My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 552

Is the man about to accept the invitation? ?
Jiang Ran sighed. Chuck wouldn’t know this. How could he accept it?
Was it knocked down by you?
So if this is the case, then Chuck must have no face to continue to go to relatives with himself.
After all, how embarrassing is it to be knocked down by a woman? !
“Stop talking.” Jiang Ran sighed.
“When I get to the place, I will introduce you to a boyfriend from the United States and let you know what a man is.” The blue-eyed beauty said.
This is what she should do. They are all women. As friends, she wants to tell Jiang Ran what a man is.
This is a woman’s right to know.
Jiang Ran was no exception.
When I arrived, it was a hotel. There were a lot of luxury cars in the parking lot. It seems that this relative of Jiang Ran, like her, is also a rich man.
Chuck followed and drove in. Looking back, she found that the black rose also came in, but she didn’t come out of the car. She compared the observation and observed the situation nearby.
She doesn’t matter, wherever Chuck goes, she just goes wherever she goes.
Chuck called Black Rose.
Black Rose frowned, “What’s the matter?”
“Well go in together, and have meals.” Chuck said.
Anyway, go in and eat, but do nothing.
“You don’t have to turn it off, you just do what you want.” Black Rose hung up the phone. She ate hamburgers as soon as she ate them. They were nearby, and they would buy them later.
She hasn’t eaten Chinese food, but it’s spicy, she doesn’t like it. Hamburger fries are the best.
Chuck shrugged, okay, she is still passionate, she is the mother please come to protect yourself, why not?
“Chuck, here,” Jiang Ran waved.
Chuck walked past, but since it was Jiang Ran’s birthday, would you like to send something? Go directly to eat and drink, um, not very good? ?
Chuck walked over and said this to Jiang Ran. Jiang Ran shook his head. “I told you to come over for dinner, but I didn’t ask you to come over to give a gift. No more,”
Chuck is not very embarrassed, okay, just leave after a meal, it will do.
Chuck and Jiang Ran went inside, but I think, the blue-eyed beauty always seemed to feel a little uncomfortable. Why? ? Didn’t you mess with her?
Although her figure is particularly good, her bumps are beautiful, she is full of the youthful vitality of the beautiful girl of the United States. After all, she is the same as Jiang Ran, who is less than 20 years old, but Chuck did not pay much attention to her.
“Did your friend look upset at me?” Chuck asked, was there any misunderstanding?
“No, she is such a person,” Jiang Ran hurriedly explained, and she didn’t want Chuck to clash with her friends.
“Well, that’s how I thought about it,” Chuck shrugged.
“Chuck, have you ever learned Taekwondo?” Jiang Ran asked. Chuck should not have learned this figure, but it might be a good exercise.
“No, what did you do to learn that?”
Jiang Ran sighed. Sure enough, Chuck didn’t say he was able to fight, that is, he had never touched anything in this area. If he really fought with his friend just now, he would definitely be knocked down with a punch.
Fortunately, there was no translator at that time, otherwise Chuck would be ugly.
“I learned something else,”
“Really?” Jiang Ran was pleasantly surprised, hopeful, what to learn, karate? ?
“Um, really,”
“What did you learn! Karate?”
“I didn’t learn that. The first thing I learned was running, exercising, and push-ups to ensure my physical strength…” Chuck said of his daily training tasks.
“Oh, like this? Well, don’t say this, let’s go in,” Jiang Ran was disappointed, it turned out to be this.
Isn’t this just exercise?
That policy is definitely not an opponent of his friend.
“Okay.” Chuck happened to be a little hungry, and it was fine to go in for dinner.
However, Chuck still felt that the blue-eyed beauty walking in front had a perfect figure and long legs.
Entered the hotel together, this belongs to Chinatown, this hotel is also very Chinese, so someone at the door specially writes a gift book.
They were all humane. The blue-eyed beauty took out the prepared red envelope and handed it to the person who received the gift book. Jiang Ran and two friends also wrote it.
Jiang Ran wrapped a card with a red envelope.
This is a birthday present.
