people have died in the family.
This loss is considered to be very large, and it can only remain incognito, and is not qualified to dangle in front of Karen li.
“No, how could it be! The kind of person like Karen li is so cruel, how can she let someone who threatens her continue? Yvette is sure that Yvette will die earlier.”
“Well, as you say, it should be,” she nodded, relieved.
“Son, after Yvette’s death, our family will leave the country!” She was after careful consideration.
You can never be exposed in front of Karen li!
“go away??”
“Yes, leave, you must leave! We don’t have the strength and Karen li fighting now. Anyway, everything in our home is ours. We are looking for a place to continue the family! Isn’t it better?”
Yvette’s cousin was angry, but there was no way. He still wanted to hit Chuck’s face, but now that he is already a lame, how can he fight Chuck? ?
“Well, I’m shit,”
“Yeah, we can’t deal with people like Karen li in the future, we can deal with his son, catch his son, and threaten her, she is so baby son, let her kneel and kowtow, haha!” She had a little fantasy Excited, if Karen li knelt and knelt to himself, then what an interesting thing!
“Yes, grab that Chuck and let him…”
Before he finished, someone ran in and was the captain of the family guard. He was shocked!
“What did you panic?? Are you scared and stupid a few days ago?” she said angrily.
Wen Wen, she is now the head of the Jiang family, and most people who see her family’s guards are so panic, what is the system?
“No, someone from outside is here,” the captain was shocked.
The neighborhood has been blocked, and there are special professional helicopters in the sky? !
This helicopter is nothing, but such a generous one is not something that ordinary people can do?
“Come here, who is coming!” Wen Wen sneered.
All the fuss, she wondered if she should fire the captain? So garbage?
“I don’t know, but the captain said in shock.
At this time, the sound of the helicopter in the sky roared, deafening! !
“Huh, is it amazing? You haven’t solved it yet?” Wen Wen said coldly.
The annual cost of his family guard is hundreds of millions of dollars. Is this helicopter not in his own home? ?
“But they are very professional.” The captain sweated.
He was a mercenary, and as soon as the helicopter appeared, he saw from the formation of the plane that this team, with its specialty, was the same as the US Army! terror!
What does this stand for? Those who represent themselves cannot be opponents at all! !
Wen Wen slapped the captain’s face with a slap. “Kill me down! If you don’t, I will kill you!!”
“Yes!” The captain was irritated, but there was no fire.
He ran out.
Wen Wen looked at his son, “It’s okay, sleep peacefully, it’s just some troubles! I will call the people of the killer organization and spend 100 million dollars to kill Yvette!”
“When I kill, I want to see her die!!”
Wen Wen’s words haven’t been finished yet, there is a huge noise outside, this is a fierce battle.
But the whole voice lasted less than a minute, and the captain ran in again in fear!
He was horrified! !
Sure enough, as he thought, this helicopter team is so powerful that his own people are not opponents at all!
He was even a little scared.
“Boss, let’s go quickly, people are too powerful.” The captain said trembling.
Black Rose scared him last time, and today the fear has increased!
Snapped! !
Wen Wen slaps in annoyance. “What’s the use of the old lady in raising you? Who’s coming?
Who’s coming?”
I don’t have any hatred for myself, why did I come suddenly at this time?
“I saw it in a car. The person who came was the woman from the last time,” the captain was unbelievable. After seeing Yvette, he thought he had seen the ghost, but it was not.
“Last woman? Who?” Wen Wen asked doubtfully.
“Is it Yvette?” Yvette’s cousin got up from the hospital bed with a look of anger!
How can she call so many people?
“Yes, it’s her. What should we do now? She called too many people,” the captain said anxiously.
I can’t bear it now!
“Mom, that bitch! Actually!”
Wen Wen was shocked, “Will Karen li really help? Hurry, prepare the helicopter, let’s go!”
She had to leave, she could hear how big the movement was outside, and she was completely defeated.
The captain wanted to run long ago, and immediately ran out to prepare.
“Mom, I’m going to let her die, let her die!!!” Yvette’s cousin was painful.
“It’s okay, let her go this time, we will come to Japan and let her die…” Wen Wen comforted her son, she was also in pain, this is to escape?
“Come to Japan? You don’t have this opportunity anymore,” Chuck’s voice suddenly came in.

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