My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 55

Yolanda noticed the look in Chuck’s eyes and was a little surprised.
“Are you free tonight?” Chuck asked.
“Yes…” Yolanda nodded subconsciously.
“Well, you can have it then,” Chuck said.
Yolanda’s elegance was otherworldly and her figure was slim and tall. Chuck had never seen a gown like this before but he also knew that this gown could only be worn by someone with a good figure. To pull it off, she must have an ample bosom and a nicely shaped behind. Yolanda’s figure met these requirements, and it was up to her to agree to his invitation now.
Yolanda was surprised by his words. She looked at the dress and hesitated. To be honest she liked it very much, but….
“We’re just going to have a meal and we will be back after the event.” Chuck had never been to such a high end hotel before, so he wanted to go there and have a look.
Yolanda hesitated for a few seconds. “Don’t you have other female companions?”
Chuck gave a wry smile. In fact, he intended to invite Yvette along as her perfect figure would suit the gown the most. Unfortunately, Yvette was still not feeling well when he saw her in the morning. He could not ask Yvette along in her current condition.
“You do have someone else in mind, don’t you?” Yolanda asked with a smile.
Chuck nodded honestly.
“Well, since my boss has invited me, I’ll go.” Yolanda said.
Chuck heaved a sigh of relief. Yolanda was a cheerful and easygoing person, so she wouldn’t mind. She was not an overly sensitive person. Since the matters pertaining to the dinner had been settled, Chuck and Yolanda then continued their discussion about the plaza’s operations. At about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Chuck asked Yolanda where she was planning to get dressed for the dinner.
Yolanda didn’t know where to go either. She slept here at the office last night and didn’t even take a bath. She had to take a shower before wearing that beautiful gown.
“Do you want me to send you back to school? Or you can change here. I’ll go…” Chuck asked, but he changed his mind about sending her back to school as it seemed a Ilttle inappropriate.
“I….” Yolanda lowered her head and stammered.
Only then did Chuck realize that Yolanda seemed to be wearing the same outfit since yesterday. Did she not go home last night? Chuck was surprised. He was guessing that Yolanda might have slept over at the office but he didn’t know why.
“If you don’t mind, you can come to my house.” Chuck said earnestly. However, when he saw the unnatural look on Yolanda’s face, Chuck continued, “Or we can get you a room at a hotel for you to change.”
“Well, let’s go to your house.” Yolanda nodded.
Chuck had no objections. He put away the invitation card, carried the boxes, and left the office with Yolanda. Both of them then went to the car park and drove home. Chuck joked along the way. “By the way, will your boyfriend be jealous if I take you to the event tonight?”
Chuck did not want to be blamed for getting involved in their relationship.
Yolanda shook her head and said, “Nope.”
At this time, Yolanda’s mobile phone rang. She took it out and looked at it. It was from William. Yolanda immediately rejected the call.
Chuck was puzzled. Was it possible that Yolanda had a fight with her boyfriend?
Of course, he didn’t ask Yolanda about it, it was not any his business anyway. It would only make the atmosphere more awkward.
Chuck carried the clothes and went upstairs when they arrived at the lobby of his residence. Yolanda was limping a little because of her knee injury, but she tried to bear the pain and look as normal as possible.
When they got home, Chuck said while pointing at two rooms, “You can use either room as you wish.”
“Thank you.” Yolanda entered a room with a box in her hand.
Chuck, of course, went back to his room. After a quick shower, he changed into his suit. It fitted him very well as if it was tailored made for hm. Chuck was surprised to see himself in the mirror. This gift from Karen was really too generous. Next, he opened the door and waited outside, and he heard the sound of the hair dryer coming from the room. Yolanda must have just finished taking a shower.
Chuck sat down and waited for her. After more than ten minutes, the door opened and Chuck stood up in surprise.
So gorgeous!
This was the first impression in Chuck’s mind. Her tall figure was wrapped in the delicate evening gown, revealing a vision of perfection. Her figure was comparable to that of Yvette’s.
