My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 548

Black Rose’s words, Chuck was stunned, “You…”
Black Rose is so bottom line?
“My black rose says one is one and two is two!” said the black rose coldly.
Chucksi wanted to go and was right. If the killer had no bottom line, he couldn’t really be the position of the first female killer.
“Okay, I was wrong about you before,” Chuck said.
“Mistaken me?” Black Rose sneered. “Hide behind and come out again. I will treat you kindly. I promised Karen li to keep you safe, but I didn’t promise Karen li not to hit you.”
“You can’t beat me in this situation?” Chuck touched his nose.
Although he said, he is with Yvette every day, but he does not have the necessary physical exercise and fighting training! On the contrary, it increases the intensity of training!
The day before yesterday, my mother also brought two rings made of special metals. These two rings are no different from ordinary rings. They are heavy, each weighing ten catties.
He now carries one on each hand, that is to say, he has a weight of 20 pounds. His mother prevents Chuck from taking it off at any time. Let’s say that Chuck is exercising even when walking.
What’s more, Black Rose was shot at this time, how could Chuck be shot by her? ?
“Is it?” Black Rose said coldly, pointing directly at Chuck’s heart.
Chuck is speechless! Do you have a gun? ? No matter how powerful it is, can’t carry the gun?
However, my mom said last time that she was customizing her own body armor made of special metals. When you wear it, it will be much safer. As long as you don’t start, you can’t die elsewhere.
“Now?” Black Rose asked, deliberately pestering Chuck with a gun.
“You’re awesome, hard,” Chuck thumbs up.
“Have me be honest, hide, now is not your time!” Black Rose said coldly, turning his head to continue attacking the man.
However, this man had mastered the upper hand, and he was so overwhelmed that Black Rose and Yvette couldn’t breathe. Black Rose couldn’t keep up with her energy, and she was exhausting energy.
Yvette has been supporting it for a long time.
The man stared at Yvette mockingly. He pulled the trigger and made a bang!
Yvette was beaten without a chance to fight back.
This person is too powerful.
“It’s all rubbish!!” The man taunted, and Black Rose was not as powerful as the legend!
He succeeded in a sneak attack just now.
“All die to me!” The man pulled the trigger and was crazy to shoot Yvette and the seriously injured black rose.
In one place, Yvette had sweat on her forehead. She didn’t get a shot, but when the bullet hit the wall just now, the stone shot hurt her.
She couldn’t find a breakthrough.
She endured the feeling of being close to this bullet! suddenly!
A shot from one place!
Yvette was stunned, who is it?
Black Rose also heard the movement, which was shot in a new place, and she could tell it.
The phone rang, Chuck took it out to see, and immediately surprised, “Mom.”
“Ceer, hide.” The phone is Karen li’s voice.
“it is good,”
Chuck hung up, “My mother is here.”
The black rose was relieved, and finally Karen li came over. Has he persisted for so long? ?
Chuck hid and looked, and the black rose slid against the wall and gasped.
The man frowned. “And the one who is not afraid of death?”
He hadn’t finished his words yet. A bullet was almost shot and slammed. He hit him. The man was angry. But he was wearing a bulletproof jacket. Is this person so accurate?
Is it Karen li? ?
He remembered the man’s words, he immediately gnashed his teeth, and left with a gunshot wound!
At the same time, in a place where a cold muzzle was staring at him, there was actually a one second chance to shoot, but Karen li didn’t do it for a reason.
She witnessed the man leave and called Betty, “I immediately tracked where the man was, and there was a tracker on the bullet.”
This was developed by her technology company.
“Yes, I will track it immediately.” Betty immediately started tracking. There are many private satellites of Karen li in the sky of the United States. It is not difficult to track a person!
“Cer, you can come back,” Karen li closed the gun.
“Okay, mom.”
Chuck called Yvette. “Wife, are you okay?”
“It’s okay.”
“Mom said it’s okay, let’s go back.”
“Well, I will go back immediately,” Yvette sighed, dragging his tired body back.
“My mother said yes, you go back with me, my mother shows you the wounds,” Chuck looked at the pale black rose.
“I don’t need you to manage it, I’ll handle it myself,” Black Rose didn’t want to go back. No need, she could handle this gunshot wound herself.
“Don’t force yourself, let me help you,” Chuck came and hugged her.
“What are you doing? Don’t touch me!” Black Rose pointed at Chuck with a cold sweat.
Chuck said. “Then are you going to handle it yourself?”
“Yes, don’t touch me! If you touch me, I will definitely shoot! Absolutely!” Black Rose said coldly.
She was already in pain and almost dizzy, but she would not let the man touch her, absolutely not.
I have already seen the picture by this man, and let this man touch it? This is impossible!
Chuck couldn’t help it. With the look of Black Rose, she would really shoot.
Chuckke didn’t mean to die.
However, at this time, the phone rang again, still the mother’s.
“Hey, mom, I’ll be here soon.”
“Well, Black Rose is hurt?”
“Yes, she doesn’t want to come back with me,”
“Then you give her mobile phone.”
Chuck gave it, Black Rose still picked it up, and there was Karen li’s voice in it, “Come back with my son, I will handle it for you,”
“No, I can.”
“Don’t refuse, come back with him, I have something to tell you in person.”
Black Rose gave Chuck a phone call. Chuck said a few words and kept nodding, “My mom asked me to lead you over, you won’t shoot!”
Black Rose put down a gun and stood up reluctantly, but it still didn’t work. Chuck ran down and held her. Black Rose was stunned and shocked, “You let me go, I shot you with a gun. Let go!! ”
“I didn’t do anything, just take you to see my mother,” Chuck ran fast without thinking.
Black Rose stared at Chuck, yeah, she couldn’t see Karen li at all in her state. Forget it, she closed her blue eyes.
Chuck came back with the black rose, Yvette had already arrived.
Karen li saw the seriously injured black rose, and immediately took over from Chuck to deal with the black rose.
It’s all a woman. It’s nothing. The black rose is also undressed and let Karen li take out the bullet.
“You didn’t kill him? Your marksmanship? It should be possible.” Black Rose said.
“Yes, but I want to find this person, so…”
“Is there a tracker on the bullet? Has your company developed it?” The Black Rose was surprised. This is more difficult!
“Yes, my people have started tracking, and there should be results immediately.” Karen li’s eyes were tense.
What is she nervous about? She sighed.
“You did a good job this time, I have already put 30 million dollars on your card,”
“Don’t, don’t do this. Since I took this task, this is what I should do.” Black Rose is helpless. The more Karen li gives money, the more she feels that she can’t do it and can’t accept it.
Her life is hers, can you accept money?
“No, it shouldn’t,” Karen li wound the black rose.
“You have a good rest.” Karen li said.
“No, since you can locate this place, then I will go with you,” said Black Rose.
“No. I won’t take anyone with me. I’ll do it alone,” Karen li looked outside, and she felt very heavy. how to say? She has a skeptical person in her heart. She doesn’t want to think about this person.
If it is true, she doesn’t know what to do!
So he faced it himself.
“Well,” Black Rose knew Karen li said, then there was no politeness, so there was no need to force yourself.
“Well, take a good rest. My son may be very dangerous recently. I have turned my face with the Ok family,” Karen li said.
“You?” Black Rose was shocked. “But your strength should be no problem against the Ok family.”
“This is not easy to say.” Karen li shook her head. At this time, Betty’s mobile phone came over, and she answered, “Mr. Li, it has been located!”

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