My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 56

Zelda Maine saw Chuck Cannon walking towards her, then she looked at another side and saw Yolanda from a distance. She was a little surprised. Why did the manager come with Chuck?
Chuck’s eyes widened when he saw the stunning Zelda, who appeared to be very elegant and mature today.
“Zelda,” Chuck said as he came over.
Zelda’s eyes wandered around him, and she was surprised as well. This expensive suit was very suitable for him. It gave off a different vibe this time. He looked handsome the last time he changed his appearance, but this time, one could feel the nobility from him when he wore this suit. It was really amazing.
But when she thought of the last time when Chuck had a wet dream other, she was surprised that she didn’t feel angry.
“Well, I thought you weren’t coming anymore.” She said. Since she had received an invitation, how could it be that Chuck, being so mysterious, had not received it?
Chuck asked her why she didn’t call him. But upon asking, he felt that this was an awkward question. How could he let a woman take the initiative?
When Zelda was about to answer him, Chuck quickly changed the topic. However, Zelda asked, “Do you know Madam Lee?”
Chuck shook his head. He didn’t know her. However, it was obvious that after the party, those who wanted to stay overnight would probably choose here. It seemed that Madam Lee was good at doing business.
“I don’t know her either, but I heard that she is a very mysterious person, but that’s none of our business. Anyway, we’ll leave after the dinner…” Zelda continued.
Chuck thought the same.
“How did you and Yolanda meet?” She looked at him and asked. It was a little strange that he would bring a manager over.
“You should know, Yolanda was one of the prettiest girls back when we were studying.” Chuck said. However, with that weird look of hers, did Zelda really think that she was the new manager of the square?
“Wow, since you’re able to bring someone like her here, you must be pretty amazing too.” She said.
Chuck gave a wry smile. If Yolanda had not been working at his place, he would not have known her, let alone bringing her here.
Zelda thought to herself: “I wasn’t thinking about him at first, but he actually brought his manager here. Can’t this only be done easily if he was the boss? So it’s really him!!!”
Thinking of this, she felt a little uncomfortable and thought “You let Yvette renew the contract, but what about me? I have also been interested in that place for a long time.”
Zelda wanted to ask Chuck clearly, but when she saw him suddenly turned around and walked away, she muttered, “Escaping?”
“Yolanda, who did you come with?” William had a cold look on his face. His girlfriend didn’t come with him, but with another man. How could he be happy?
“It’s none of your business. Besides, this is someone else’s place. Please don’t talk so loudly here.” Yolanda shook her head.
She sighed in her heart. Why did William come here too? Sigh, his father was the boss of King Cross Realty. This five-star hotel was built by his father’s company. How could he not be invited by the new boss?
“In this entire city, there is no place that I, William Yuri, can’t speak loudly as I please.” He said proudly.
Wiliam sneered. “Who brought you here? Scared of telling me? You are my woman. How dare you try to betray me? Believe it or not, I will cripple him today!”
“I came here on my ovvn. Don’t make a scene.” Yolanda was in a hurry, so she prepared to pull Wiliam outside first.
Of course, she didn’t want to get her boss involved. If she was fired because of this, she would be really sad. Without a good boss and no good opportunity, how could she let her family recover?
“Hmph, now you know you’re wrong? Well, come with me to the toilet and I’ll spare you this time. I’ll let that coward off the hook this time.” William stared at Yolanda’s breast and said with a sly smile.
Yolanda was stunned, and her beautiful face was instantly filled with anger.
“If you don’t listen to me, then I’ll kill the coward who brought you here today, I will definitely kill him! He dares to rob my woman, then he must be tired of being alive!… Yolanda, you don’t want him to have an accident, do you? Be obedient and follow me to the toilet. There are so many people out there, it’ll be very exciting. I am sure that you’ll love it.”
William sneered, and at the same time, he joked in his heart, “Hmph, I’ll take advantage of you first, and then I’ll cripple the man who brought you here later!”
William dragged Yolanda to the toilet. She struggled “Don’t do this, please…”
She was anxious and wanted to escape now, but William grabbed her hand very tightly. How could she be more powerful than a man?
But suddenly, a hand grabbed her, and Yolanda’s body trembled. When she turned her head, she was stunned.
“What are you doing?” Chuck pulled
Yolanda behind him and protected her, he said while staring at Willian angrily. This man was once the famous rich kid in his school. How could Chuck not have heard of him before?
However, seeing William forcing an unwilling Yolanda to the toilet, it was not difficult to figure out what that pervert wanted to do.
William stared at Chuck. He didn’t know who this person was but Chuck’s high-grade expensive clothes made him understand the situation a little. “Was it this guy who brought my woman here?” He thought.
“He must be. It seemed that this guy was rich, but it is pale in comparison to my family. What’s more, I have the support from gangsters, I could kill this guy easily!”
Thinking of this, William’s arrogance showed up, “Hmph, boy, do you know who I am?”
“I don’t care who you are.” Chuck couldn’t be bothered to talk to him.
William was so angry that he raised his leg and kicked at Chuck. Chuck fell to the ground. It was so painful because his forehead was hit hard on the ground. Yolanda was anxious. “Chuck… William, why did you hit him?”
William raised his hand and slapped Yolanda, which injured the corner of her mouth, and blood started to flow down.
Yolanda did not cover her face with her hand. Instead, she stared stubbornly at William, “Is that enough?”
Slap! Slap!! Slap!!!
“You cuckolded me. What the f**k!” William shouted.
William raised his hand and slapped Yolanda heavily again. Yolanda was still standing, her face was red and swollen, and there was more blood on the corner of her mouth. However, her stubbornness prevented her from moving or crying.
However, the sound of the slaps silenced everyone in the hall. Many people came over and gossiped.
“What’s going on? Isn’t this Richard Yuri’s son?”
“He is. In the entire city, he is the only one who can beat up other people on such an occasion.”
“Then who was the one that fell down just now?”
“I don’t know. He should be some rich person’s son. But he’s in trouble. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you offended Richard’s son, you’re in big trouble.”
“I think so too. This young man is doomed. Richard isn’t someone you can simply provoke with. It’s likely that he’ll even get his parents in trouble.”
The onlookers were talking about it. Some of them sympathized with Chuck, some felt that Chuck was unlucky, and some mocked him even more, thinking that Chuck did not know what he was getting himself into and dared to play tricks on William’s girlfriend.
“Yolanda, I’m going to beat him up! And I’m going to hit him until he dies. How dare you grab my woman? I want you to know that you really have a poor taste In women! You cheap bastard!” William lifted his leg and kicked him over and over. He kicked Chuck to the ground again as soon as he got up. He kicked for a few times in a row, and it was so painful that Chuck almost passed out.
Chuck was kicked and slammed into a table. He gritted his teeth and got up. Now, Chuck was also angry. He picked up a wine bottle on the table and threw it at William, who was sneering.

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