My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 550

“Betty, what are you referring to?” Karen li said.
“Mr. Li, don’t get me wrong. I have been following you. I know what you have done. I am not talking about loyalty, but something else,” Betty explained.
She has followed Karen li for too long, of course knowing that Karen li has not done anything of that kind.
Yes, Karen li is very loyal.
University knew Zhang Qingyang until now, has been Karen li’s first man.
“Other?” Karen li fell silent. others? What aspect?
I haven’t done anything myself! !
“Well, is it possible to check his details? I never thought that his family was gone, and I never thought he would not fight,” Betty said.
Her thoughts were decided by herself, but they were not nonsense. This was what she felt. She always felt that Chuck’s father and Zhang Qingyang were not that simple.
“Well, I will consider it.” Karen li said.
“Mr. Li, I’ll pick you up anyway.” Betty said with concern, she didn’t want to see Karen li lost her soul.
“Okay, I’ll wait for you.”
Karen li sat down by herself, she glanced at everything in the room, falling into loss and contemplation…

Chuck didn’t know here. Her mother chased her out. Yvette was dealing with her taking over the family. Chuck had nothing to do. She sat on the sofa and called Yolanda to ask about the situation there.
Like Chuck’s initial vision, she did not misread the people, and Yolanda did a very good job in reporting.
Chuck also asked at random, the hotel managed by Du Peixin is also good.
Although Du Peixin was dissatisfied that Chuck only let her manage a hotel, but she was also managing it seriously, waiting for Chuck to give her a greater chance.
After all, Chuck’s net worth, Du Pei heart can’t imagine anyway.
She thought to rely on Chuck, then their Du family would be much better.
But when calling Yolanda, Yolanda mentioned Qian Yueying.
Qian Yueying has inquired these days.
Chuck is quite surprised. What is Qian Yueying thinking about? She didn’t plan to adjust her money, she should be far away from her.
Why are you still here to find yourself?
Did she look at her photos and adjust her to make her a little more interesting to herself?
Is there no such woman? ?
Chuck shrugged, he still thought about it! Qian Yueying’s woman is not easy to say, but her figure is really good.
However, during the period when Chuck came to the United States, he still had ideas, such as what to invest in the United States, but there was a lack of management. Chuck was thinking, should I let Du Pei heart come to the United States?
Anyway, she has to follow herself for five years.
She is good in every aspect, so you must use her well? It can’t be wasted.
Chuck thinks so, this thought is even more important.
Hang up the phone, Chuck is ready to go out and see.
The black rose felt indistinguishable. She put on her clothes and walked out of the room, just to see Chuck who was going out.
“Are you going out?” Black Rose asked coldly.
“Well,” Chuck knew that she was her bodyguard, so of course she would tell her whereabouts, anyway, he was not doing anything to see no one else.
“Will you follow?”
“Yes, I will shoot in danger.” Of course Black Rose would do so.
“But you hurt.” Chuck looked at her, her face was still pale.
“I have something to do with you, you can go out at any time,” Black Rose didn’t mean to imprison Chuck.
Although it would be much safer to stay at home, Karen li didn’t say to restrict Chuck’s activities!
“I go out and see what projects I want to invest in,” Chuck said.
“Your mother Karen li’s industry, the entire rice country, is one-fifth up, what can you vote for?”
Black Rose is welcome.
“Well, let me see.” Chuck was embarrassed by Black Rose. Yvette was not free. Chuck was bored and could only go out and see.
“up to you,”
“Why don’t you come with me and have a companion,” Chuck said.
There is no need to let the black rose follow.
“No, I’m secretly protecting you, obviously, some people know me,” Black Rose immediately shook his head and refused.
Although she usually pays attention to these, but when she pays more attention to it, there are times when she is exposed, not to mention her top female killer.
“Well, then I’m out.” Chuck said.
“When am I blind?” Black roses and big blue eyes are cold inside.
“Actually, you can try to communicate with me in English, I have learned these days,” Chuck smiled slightly.
Yes, following Yvette for a few days, after Yvette made Chuck happy at night, he seriously asked Chuck to learn English.
After the last incident, Chuck swears in his heart that he must learn English!
Yvette has been a teacher and speaks English in a very standard way. She let Chuck start learning the easiest, but the most practical method. Chuck has been working for a few days and feels pretty good.
Barely able to communicate in general.
Black Rose did not look at Chuck and went straight out.
Chuck shrugged and went out for no purpose, but came out and saw the bumpy black rose.
Chucksi walked around and asked, “I’ll ask you something,”
“Where is Ouyang Fei?” Chuck paid more attention to this. Logan is still recovering from injuries. This is all done by Ouyang Fei.
This poisonous woman, Chuck will kill her.
“I want to kill her more than you!” Black roses and big blue eyes are cold!
Yes, she dreams of killing Ouyang Fei! But at this time, Ouyang Fei was guarded by the behindthe-scenes boss, and she had no time to find it now.
Chuck had nothing to say. At this time, Black Rose, like an ice cube, took a picture. Chuck also felt that Ouyang Fei was doing too vicious.
“Her woman is too bad, you can definitely kill her.” Chuck said.
Black Rose looked at Chuck, “Don’t mention her in front of me,”
Chuck drove around, and Black Rose had arrived in her car, and she would follow her from afar.
While waiting for the traffic light, Chuck suddenly heard someone calling himself, Chuck, Chuck…
It was a girl’s voice, Chuck was strange, who was calling himself?
Chuckdong and Zhang Xiwang saw a beautiful girl waving at herself inside a luxury car.
Chuck was stunned. Why did she come to the United States? ?
This beautiful girl was actually Jiang Ran, a classmate who went to Huagang last time.
Last time Chuck also promised her one thing, that is to go to Huagang together, but after going there, she ignored her. She said that it was not counted, and Chuck agreed at the time.
But Jiang Ran had never contacted himself, Chuck thought Jiang Ran had forgotten about it, but did not expect to meet her in the country.
“Why are you here?” Chuck said.
“Drop, drip!!”
The car behind madly honked his horn and cursed at Chuck, saying that the green light was off, and still not driving. Chuck knew that he didn’t take care of it, so he didn’t respond and said to Jiang Ran, chatting in front of the road.
“who’s that person?”
Inside Jiang Ran’s car, a beautiful girl from the United States asked. This girl from the United States was beautiful, like an elf, with real white skin and beautiful appearance, especially long legs. Jiang Ran, the former school flower, was so overshadowed.
“My classmate.” Jiang Ran pouted.
She came here to play in the United States. She had thought about bringing Chuck together, because Chuck agreed, but Jiang Ransi wanted to go. The last time she went to Huagang together, it was already deeply hurting her.
She didn’t dare to let Chuck come out to play like this, came out, and regardless of herself, what’s the point?
She happened to be a relative of her family, some immigrated to the country, and held a birthday party, she simply came to the country alone, relax for a few days, she did not expect to meet Chuck!
There are two other yellow-skinned beauties like Jiang Ran.
Jiang Ran Meimu was watching. At that time, she was obsessed with Chuck’s line muscles at the Jingcheng Bar. Now she looks stronger.
Jiang Ran’s heartbeat accelerated.
“What classmates can make you blush?” asked a friend.
“No,” Jiang Ran defended.
“Do you like this classmate.” The blue-eyed beauty driving said.
“I…” Jiang Ran didn’t even know that, when she suddenly saw Chuck, she was ashamed.
“I advise you not to like it anymore. Huaxia men are very trashy,” said Chuck, who looked at the parking in front of the blue-eyed beauty.

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