My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 543

Chuck walked in, with Yvette and Betty beside him! !
The people brought by Betty are all elite troops, all with a strength of one to ten and one to one hundred. This speed is considered slow.
“who are you?”
Wen Wen stared at the incoming Chuck, and her eyes were about to emit a monstrous cold light.
Of course she had never seen Chuck, but she had seen Yvette and Betty who came in next!
She was shocked!
Yvette’s cousin sat paralyzed on the ground, what? Yvette? Chuck, actually here?
Fear spread in his heart!
He wants to kill Yvette! However, she actually came to the door, and still this menacing, he felt fear…
Chuck’s eyes are cold, these two people must die today! Actually, Yvette was injured like that!
Wen Wen’s face turned pale all at once. ?
“you guys……”
Wen Wen stared at Yvette, and suddenly said, “Yvette, what are you doing? You just say what you want, you forget, I am still your relative, your father is me…”
“You still have a face to mention?” Yvette was angry.
When she went to Huagang before, she was hit by her cousin in that way. She knew that without love, these people were not their own loved ones.
My relatives only have mothers and Chuck.
“Yvette, don’t do that. Bring so many people over here, what can I do for you?” Wen Wen said with fear.
Calmness has returned outside, indicating that the members of his family’s guards have been completely wiped out!
What does this mean? In his own family, there are only two of him and his son.
Fear spread in her heart.
Betty took out a document and gave it to Yvette.
Betty is proficient in these, Yvette bowed his head and walked to Wen Wen, “signed the sign.”
“Mom, mom.” Yvette’s cousin was afraid, because there were no people outside. His legs could not go now, which meant he had to wait for death!
How can he die if he is so young, so handsome, so rich? ?
“Will you let us go after signing?” Wen Wen shivered.
She has seen a lot of indifferent eyes from outside.
“Yvette, we are relatives. Don’t kill us, please.” Wen Wen pleaded, she didn’t want to die yet.
Her husband had just died, she was still looking for a new man, she was finally relieved, how could this be? ?
“Sign, this is my thing! Give it back to me!” Yvette stared at the two of them.
“Cousin, I am your cousin, did you forget? I am…” Her cousin begged to come over.
Yvette was expressionless.
“Cousin, I said I was not good. I shouldn’t do it to you. I should die, I should die.” He cried. This is the fear of death, which has crushed him.
If he can still run, he may resist, but his legs are broken, how to run? ?
“Damn you?” Yvette asked.
“Yes, I’m damn, I’m damn, you let me go, I already…” He begged howling.
“You all say damn, then I must fulfill you!” Yvette stared at him.
“Ah, don’t!” He didn’t have any blood on his face.
“Sister Li,” Chuck was indifferent.
Betty was so impressed that he took out his gun and pulled the trigger! ! boom!
Yvette’s cousin was shot by a bullet and screamed in the pool of blood. He only knew when he was dying that Yvette could not offend him.
Wen Wen was in fear, screaming for collapse, and his son was dead.
“I don’t sign, not sign!” Wen Wen shook her head in fear, her blood-red eyes filled with hatred!
Yvette’s eyes were cruel, Betty said, “I will handle it, she will sign it,”
Yvette nodded.
Betty did not hesitate to pull the trigger! boom!
The bullet hit Wen Wen’s thigh, “Ah, no, it hurts, it hurts, I sign, I sign…”
She begged howling, and her face was pale.
The document arrived in front of her, and she tremblely signed and shed tears, “Yvette, please let me go, everything is yours, I still hugged you when I was a child, I am you…”
“You still know?”
“I know, I’m sorry for you, am I…” boom!
The bullet hit her eyebrows, and her fearful face was frozen.
Falling in the pool of blood like her son.
Yvette was silent. She didn’t bear it, but felt…
“Master, Yvette, you go to the car to wait, I’ll deal with it.” Betty called someone over.
“Wife, let’s go out,” Chuck said.
The two went out, and Betty looked at the body on the ground, “Handle it! There is also a call to restore this place to its original state!”
This place is now Yvette’s.
Many people seem.
In the telescope, big blue eyes saw Chuck and Yvette come out safely, she was relieved, but continued to look at it from afar.
The next Yvette started to deal with the affairs of his own family and started to take over everything. Of course Chuck always accompanied him.
There are black roses in the distance.
In addition to sleeping, and the necessary time, she is watching Chuck’s every move.
Now that Karen li has been promised, she will handle this matter well.
“What is this guy thinking about every day?”
The big black eyes of the black rose came out of the telescope. In the office during the day, the three views of the black rose were refreshed.
During this time, she had seen it several times, and that Yvette was so obedient.
She stopped watching, and she was not a helmet mad.
In the same place, in a dark corner, some people are secretly monitoring, mainly staring at Chuck’s every move, this is a man…
The Black Rose was hungry and ate a burger, just taking a bite.
But her sensitivity found something wrong, she moved the telescope to see where someone might be hiding, and suddenly, she saw a reflective place.
She put down the burger.
I stared at this place for a while and determined that Chuck should also be monitored.
She immediately moved quietly to this place. The strength of the first killer made her quiet, and the speed was amazing. When she arrived at this place soon, she saw a man holding a telescope.
She frowned, what is the situation?
Who is eyeing Chuck?
This man is very clever. If it wasn’t for Black Rose, she wouldn’t see it if she saw Chuck’s picture, otherwise she wouldn’t find it.
She took out the silencer and pointed at the man. Suddenly, the man took out his mobile phone and called someone, “Hey, you want Chuck, I have monitored it, um… right to tie him? But he There are too many people around, this is not easy to deal with… what? It’s not a question of money… OK, I will deal with me… Ah!”
He said, and suddenly felt a cold muzzle in the back of his head.
He dared not move, and a cold sweat came out of his forehead. “Who are you?”
Black Rose ignored him and took her cell phone and put it next to her ear. listen.
There was only one breathing sound inside, and the other voices were gone.
“What do you want to do?” Black Rose said coldly!
“Hehe!” This is a man’s voice, with a particularly light smile, “She, she really has a set…” beep!
The phone hung up.
Black Rose frowned, and she couldn’t hear who it was, nor had she heard this voice.
But with this faint smile, she felt a little dignified!
This is not a messy person.
“Say, who is he?” the black rose asked!
“I don’t know.” The man sweated all over.
“What are you doing?”
“Tie him.”
“Blackmail?” Black Rose suspected that the man’s voice was so soft just now, how could he do blackmail? Also blackmail Karen li? This is too abnormal!
“I don’t know, this person just asked me to do this. You are also a killer, right? Can I see you?”
The man shuddered. When he reacted just now, no, there was no time to respond!
The black rose pulled the trigger, the man screamed and collapsed and bleed on the ground.
She stared at the monitored Chuck and took out her mobile phone to call Karen li.
“Hey, how is it? The strategy is going well!” Karen li never thought of monitoring Chuck, so she didn’t plan to ask others.
“Chuck was monitored by others.” Black Rose said directly.
“Other people? Who?”
“A man said he would tie Chuck,” Black Rose felt this was a bit abnormal, shouldn’t he be the overlord? She has seen it, not the voice of the man just now!

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