My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 546

You are a funeral dog, are you eligible to fight against our Ok family? “The butler laughed.
Karen li has recently risen in the United States. As the Oak family is one of the four largest families in the world, how could they not pay attention to Karen li? ?
Even Karen li was kicked out by the Li family before, they all knew the news instantly.
Such a person, still want to seize this opportunity to deal with the Oak family?
This is simply wishful thinking!
Betty’s eyes are cold, as long as Karen li speaks, she will immediately rush up! regardless of costs!
Because this is an insult!
Karen li is so good to her, she can’t stand it!
“If you have qualifications, you will know.” Karen li said, and came over.
One meter seven two, plus high heels are also one meter eight, in front of this strong man, it still looks so weak.
But her aura opened, and the housekeeper frowned, “I will bring it.”
“I suddenly changed my mind. I said it myself, and I turned it over completely. Then, you few, why should I let you leave?” Karen li said lightly.
“Haha, you still want to…! You!” The butler was angry!
Because Betty has pulled out a gun.
“With a gun? You?” The butler sneered.
Betty didn’t say a word, but she didn’t want to fight with them.
They are all machines, what’s the deal?
“You are not qualified to let me shoot, you are not clear!” Karen li said.
This man is tall and strong, but for a person with a heavy punch like Karen li, it is still not enough to look at! !
“You just hit it, then the person who hurt me is five times better, Betty, give each of them five shots! Don’t kill them, let them talk!” Karen li said.
Betty pulled the trigger in an instant, and the bullet crackled out.
Betty’s shooting speed was super fast. Eleven people were shot in less than five seconds. Then Betty made up the gun. This office is all howling.
“Tell people to carry them out and send them back.”
“Yes, fifty people come in!” Betty called someone on the intercom.
Soon, many well-trained people came in, carried these people out, and cleaned up the scene! !
Now it was completely torn.
At the same time, Overlord Li paid close attention to this matter.
From the people of the Ok family, he went out to Karen li’s place, he was paying attention, but when he saw the people of the Ok family, he was shocked!
What did Karen li do? !
Actually turned so straight?
Overlord Li is angry, “She, did Karen li take this opportunity and let Karen li start to deal with the Oak family? Well, I see how capable you are. When you and the Oak family lose both sides, I will The fisherman profited out to clean up the mess. You will definitely be surprised by then!
The overlord Li laughed, full of sinister!
Karen li must die, Chuck must die!

A white-haired old man patted the table in exasperation, “What? Karen li actually treated my steward so much?”
This is an insult to him!
“Yes, Karen li let people fire five shots on each of them, all avoiding the key points, but…” Some people reported that they did not dare to say anything.
“But what?” The old man with white hair was frightened!
“But they were all crippled and stood up all their lives,” the man was shocked when he saw the eleven people being sent over.
“Why?” The white-haired old man was furious!
“Grandpa, Karen li was so daring to tear his face with our Ok family, she is so brave! Isn’t it a bereavement dog? I really don’t know how much she weighed herself? After leaving the Li family, she has everything No, it was a spicy chicken who was kicked out, a wild dog!!!” a blond man said tauntingly.
Originally, the Ouke family simply used this opportunity to deal with Karen li, but did not expect to be defeated by Karen li.
This is not tolerated by the Ok family!
Does Karen li want the dog to jump off the wall? ?
“Well, since that’s the case, then we don’t have to be polite and start to deal with Karen li in full!
I want her to regret today’s events!!” said the white-haired old man in exasperation.
Karen li, my Ouke family can survive on Earth for so many years, not your chased out dog can deal with it! you will regret!
“Yes, Grandpa!”
“it is good!”
The people of the Ok family are uplifted. If Karen li is annexed, then the other three families are not a problem!

Three days later!
Black Rose continued to look at Chuck with a telescope.
She frowned suddenly and stopped looking.
“What’s this guy thinking? Those are in my head all day?” Black Rose said to herself coldly.
What Chuck is doing is obvious.
These three days, she sees every day, she is too lazy to go to see, but not a voyeur.
She took out a burger for lunch.
She follows Chuck every day and determines Chuck’s safety, so that she has no time to eat anything else. When she wakes up in the morning, she buys three burgers as a day’s food.
She is used to it. Although she does not look at Chuck when she eats, she also looks at other places habitually.
She glanced around, with no results, but her sixth sense suddenly felt a little wrong.
Karen li said that, let her be more careful. Be careful of that person, you may deal with yourself first.
Black Rose moved his body instantly, bang! A hot bullet hit the black rose’s body.
Black Rose’s pale face looked for a place to cover.
Who is this? Can you find your place? ?
Black Rose looked away. If he didn’t pay attention to it, would he kill himself with a single shot? ?
Black Rose has such a little heart palpitations!
Sure enough, the person on the phone last time was really able to make myself sweat. This time I found such a powerful person to come over, solve myself first, and then continue to kidnap Chuck? ?
Black Rose immediately led the person out. She took out a mirror and stretched it out. The mirror was broken. Black Rose’s assassination experience told her that she found the person’s position? !
Pull the trigger and shoot the bullet! boom!
There was no hit, but this person was temporarily unable to shoot. Black Rose quickly injected himself with painkillers, and then took out his mobile phone to call Chuck.
More than ten seconds later, Chuckcai answered in doubt. He was a little bit dumbfounded. What did Black Rose call himself? ?
“Now find a place to hide now and call your mother Karen li!”
Black Rose must do this, this is a master, and successfully attacked himself.
It may be that he killed himself and then caught Chuck!
It doesn’t matter if you die, but you must do it yourself if you promise Karen li.
“What’s going on?” Chucklai was stunned.
The black rose was inexplicably called.
“Did you make the wrong call?” Chuck asked again.
“Hurry up and find a place to hide, don’t run out!” Black Rose hung up!
It’s too dangerous to go out, this hidden killer may first make Chuck lose his power.
“Husband, what’s wrong?” Yvette came out of the toilet.
This is the office of a company in her Jiang family. Chuck thought just now that Yvette couldn’t refuse it.
“Black Rose called me and told me to hide.” Chuck was serious. He was about to walk to the window. Yvette was scared and was busy pulling Chuck to squat down.
“Don’t be near the window! Someone should want to kill you and was discovered by Black Rose.” Yvette has experience, not to mention that she heard the gunshot in the moment just now! !
“Li overlord?” Chuck only tortured an enemy in the United States, and no one else.
“Maybe, let me see,” Yvette creeped to the window, staring at a place all the time, and seeing two distant places, there was fire coming out, this is a gun battle!
This is Black Rose and another person.
Who is this guy? Can it be comparable to black roses?
Chuck also crawled over and saw this.
“Husband, it should be the person who is the overlord of Li. You hide. I will get a gun.” Yvette’s eyes chilled.
“Don’t, I call my mother,” Chuck took out his phone, immediately called Karen li, and connected, “Mother, someone wants to kill me!”

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