Anyway, Jiang Ran said no, Chuck didn’t give it. In fact, he came out anxiously, didn’t take his wallet, only took the mobile phone.
The person who wrote the gift book saw Chuck didn’t mean it, and immediately showed contempt.
Traditional Chinese people don’t understand this rule?
Don’t you know that it’s crazy to sell silly? ?
“Jiang Ran, why is this your friend? It’s too stingy not to write in the etiquette?” Jiang Ran’s two Chinese friends sneered sarcastically.
Originally, I have to write a little more, this is a blessing, don’t you understand the number of gifts? ?
“That’s right, I have driven luxury cars, I don’t even understand the rules. Is this pretending to be crazy and selling silly things or something? I heard that many people drive luxury cars and can’t take out hundreds of pieces of their bodies. Is it someone like him? ???” Another friend sneered.
“No, he doesn’t have to give it.” Jiang Ran explained this.
Even blue-eyed beauties are unhappy. You are a fan of the Chinese people and you know this rule. You, a Chinese, may not know it?
It’s really not such a stingy person, just like a mouse without courage, it is so stingy, what kind of man is this?
“Why isn’t it necessary? Did he promise you that he just came here with a mix of food and drink?”
“Look what he looks like, and needless to say, he doesn’t pretend to look like it. You said that there are all these people. I can’t stand it. You can see that my living expenses are all taken out.
He is so stingy. At least pretend to pretend, look at him, alas, Jiang Ran, are you short-sighted, how do you like such a person? stingy, courageous and small, what does such a person want to do? Anyway, give it to me I won’t want it.”
Two friends, you whispered me one by one, and expressed dissatisfaction with Chuck in my heart.
When he is in favor of himself, he also eats one’s meal. He also wants to eat one’s meal. Why doesn’t he need to be in person?
“Ah, I’ll give it,” Jiang Ran couldn’t listen anymore.
“Do not give it to you, ask him.” The two friends said.
“Yes, Jiang Ran, as a Chinese, he selectively forgot. Such a person is not worth paying. Let him leave.” The blue-eyed beauty said.
She left, so she would introduce Jiang Ran to her boyfriend later!
“No, I told him well, you go first.” Jiang Ran had no choice but to do nothing.
“No, I have to watch him take the money out. I hate people eating and drinking the most in my life,”
The three girls stared at Chuck.
Jiang Ran sighed and walked in front of Chuck, “That… let’s go in.”
“OK, I am hungry too,” Chuck followed in.
“Slow down!” Jiang Ran’s two Chinese friends came.
Chuck was stunned, “Something?”
“Wen Wen, Qing Qing, don’t say the two of you,” Jiang Ran hurriedly stopped.
“Why not? I’m going to say, hello, do you understand the rules? You don’t get anything on someone’s birthday?” a dark-haired girl said politely.
“Yes, why don’t you go? Is it forgotten? No problem, I remind you.” Another little beauty said.
“Uh, sorry, I didn’t bring a wallet,” Chuck waved awkwardly.
He took his mobile phone.
“Can you change the reason? If you don’t go, you can’t. Why do you say you didn’t bring your wallet? Who is this?”
The two friends disdain, this is definitely the kind of person who drives a luxury car and doesn’t have hundreds of dollars on his body.
“Stop talking, you go in,” Jiang Ran was angry.
She knew whether Chuck had money or not, and she certainly did not bring a wallet.
“I see how he can eat well, eat and drink together. Well, let’s go first.”
“Okay, I don’t want to sit with him,”
Including blue-eyed beauties have advanced, blue-eyed beauties don’t bother to watch, timid as a mouse, and have no money, Jiang Ran is blind eyes? It’s okay to introduce one to Jiang Ran later, Jiang Ran will kick off and kick off the strategy immediately, not a man, what do you want? ?
“Chuck, sorry, my friends…” Jiang Ran apologized.
“It’s okay,” Chuck didn’t care. Chuck wouldn’t be angry when he was happy today. He did it wrong.
Chuck accepted, “I’m calling people to get money.”
“No, walk in and eat,” Jiang Ran shook his head, Chuck shrugged, okay, just go in and eat.

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