My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 545

Karen li is a nostalgic person. Even if she was kicked out that day, she never thought of retaliating against the Li family!
As for the Li overlord, she really has nothing to say, but Li Shidao, the son of Li overlord, first dealt with Chuck, almost killed Chuck, then killed, this is Li Shidao’s blame! !
“So what are you going to do, President Li?” Betty asked.
The Oak family is still very powerful. The key is that this family has a technology company, but it is not like Karen li, who studies the latest metals, recent technology and the like.
What are they studying? It is human serum.
It is to push the limits of people!
Turn people into killing machines!
But Karen li got the news. This serum is actually a paralytic poison that corrodes people’s pain and makes people feel painless. So is it not a machine?
Karen li hasn’t dealt with such a person before. He doesn’t know what it looks like if he doesn’t feel pain.
I just know that people have no pain, so the life span will be very short!
“This family heard that a new serum has been developed recently, but dozens of people died when it came out. This kind of thing is not very easy to deal with,” Karen li thought about this.
She was able to fly a person with one punch, but the person was beaten, and it seemed to be up again as if it was okay. One was okay, but if there were ten at the same time, dozens?
Just like being in a war of attrition, a normal person like Karen li will still be exhausted after all, which is dangerous.
Although, this kind of thing, the Ok family will not come out until the end, but it is still a huge hidden danger.
This is something that Karen li has to consider. Compared to money and strength, she will not lose anyone, any family, but in the face of this kind of thing, she still has to be cautious.
“Do you want me to clarify?” Betty asked.
This clarification should be the simplest solution now.
“It’s useless to clarify. The Ok family is dead. Why didn’t they seize this opportunity and deal with me justly?” Karen li said.
Betty was stunned. “They…”
“The four big families have always wanted to annex me. This is not a day or two, he…”
When Karen li was talking, her cell phone rang, and she took it out to see that it was the boss behind the scene. She shook her head helplessly.
“Am I doing this beautifully?” the boss behind the scene smiled.
She specifically called to come and ask about it.
Karen li has suspected that Li Overlord let the behind-the-scenes boss send the killer to do it, she knows it too well.
“No, why are you not angry?” The boss behind the scene was a little upset. She specifically told Karen li that she wanted to laugh at her.
“What am I doing angrily? The contradiction between the four big families and me is not one day or two. You helped me pierce it directly. I have to thank you,” Karen li said.
She turned her face when she turned her face. Karen li was not afraid of anyone.
“You! Do you hate to know? Li Ba mainly dealt with you, and paid a large price to let me kill you, you know, I will not agree, I like to see you ugly, … I like to laugh at you.”
“Got it, would you like to have dinner?”
“Then I invite you to the club?”
Karen li is speechless, this woman. “I still have things to do, thank you for telling me this.”
The phone hung up.
Karen li closed the phone, “I’m going to Li’s house immediately!”
“Go to Li’s house!” Betty was stunned. Is this a direct showdown? ?
When she nodded, the phone rang again, actually Chuck.
She answered with a smile, “Cher…”
“Mother, I passed the door of Li’s house just now. I was thinking about going in to meet my grandfather.” Chuck said, he had just drove past Li’s.
This is my mother’s hometown, Chuck certainly wants to go in and see!
“Don’t, don’t go in.” Karen li said hurriedly, the face of the Li family would make Chuck hurt.
Not to mention that Li Hegemon is still inside!
“Well, mom, I listen to you,” Chuck called to ask Karen li for his opinion.
“Obey, I will take you in. You can take Yvette back and forth.”
“Well, mom, I listen to you,”
When the phone hung up, Li Qing was relieved.
“Mr. Li, you still have to tell Master this matter.” Betty said.
Let Chuck know what his Li family looks like, which is not a bad thing for Chuck!
You can also let Chuck dike the Li family in advance.
“I, find a chance to say it,” Karen li was helpless.
She was ready to go out, but Betty received the call, and after a few seconds, she looked ugly.
Karen li asked indifferently, “Is the Ouke family coming here?”
“Well, I was angry, and said I would like to see you.” Betty was very annoyed. Sure enough, these people were really right with Karen li.
“See, I’m not a shame,” Karen li doesn’t matter.
“Then I will arrange it immediately!” Betty went out.
But a cold voice came in from the outside, “Arrangement? I’m useless! It’s here!”
The door of Karen li’s office was pushed open by a tall man.
This man is nearly two meters tall, with a huge chunk, full of beast-like muscles, and a strong sense of oppression!
Karen li is one meter and seven two, and he looks weak in front of him.
The man brought in ten people, all of which were of such a big size.
When you come in, you feel the same as if you were there.
This is a steward of the Oak family!
The Ok family actually asked the housekeeper to come to Karen li, who was underestimating Karen li.
Betty was annoyed.
“Sit.” Karen li looked indifferent.
There was a security guard rushing outside, all angry, “Mr. Li, they…”
“It’s okay. If you were injured today, go to the finance department to get $50,000, and then go to rest for three days,” Karen li said.
The security guard exited and the door closed.
“Sit,” Karen li said again.
“Karen li is so brave, you actually killed our nine young masters!” This strong butler stared at Karen li.
The way he gritted his teeth, it seemed as if he was going to eat Karen li.
When he came, the head of the Oak family had already spoken.
How could the Oak family not see such a thing? ?
On the one hand, they started to find out who did it. On the other hand, they were really right, just like Karen li. Everyone was dead. Then they took the opportunity to deal with Karen li.
Karen li will definitely refute, this housekeeper has already figured out how to let Karen li admit it!
Huh, how would she quibble, how to refute that she did not do it? ?
“Yes, it was me who killed, what about?” Karen li said lightly.
The housekeeper was stunned and froze for a while. What did she say?
She actually admitted that she did it herself?
Did you get it right? No, she did say so!
The butler was speechless. Karen li was suspicious of this sentence by Karen li. Did Karen li really do it?
But didn’t the people in the family analyze it at the time?
Why did she admit it?
“What are you talking about?” The strong butler held back for a long time and said such a word.
“I said, I did it, how?” Karen li said lightly.
Betty is expressionless, Karen li is faced with this kind of indifferent way of dealing with anything. She is used to it. Under the influence of Karen li, she has encountered things, no fuss!
“Then you are ready to bear the crazy revenge of the Ok family!!” the butler said angrily.
Karen li’s words have already made him stunned. He doesn’t know what to say next, and he can only leave with harsh words.
“Want to leave, I agree with you?” Karen li stood up.
The housekeeper frowned, “Do you still want to keep me??”
But he brought ten people over. These ten people were not ordinary people. They were all people who started to get serum injection and the pain was about to disappear.
No matter how powerful Karen li is, it is impossible to leave himself!
Otherwise, he will not come here.
“Tell the Ouke family that he turned his face a little more thoroughly. He took advantage of this opportunity to deal with me, so why didn’t I take advantage of this opportunity to deal with him?
I think he is very upset,” Karen li said.
“You!” The housekeeper was angry, Karen li actually wanted to take this opportunity to deal with the Ok family? Does Karen li have this strength? You are just a dog who has just been kicked out of the Li family! !

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