My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 544

Black Rose is definitely not the voice of Li Overlord, so who else will tie Chuck?
Ignore me!
Many people in Mi Guo don’t know that Chuck’s mother is Li Qing, that is, Chuck doesn’t have so much money, how can she kidnap Chuck for extortion?
Besides, some people know that Chuck is the son of Karen li, so few people have the courage to do so? ? ?
“What kind of man?” Karen li asked here.
“I have asked the person who is monitoring. I didn’t ask what I killed him. He was calling someone at the time. I answered the phone. A man inside said indifferently that she really had a set…this Man, you should know, but definitely not the overlord Li! I can be sure of this.” Black Rose said.
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“Isn’t it Overlord Li??…I really have a suit?” Karen li is working here. She stood up and stared out the window. This saying is that she had found a secret protection for Chuck in advance. bodyguard?
“Yes, this person said so.”
“Okay, I know, black rose, you did a great job.”
“Yes, what should I do now?” Black Rose asked. This should not be so simple. Anyway, when Black Rose answered the phone, the tone she heard from the man’s mouth made her sweaty. feel.
This person is definitely not an ordinary person.
It may be a man comparable to Karen li, or even black roses have this feeling.
“You have to be careful first, if you can say that, my son will be monitored separately, but before the monitoring, the man may deal with you first,” Karen li said in a deep voice.
Now that this person has started, he will at all costs!
“I know,”
The phone hung up, and Black Rose looked at the corpse on the ground. She took a bottle of water from her pocket and dropped it on the corpse. Slowly, the corpse burst into bubbles, as if it was corroded. This is Strong acid…
Black Rose returned to his “work position”, continued to stare at Chuck with his telescope, and continued to eat the burger he had not finished.
Karen li was uneasy in the office, not other things, but…
She feels uncomfortable, sitting upset and emotionally depressed.
She took out her mobile phone, looked at it for a while, flipped out a person’s number, sighed, and dialed it.
The phone rang for a few seconds and someone answered it.
“Quiet,” This is a gentle voice. In this world, there are only a few people who can call it that way. Chuck’s father, Zhang Qingyang, can.
“Well, Qingyang, you, do you have enough money?” Karen li asked softly.
“Then when will you come back? It has been a few days since Ceer, you…”
“Okay, don’t worry, you are busy with me. I put some money on your card. Can you tell me if it’s not enough?”
When the phone hung up, Karen li looked at the phone number on her mobile phone. She was silent, and she didn’t know when to start.
Karen li is not the kind of person who likes romance. She likes simplicity, but she is still a woman and needs a little care, even a little.
However, it has been gone for a long time recently. Karen li feels that she has already done a good job. Hasn’t she been married for too long without feeling?
Karen li does not have this.
She thinks that every time she sees Zhang Qingyang, she feels the first love. I don’t know what it feels like when Zhang Qingyang sees herself? Or has it…because the time is too long, don’t feel it? ?
Think about it, it’s been a long time since I’ve been married for 20 years, but Karen li believes that time will make feelings deeper and deeper, and she is like that.
“Ching Yang, have you changed? You can change, I can understand it, but don’t do anything that hurts Ceer, don’t do that, he is also your son, what is good for me…” Li Sigh quietly.
Looking at the number, Karen li was silent…
Unable to express the current mood, is low, unable to understand, do you feel wrong? You…what did you do wrong?
As a wife, Karen li feels that she has done it, that is, as a mother, she owes Chuck, so she is making up now.
When she was not at home, there was a knock on the door, and she didn’t hear it until Betty opened the door in doubt and saw Karen li standing there. She walked over and had a cup of coffee in her hand, “Mr. Li, what’s wrong with you? ??”
It is rare to see Karen li like this, because usually Karen li is full of energy.
“Mr. Li,” Betty called again.
“Ah? It’s Betty, uh, is there something wrong?” Karen li recovered and accepted the coffee and took a sip. It still had the same taste as before, but why is it so bitter today? !
“Someone in the Ok family is dead,” Betty received the notice.
According to the traces of the scene, it was the professional killer, and Betty came over because this spear pointed at Karen li.
“Who is dead?” Karen li put down the coffee.
“The person you had conflicts with President Li before.” Betty said.
This Ouke family is a particularly handsome middle-aged man, full of masculinity. Once he met Karen li, he knew that Karen li was married, but he pursued it.
Karen li certainly wasn’t willing to keep the distance immediately, but what threatening action did the man make? Who is Karen li?
This was intolerable, and he was abandoned on the spot.
Karen li’s eyes gleamed, “Oh, I understand what you mean. Now people in the Ok family think that I killed him, right?”
“Now rumors are flying, this is someone who pointed this spearhead at you on purpose,” Betty said, and this bright-eyed person could see it at a glance.
Not to mention her field-hardened person.
Karen li walked back and forth, and Betty continued, “This Ouke family, whether it was done by you or not, public opinion will let them point the finger at you…”
“Really?” Karen li smiled.
“So what do you mean?” Betty asked.
The Ok family is one of the largest families in the world and one of the four largest families. The family that can compare with each other is the three other families including the Li family. This family is crazy.
Revenge, it is like a row of mountains.
“Me?” Karen li’s eyes were faint.
“Someone wants to take advantage of the fisherman,” Betty analyzed. This must be the case, otherwise how could he point the finger at Karen li?
“What else did you analyze and continue,” Karen li said.
“I think that this person who wants to take advantage of the fisherman will be the overlord of Li!
Eighteen out of nine! The overlord Li wants to take over everything from President Li. In other words, the Li family finally started to deal with President Li.” cold.
She has been with Karen li for so long, and she knows how much Karen li has contributed to the Li family. This can be seen when Karen li was kicked out, and the Li family’s strength has shrunk a lot.
Karen li did a good job to the Li family, but the Li family did not know how to be grateful and actually did such a thing.
Intentionally provoking contradictions to make the Ouke family and Karen li flip their faces, this is shamelessly done!
Betty became more and more angry! !
“I know that they have dealt with me since I left the Li family. You have always known,” Karen li clearly remembered, what was the face of the family members when he was kicked out that day.
Actually let her hand over all the family property, these are left to Chuck by Karen li, she will definitely not take it out.
“However, the Li family does not have the strength to annex me now. Who should he find to cooperate with?” Who is Karen li?
Being able to do so in just over twenty years, her cleverness, as long as she analyzes carefully, then what can escape her eyes? ?
“Who are you looking for?”
“This is simple. I always knew that Li Overlord and the other family were very close. To deal with me, they just hit it off. What’s wrong with this?”
Karen li has always been aware of this matter, how could she not pay attention to Li Overlord?
Betty was exasperated, “They are embarrassed!”
After Karen li was silent, she suddenly sighed. “Why do I have to do this? I left the Li family, and everyone can meet later, why must I turn my face?”

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