My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 569

Karen li is definitely not an iron-hearted person. In fact, when her father knelt down, she was already soft-hearted.
Yeah, after all, he is still surnamed Li!
What’s more, this man who knelt down and kowtowed is very old, with white hair!
“Karen li, you are not a human being, you are not as good as a pig or a dog, and your animals are not as good. Dad gave you a head. What else do you want?”
“That is, Karen li, you are a beast. The beast is not as good as you. Dad kneels and kowtows to you. No matter how big it is, you should also put it down. How can you do this?”
This is a curse from Karen li’s relatives.
“Shut up!!” Li family head scolded!
“We are beasts! We are so quiet, things are not on your own, you are not qualified to say her!” Li family head said hoarsely, full of regret.
Several cursers were speechless again! !
“Quiet, let go of your brother, our Li family will never do that again.”
If the overlord Li dies, the situation of the Li family will continue to deteriorate, because Karen li, who was originally the top beam, was driven out, and now the top beam is dead, then the Li family is not going downhill, but falling straight!
Then the Li family will end miserably, because the Li family is fat, many families want to seize this opportunity to annex! !
Karen li turned to stare at the overlord Li who had rolled her eyes. She was silent for a second and let go, but her fist smashed out! boom!
The overlord Li screamed. This was the garbage flying out. He lay still on the ground. There was still fear on the face of the overwhelmed Li Overlord.
“Start today, don’t bother me! The Li family and I have nothing to do!” Karen li went out!
“Quiet, I am your dad, did you forget?” The head of the Li family was heartbroken.
Karen li saw this old man, she shook her head, “Do you have the confidence to say this?”
The head of the Li family is speechless! Yeah, he couldn’t speak for himself.
For Karen li, is he still a father?
“I don’t have a dad! I don’t have a brother, starting today!!” Karen li went out.
Here, the silence is so extreme that there is only breathing!
Finally, the owner of the Li family looked at the ruin-like home, he sighed…
“Dad, Karen li she…”
“Go tell people to take them both to the hospital. Starting today, don’t provoke the quiet again.”
Li Jia said with a sigh.
“Dad, Karen li is too hidden, her combat is so powerful, she is a scheming bitch!” Someone grieved.
The head of the Li family walked over, and with a snap, he slapped! !
“Shut up, she is your sister!” Li Family Master reprimanded!
“Dad, she doesn’t recognize me anymore.” This man feels aggrieved and touches his cheek. How dare he show a little anger?
“It’s not that she doesn’t recognize us, it’s that we don’t let her recognize it,”
The owner of the Li family is worried, he has a feeling that from today on, the Li family will start to decline. Without Karen li, Li Jia will fall to this point. The owner of the Li family regrets…

“What did you say? The Li family was under siege? Is this possible? Who did it?”
The people in the Ok family were shocked!
The news came out at once!
“It’s true that Karen li did it! The family guards of the Li family are just like the paper, and they were easily broken by Karen li,”
“What? She actually has this strength? Why did you do this? Why did you suddenly turn your face?”
The people in the family are unimaginable!
The Li family is also a big four family. Why is it so vulnerable in front of Karen li?
“I heard that it was Karen li’s son who was gone. She looked for her son and went to the Li family.”
“Karen li still has a son?”
“Yes, it seems that I have recently come to the United States. Karen li did this. This is killing chickens and monkeys. Tell the people who tied her son to be careful!”
“Who did this?”
“Who knows this? It wasn’t made by our family anyway,” several people were talking.
“People will bring those in the laboratory, and Karen li may hit our house!” said the owner of the Oak family coldly.
Karen li suddenly shot, this is not a good signal!
“She dare, dare to bite our house like a crazy dog, I let her die!”
“That is, those people in our laboratory have no pain, ten people can kill Karen li, she dare to come?”
Family members began to disdain.
What if you Karen li can play again? In the high-tech era, it is not possible to solve the problem by killing and killing.
“Let those people come over!”
Someone started to prepare!
“Also, stop attacking Karen li for the time being. The Li family was attacked by Karen li at night.
A few people must have died. Now, let me attack the Li family with all my strength. I will eat the fat of the Li family!!” The owner of the Ok family showed a little excitement!
After eating the Li family, which is also the four major families, then his Oak family is enough to dominate the world!
This opportunity, but you Karen li gave it, don’t seize it, then isn’t it sorry you Karen li? ?
“Dad, I have wanted to do this for a long time, and I will prepare immediately!”
The people of the Oak family got excited.
… at the same time.
The Luofu family, one of the four major families!
After receiving this news, the Li family was attacked!
“Karen li’s son was arrested? Who caught it? Those of the Ok family did it?” a charming young woman murmured to herself.
This young woman, if Jiang Ran is here, she must know, because this young woman does not look like a blue-eyed beauty?
That’s right, this is the mother of the blue-eyed beauty Emily!
“Maybe, otherwise who would do such a boring thing?”
The other person also spoke, and all the beautiful women in this room were beautiful, but the Luofu family was mostly women.
“Yes, catch Karen li’s son, don’t do this thing, she Karen li has been in the United States for so many years, it is not a joke,” said the young woman.
“No, isn’t it just a woman who was kicked out by the Li family? Nothing, she could only anger the Li family, and dare to anger the other families. Recently, the Ok family dealt with her, and she didn’t dare to let her fart, Like the shrinking head turtle, I dare not resist. I think she can hit the Li family this time. She is just a member of the Li family. She is familiar with the Li family.
Home, can she enter the door??” A young woman in jeans shook her head and looked disdainful.
Yes, they know that Karen li was kicked out. What strength does a bereavement dog have?
“Forget about mentioning her, what about your daughter Emily?”
The charming young woman shook her head. “I don’t know. I didn’t come back today. It’s so late.”
“Isn’t it going to date someone?”
“No, I know that Emily’s child, the average man, she simply can’t look down.” Feng Yun young woman is more satisfied.
His daughter is very good at cleaning herself, which is still very good.
“Yes, who is eligible for Emily?”
The charming young woman smiled slightly, “Forget it, don’t say, we don’t need to do anything about Karen li, it’s not our family…”
“What if it is? She still dares to call Karen li?” The young woman in jeans sneered.
The Rose family is the arms family. Does she dare to come over? A bomb will kill you! !
“Yes, even if our family tied up his son, there is nothing to worry about,” said another blonde young woman.
The charming young woman nodded, too, what are you worried about? ?
She took out her mobile phone and called her daughter.
“Hello, mom.”
“You are not going home yet at this late hour?” The young Fengyun woman pretended to be angry and must have been drinking at any place in the bar. She said nothing. She didn’t go to that kind of place. Although Emily went to the bar, she went to her house. It’s open.
“Mom, I’m going abroad a few days.”
“What are you doing abroad?”
“Play, I found a fun thing, I think I will be very happy!”
The charming young woman has no way to take her daughter, “Come back early.”
“Got it, hang up.”
The charming young woman smiled slightly.
“What is Emily doing?”
“She said that she found a fun thing, she is playing.” Feng Yun young woman is crying and laughing, what is this fun thing?

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