My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 567

Karen li, dare to come to the Li family! ! ”
Several people in the room immediately boiled, like gunpowder, because the people on the monitoring screen were ignited at once.
The owner of the Li family was stunned. Did Karen li come over at night? ?
What is this for?
“She’s really not afraid of death! The Oak family is not enough to deal with her, but actually deal with my Li family!”
Overlord Li was extremely angry.
“Brother, let the family guard go out and stop Karen li for me!”
“Yes, dare to come over to the Li family? Let her go back and forth!”
Some people suggested that the group was angry!
If this is spread, where will the Li family’s face go? !
“The captain of the family escort team seems to have been trained by Karen li,” Li Overlord calmed down.
“It’s okay, does he dare to favor Karen li?”
The overlord Li nodded, “Let all the members of the family guards come out! I want to catch Karen li and catch alive!”
Karen li can’t die yet, because Karen li is a tool to deal with the Ok family.
As a tool, how can she die early?
Must die well! !
“Yes.” The person who just came in ran out.
In terms of monitoring, Karen li has driven the Li family after all, but the Li family guards all appeared, like the ancient city guards, forming a copper wall and iron walls.
See how you Karen li attacked!
“Does Karen li want to kill the dead net?” someone asked.
“Fish dead net broken? Huh, does she have this qualification? No!?” Overlord Li sneered.
Yes, Karen li came from the Li family. Is it eligible to fight against the Li family?
What’s more, the Oak family has dealt with Karen li. What strength does she have for internal and external problems?
“I think Karen li jumped the wall in a hurry. Fortunately, she was kicked out of the Li family.
Otherwise, such a person would really bring shame to our Li family ancestors!”
“That is, she, like garbage, look at her car, and it has been converted into armor. Her technology company has been driving for so long, what can you research?? Unbeatable garbage!”
Some people laughed at it. Now that the Li family guards are out, they are the same people in the army. act recklessly.
On the monitoring screen, Karen li’s convoy rammed into the family escort, and the scene was chaotic.
“Crazy, she is a lunatic!!”
In the monitoring, Karen li is too crazy to drive and crash like this. Her cars are all made by her own, they are all special metals developed by her own technology company, and they are crashresistant.
This is not available in other cars, so it is not enough for Karen li’s car collision.
Inside the room, several of Karen li’s brothers were surprised by Karen li’s car. How is this different from the truck?
“Why is her car so hard?”
“Did her so-called technology company really research something?”
Several people looked at each other!
“What on earth did she want to do? Rampage, like a mad dog.”
Overlord Li stared at the monitor screen, he sneered, “She is going to come into our Li family!”
“No, she was kicked out. The Li family doesn’t have her place, so I can’t do it!”
Several people immediately refused.
“Family escort team, try my best to stop Karen li’s car!” Li Overlord ordered.
Here, there is chaos outside. The people brought by Karen li are all specially trained, and the level of coordination is simply not comparable to others.
Now narrow the encirclement, like a broken bamboo!
Karen li’s strength was revealed!
An off-road vehicle blocked Karen li, a man with a tangled and respectful face! ?
This is the captain of the Li family guard team, and also Karen li taught him many things, silently perfected the Li family guard team!
“Mr. Li, don’t do this!” said the captain.
“Keep off!!” Karen li stepped on the accelerator and continued to rampage!
“President Li,” boom!
Karen li’s car came over, it was amazing power, the captain’s car was completely unstoppable and was knocked away!
“Mr. Li!” The captain continued to chase.
“Today, stop me from dying?!” Karen li’s voice came out.
The captain twitched, but Karen li’s words were full of murderous opportunities. He felt frightened.
The convoy brought by Karen li smashed the Li family guards like a broken bamboo!
This is a group of invincible and invincible beasts!
Born for Chuck, now fight for Chuck! !
“She, a lunatic, has actually broken through, is any group of people garbage?” Someone in the room was extremely angry!
The overlord Li’s face is ugly. Are these people in Karen li so powerful?
But it’s okay, the family guards are just the first defense!
The Li family’s means are more than that!
Karen li, you are underestimating the Li family! Really powerful means haven’t come out yet!
The people brought by Karen li have surrounded the Li family and stopped!
Only Karen li’s car will drive again! Came to the gate of the Li family!
“Let her come in, but I want to see how she has jumped the wall today!” Li Overlord sneered!
Several other people laughed. When they were kicked out and come back now, what do you want to do? ?
The door opened, and Karen li drove in, bringing the others on standby.
“Go, let’s go out and see her!” Overlord Li showed a joke.
Several other people were excited.
The owner of the Li family sighed, “How are you going to treat her?”
“How, Dad, I want to let her know what the consequences of her doing today!”
Overlord Li went out, others followed!
The owner of the Li family looked at the monitoring screen and looked like Karen li. He sighed and regretted more in his heart.
He discovered that Karen li’s eyes were blood red. What was he doing? Really fish dead?
“It’s wrong, you don’t have this strength yet.” The head of the Li family shook his head.
Keep reading, he doesn’t want to go out.
Li Family Hall! !
Several people of Li Overlord have arrived, and he has already ordered it. Someone has given orders to the outsiders brought by Karen li!
When the time comes, Karen li will catch the turtle in an urn!
“She’s so courageous!”
“Oh, the dog hastily jumped over the wall. What can’t be done? I guess she came over to beg for us,” a man laughed.
“I think so too, beg us to help her deal with the Ok family, hey, why is she so stupid?”
Several people laughed, Karen li came in, and one came in. Betty wanted to follow, but she didn’t let it.
“Karen li, you are in such a big situation today, what is this for?” Li Overlord scoffed.
Come in alone? What an ignorant act! !
There are no other people, you can catch her by a few people, this is the sheep into the tiger’s mouth.
“Are you here to beg us?” Overlord Li sneered.
Karen li approached step by step, her eyes kept staring at Li Overlord, “I’ll only ask you a word!”
“Oh, if you ask me, I’m going to answer? What are you thinking? You thought you were my Li family?” Li overlord disdain.
“Let you run last time, you can’t run today!” Several other people stared at Karen li.
She must be left today! ?
“Are you doing your son’s business!” Karen li asked!
“Oh, your son is dead, right? Haha, good thing. Good thing, come over and tell me this thing, do you want me to celebrate? Haha!” Overlord Li laughed viciously.
It turned out that Karen li came like a crazy dog just for Chuck!
Is this an accident? Was it killed? ? Still killed by someone?
Good thing!
It’s just that Li Overlord was a little sorry, because he was about to commit suicide by himself, but he didn’t expect to be caught first.
But fortunately, death is enough!
His son can rest in peace.
“The boy Chuck is your son. He must be a short-lived ghost. He doesn’t need us to do anything. I asked you, was he beaten to death, or was he hacked to death? Tell me, make me happy “The other said mockingly.
“I see, you have come to the wrong place. It must have been done by people of the Ok family.
They killed your son. You go find them. What are we doing here?”
“Haha, didn’t the boss say that? She came to make us happy.”
Inside the room, there were laughter from several people, died well! !
“Karen li, you have come to the wrong place, but today you cannot go!” Li Overlord said coldly!

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