My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 57

The clear sound of glass shattering echoed through the great hall.
Chuck Cannon, who was furious, grabbed a bottle and smashed it. The glass shattered, and William screamed. He covered his face with his hands, he was full of ferociousness. His head was full of red wine, which embarrassed him greatly.
The onlookers were dumbfounded and began to discuss their own opinions.
“Who, who is this young man? How dare he hit Richard’s son? He’s so cruel!”
“That’s right. If he fights like this, Richard will never let this one slide off so easily!”
“Young people nowadays are too impulsive.”
“I think today’s banquet is about to change. It’s going to be Richard Yuri’s revenge for his son!”
“Then I guess the new boss of this hotel, Karen Lee, can’t do anything about it. Today’s banquet is supposed to promote her hotel, but I guess she didn’t expect her spotlight to be stolen by these two young people.”
“You are wrong. Richard is the one that’s going to steal the limelight. Now that the new boss, Karen, has not even come out yet, I guess she can only turn a blind eye to this mess. She wouldn’t come out until Richard had settled this matter. Otherwise, she will offend him as soon as he arrives. After that, she will definitely not be able to stay in the city anymore.”
“For sure. If I were her, I definitely wouldn’t have come out before the matter is settled. She’s definitely not the stupid type, since she managed to get this hotel. Besides, who’s bold enough to offend Richard here?”
Yolanda covered her mouth and was stunned.
Zelda, who was running over, was also shocked. Why did Chuck and William, Richard Yuri’s son, fight each other?
Furthermore, he even used a wine bottle to smash Richard’s face. This was so bold that it could be considered stupid. Everyone knew that William had some sort of relationship with gangsters.
Zelda’s heart was anxious. What should she do? What could she do? Something must happen to Chuck today. He was too rash.
Wilbur and Harold were also shocked. Wilbur shook his head and thought, “How dare he hit William? It’s….”
Harold took a look at William, and there was a weird sparkle in his eyes.
“Ah! Don’t you f*cking know who my father is!? How dare you hit me? I’m the only one who can hit other people around here. How dare you hit me?” William roared like a madman, clutching his head with his hand. His voice was full of disbelief.
Chuck lifted his leg and kicked him. The kick was filled with anger. William covered his stomach and screamed, “Both of you…..”
Slap! Slap!! Slap!!!
Chuck didn’t want him to talk nonsense anymore, so he raised his hand and slapped him. The slap was very heavy, the loud sound from slapping his face echoed in the big hall. William’s handsome face was already red and swollen. He got up from the ground. The burning pain on his face stung his nerves. This was an insult!
“You’re dead, I swear you won’t be alive after today!” He was now a wild beast, full of anger.
Here, no one had ever dared to hit him, let alone in front of so many people, this great humiliation made him ferocious!
“You don’t know who you are messing up with. My surname is Yuri and my father is Richard Yuri! Today, I’ll make you kneel and plead to me before you die!”
There was a terrifying grin on his face.
Chuck remained unmoved and once again slapped him in the face!
The broad palm slapped on William’s cheek made him dizzy. He sat down on the ground, thinking about how hard he was slapped!
The audience was even more dumbfounded!
“What? You’re still beating him? Don’t he know who Richard is?”
“That’s impossible. Who in this entire city doesn’t know Richard? He must know! This young man must be so out of his mind that he doesn’t know where he is and what the condition he is in now. If he really doesn’t know his own position, then there is no way anyone can save him now.”
“That’s right. If you offend Richard’s son, you’ll have no choice but to end up as a cripple, at the very least.” These people whispered, and many people sympathized with Chuck. Some even whispered that Chuck should run away as soon as possible.
“Chuck Cannon!”
Yolanda finally came back to her senses. She ran over in a panic and pulled him away. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for getting you into this. You’d better leave first.”
Yolanda knew that Chuck had money, but money and gangster background were two different things. Back in the time when she was still in school, she saw with her own eye, where there was only a slight quarrel, yet William called someone over!
Within ten minutes, a car filled with people came over and fiercely beat the boy into a coma and seriously injured him on the spot!