Her hips were curvy, her waist was slender, her eyes were bright and her teeth were white. Her face didn’t need any makeup. She just put on a little lipstick and curled her hair slightly. She was a fresh and charming beautiful lady.
Rare, she was indeed really rare.
Yolanda was surprised too when she saw Chuck in his suit. This suit was perfect for him. He seemed so elegant in it. Yolanda could not help but be more curious of Chuck’s parents’ backgrounds. Setting aside her doubts, Yolanda smiled and said, “I’m ready.”
Chuck came to his senses. He would make a fool of hlmself if he continued staring at her like that.
Both of them went downstairs and Chuck drove to the five-star hotel.
Hotel Luna was indeed the most luxurious hotel in town. The decorations and furniture were magnificent. Karen must be a wealthy and influential figure, to be able to buy this hotel.
There were various luxury cars such as Ferraris and Rolls-Royces parked at the entrance. Chuck’s car could not match up to those beautiful vehicles!
However, to Chuck’s surprise, the very good-looking security guard did not look down upon him. Instead, he came over to welcome him and led Chuck to the parking lot to park the car. The service was top notch. Chuck opened the door and got out of the car. Then he opened the door for Yolanda to exit as well.
“Thank you.” Yolanda came out of the car.
Chuck handed the invitation card to the security guard, the security guard then showed them the way politely.
Chuck was really surprised along the way as the magnificent interior of the hotel was really eye-opening to him. The worth of this hotel might be more than what Wilbur said. He shook his head in awe.
At this moment, there were already a lot of celebrities in the banquet hall on the first floor. They were talking in groups of three or five. It seemed that they were all talking about Madam Lee.
Chuck and Yolanda did not enter the crowd, but sat in the corner. He heard the discussion from the nearby crowd when he was eating some fruit canapes on the table.
“Have you heard of Karen Lee?”
“No, I’ve never heard of her before. Who on earth is she?”
“I don’t know, but she must be someone great to be able to buy Old Henry’s Hotel Luna. Old Henry is not short of money. I can only say that Karen must have offered an exorbitant price that not even Old Henry could resist. I guess Karen must be from a strong family background, so she was able to buy the hotel easily.”
“I agree. Even among the people present here today, only very few can afford billions of dollars at once. This Karen is not simple! Her family background is even more mysterious!”
Chuck listened to these voices and was also curious about Madam Lee. She would probably be present later. After all, she had invited them to this dinner and even prepared them with expensive outfits. Chuck would really want to meet her in person and at least thank her for the night.
At this time, Wilbur Wendel and Harold Wendel came over to say hello. Wilbur suddenly realised that the watch on Chuck’s wrist was worth more than two million dollars. He was even more surprised whee saw Chuck’s suit and leather shoes as they cost at least five or six million dollars. He was dressed so luxuriously!
Wilbur was a little ashamed of himself. He felt a little ashamed when he thought that he was richer than Chuck before. However, he was also surprised to see Yolanda beside him. How could Chuck bring Yolanda here? Shouldn’t he have invited Zelda Maine as his date?
He had already seen Zelda drinking some wine on the other side. Could it be that both of them were quarrelling?
Yolanda smiled and greeted Harold, while Chuck looked around and caught Zelda’s eye. Chuck hesitated and said to Yolanda, “I think I saw my friend, I’ll go over and say hello to her.”
Since Zelda had already spotted him, it would be impolite of him not to greet her.
“Well, go ahead.” Yolanda smiled. Chuck stood up and walked towards Zelda. But at this time, William Yuri, who was wearing a suit, came in from outside. He looked around and took a glass of red wine from a waiter passing by. He was ready to approach his friends, but he suddenly saw a beautiful lady sitting alone.
He thought of something and immediately wanted to strike a conversation. But after he got closer to the lady, he frowned. “Why does she look so familiar?”
He approached her doubtfully and was immediately angered. “Yolanda, it’s fine that you ignored my call, but why did you come here by yourself? Tell me, which bastard did you come with?”

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