My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 568

Faced with their ridicule by Li Overlord, Karen li’s eyes were full of coldness, Chuck was her counterscale, and now, these people are ridiculing! gloat!
Anger, which breeds in Karen li’s heart, seems to be ignited and can’t be controlled at once!
“My son will not die!”
Karen li walked up step by step. Several of the overlord Li frowned, and they all came around.
They were ready to do it themselves! !
As a former member of the Li family, Karen li was kicked out, even if it was not a good head tortoise, even hit the Li family!
This is absolutely intolerable! ?
“Can’t die? Then what are you doing here? Hehe, the person who killed your son really did a good thing!”
“That is, your son will die if he dies, and come to our Li family to come to the wild?!”
Several people ridiculed and sneered. Suddenly, Karen li appeared in front of a middle-aged man like a mobile. She punched out with a punch weighing several hundred pounds! ! boom!
This is an amazing speed and an amazing power. There is a ridiculous middle-aged man on his face. His eyes are wide open. His face is shocked, pained and feared for a moment!
With a scream, he flew out like garbage! thump!
Slammed on the table and chairs, embarrassed.
Silent? !
There was no sound in this room.
Overlord Li was surprised, but all the outfield players were masters of fighting. Was Karen li punched him? Doesn’t have a bit of backhand? !
He can’t do this with Li Overlord!
It’s amazing, what is Karen li’s strength?
“Karen li, I’m your brother, you are so upset me, you…” The middle-aged man climbed up, he felt that he was about to pass out, Karen li’s punch power is amazing!
“You still know that you are my brother? But starting today, you are not!”
Karen li’s footsteps are moving, this speed is too fast, this middle-aged man has not yet reacted, Karen li’s fist has hit his chest!
This is the scream of tears!
In the anger of Karen li, the garbage fell to the ground like a spit, spitting blood and dying.
Two punches make a fighting master like this, this is something that Li Overlord did not expect!
When I drove Karen li out last time, Karen li shot, but it has not reached the point where it is today. Does Karen li still have reservations at that time?
In the room, the head of the Li family who was watching the monitoring pictures was shocked! ?
He is also a master of fighting, but he couldn’t do this when he was young, Karen li actually did it.
To what extent has his own daughter been so strong?
I can’t imagine it!
Shaking, regretting, spread in the hearts of the Li family. If you haven’t chased her out, if you haven’t been so strict with her since childhood, then…
“Karen li, you are looking for death!” Overlord Li is angry!
“No, it’s you who died!”
Karen li was dispatched and came directly to Li Overlord!
With this punch, amazing power appeared!
“Shoot together, besieging her!” Overlord Li was frightened!
Everyone shot, several combat masters shot, that position is also amazing!
But Karen li spotted Li overlord, and fist hit him!
“court death!”
Li Overlord sneered, men and women are different, bones are different, no matter how powerful you are, the skeleton is not as big as a man, destined for your strength is not as big as my Li overlord, compared with my fist, and abandon your hand!
Make you a waste! ?
Karen li ignores everything and smashes two fists!
But beyond everyone’s expectation, Master Li’s arm trembles, and he feels that he has smashed an iron fist, which is too hard!
His fist was deformed and it was bleeding.
The pain made him suddenly wake up!
“Karen li.?”
Li Overlord backed away in shock, but Karen li’s seemingly petite fist smashed past!
The speed is reaching the limit of humanity! boom!
A rubbish flew out, vomiting blood, embarrassed! !
Overlord Li climbed up in shock, squatting on the ground like a broken body, and he was shocked like a mountain in his heart.
Yourself! Today is so weak? how can that be? !
Overlord Li is incredible!
The other people were stunned and their jaws were shocked. They just used their full strength to siege, but they were easily evaded by Karen li. In one second, the strongest Li Overlord was beaten away , The same as garbage.
The shock could not describe them.
Suddenly, the figure rushed over, and Li Overlord backed away, but there was no chance at all, and he grabbed his neck with one hand!
The sense of suffocation suddenly attacked Li Overlord, and the fear of death came, and Overlord Li was frightened, “You, you…”
Is this a dream? How can you be so vulnerable today? !
“It’s you who is dying! You didn’t tie my son, but I’m going to kill you to let the person who tied my son know, what is the end!”
Karen li has never been a killer!
Overlord Li feared, “Don’t, I’m your brother. When you were a kid, I still hugged you, and I still…”
“If not, I have assassinated you!” Karen li’s hands are working hard. Her five fingers have already been so powerful, it is not difficult to pinch a person’s neck!
At this moment, Lord Li had already regretted it. What did he do?
It turned out that I was so vulnerable in front of Karen li.
It turned out that Karen li could kill himself long ago!
I’ve been playing with fire all the time, and today I’m igniting my upper body!
In the room, the others were stunned for a long time, and no one thought of this scene.
“Quiet, stop! He is your brother!!!”
At this time, an old voice came out.
The head of the Li family came out tremblingly. What he saw on the monitoring screen, his heart was shaking. Karen li, the child, had been hiding his true strength, and finally revealed it today.
Such turbulent waves!
“Dad,” Overlord Li shouted in fear and pain.
Karen li turned around and said, “He is not, I have always been an outsider at the Li family!”
Several people in the room were speechless!
This gap between heaven and earth makes them awake and awake while still dreaming!
It turned out that Karen li was not so good!
It turns out that Karen li’s strength has surpassed the Li family! original……

Too many, this moment popped up in the minds of several people, smashing the walls they have been proud of!
“Alas, quiet, I’m wrong, I shouldn’t treat you so much, let your brother go, he’s your dear brother!” Li family sighed.
He has no confidence? What can you do? His daughter was kicked out. He always thought that it was to throw out an optional person, but today Karen li proved that this optional person is so powerful!
“No! His son is going to kill my son, he is going to kill my son, is this something the brother did?” Karen li refused, her fingers were hard, Li overlord suffocated, fear came again, so clear, let Li overlord Submerged in fear.
“Quiet, you are still surnamed Li after all! I was wrong, let your dear brother! Do you want me to finish the Li family?! I kneel down for you!” Li family head kneeled!
Several people inside the room suddenly awakened!
“Dad, what are you doing?”
“Where can she bear you kneeling, get up, get up quickly!”
“Don’t kneel!”
Several people passed by and wanted to help the old man up, but he refused and stared at Karen li with regretful eyes, “Karen, let go of your brother, I have kneeled for you, what else would you do? Do I give you a kowtow?!”
“Karen li, how do you become a daughter? Dad kneels down for you, what else do you want?
Are you still human? Still human?” Someone was angry.
“You are not qualified to speak to me, I am not a person? Then you will all die today!!” Karen li’s cold voice echoed in the room!
A few people were speechless, yeah, if Karen li is really not a person, then no one of the Li family can survive today!
Karen li’s anger, they felt it!
No one refuted, no confidence, I don’t know how to refute, Karen li was so good to the Li family, and now he was kicked out, and he still wants to yin her and annex her, as if he is not a human being on this side, and he does not consider a little affection!
“Quiet, let your brother go, I will kowtow you!” The head of the Li family husky, he kowtowed.

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