William, who had been insulted today, would definitely do the same. Moreover, there would definitely be much more people who would come to help him! She was worried that Chuck would end up like that person, or even worse than that person that was beaten up.
Before Chuck could speak, William had already gotten up from the ground. His eyes were blood-red, and he looked like a beast. “Leave? He’s not going anywhere!”
Every word he said was filled with anger and viciousness.
It made everyone’s hair stand on end. They looked at each other in dismay. This was a kind of anger, the so-called ‘anger that came from William Yuri!’
What was he going to do?
He was still laughing. His smile was so ferocious!
Yolanda’s face turned pale. She knew what William was going to do, she knew…..
“I’ll tell you who you’ve offended today. Today I’m going to see you convulsing in your own pool of blood. I’ll see your terrified face, hear you begging for mercy, and then watch as you close your eyes… What a wonderful picture! I’ll enjoy it, I’ll enjoy it very much!”
His cold voice made a few women’s hair stand on end. It was horrible!
With this, William took out his mobile phone and dialled a number! There was no going back, there was no way William was going to stop!
He had been beaten just now. The humiliation he felt was more than word could describe! He had to take revenge at Chuck, to regain his honour and dignity!
The phone was connected, and there was a dead silence in the room.
Yolanda’s face became paler and paler, and her lips trembled. She was not afraid, but guilty for involving her boss, Chuck. When this phone call ends, Richard will be extremely angry. No one could avoid this, not even Chuck….
“Dad!” William gave him a hideous smile…
“Hello, son, how is it? Have you finally met that Karen Lee?” There was a calm voice on the phone, as it nothing could affect him.
This was truly Richard’s voice! All the people around looked at each other in dismay.
“No? That’s fine. Karen hasn’t got any real ability. She just has some money. If she wishes to stay here, she will take the initiative to look for me… However, my God, what’s wrong with your voice? What happened?”
“Dad, someone hit me just now!” William stared at Chuck like a viper.
“Hit you! What!? Someone dared to hit you?” There was a sudden slamming sound on the table from the phone, and then the tone was as cold as ice.
“Yes, a person!” William said as he grinned.
“Wait for me! I’ll send someone over.” Richard said immediately.
“Dad, ask more people to come here, because I want to see this person lying in a pool of blood today! I want him to die!” William was ferocious.
“Just hold on there! How dare anyone hit my son! He must be tired of living!”
The phone was hung up, and then the whole place was so quiet that even the sound of a fallen needle could be heard!
William’s face was almost distorted. At this moment, he looked at Chuck as if he were a dead man.
“He really called someone here!”
“It’s over. This young man is really finished. Richard is furious. He’s not joking.”
The sound of discussion was like waves. They all thought that Chuck’s life was finished. These voices made William feel full of pleasure knowing he’s going to get his revenge.
Yolanda bit her lips tightly, and her voice calmed down. “Chuck, I got you into trouble today. You’d better leave now! Otherwise, his men will come, and you won’t be able to leave.”
She was prepared to bear all these responsibilities.
Chuck shot her a glance. After all, his effort of saving her today didn’t turn into nothing.
Zelda’s heart was filled with anxiety. “Hurry up and leave!” She thought.
She hurried over to Harold’s side and said, “Director Wendel, you and Richard know each other. Please call him and calm him down. It’ll be fine if this could be settled with money. Don’t fight or kill. In case something happens….”
“It’s too late for that.” Harold shook his head. “It’s not like you don’t know Richard’s character. Once the call comes out, he’ll come over soon! It’s just too late, and it’s not gong to work even if I make a call….”
Harold’s voice was strange. He looked at Chuck’s every move and a strange feeling gurgled in his heart. Why didn’t he call Logan yet? It was more useful for the man to talk to Richard in person.
“Chuck, please leave now!” Yolanda said anxiously.
“Hahaha, leave? I already said that he can’t leave today!” William sneered, and his voice echoed in the hall, loud and insidious!
“Really?” Chuck glanced at William. He took out his mobile phone from his pocket, tapped a number, and dialled!

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