My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 570

Chuck opened his eyes from the pain. He looked and found that he was actually in a house. He got up and touched his head. It hurt so much.
The stinging tingled Chuck’s scalp. what happened?
He shook his head and walked to the door, and found that the door was actually locked. He walked to the window and found that the outside was actually deserted.
There is nowhere to go, where is this? ?
Why do you stay here?
He thought hard about it and finally thought of what had happened. He fought with the blue-eyed beauties. Suddenly he felt a headache and turned his head to look. He saw a bloody iron rod in the hands of the blue-eyed beauties.
Then I don’t remember anything.
Remembered, she was tied here by her?
Chuck was angry, he kicked the door hard, “Come out, come out!!”
As if it were an air prison, no one ignored him.
Chuck seems to be talking to himself.
“Let me go, let me go!”
Chuck roared, his cell phone was missing, his mother could not be reached, what happened to his mother? ?
Yvette? black Rose?
How are they? Do you want to be kept here all your life?
Chuck was in pain, but he calmed down quickly, and he could not panic. In this case, he could escape, and find a way to escape!
Absolutely, I can’t give up!
The mother must be looking for herself. How can she surrender herself?
Chuck was calmly observing that he had a headache, but he still had the strength. He didn’t get stupid by a stick, and he still had a chance to live.
“Huh, why don’t you call it? Actually pretending to be calm?” The blue-eyed beauty disdain.
“How is his condition? Is his head okay?” the blue-eyed beauty asked.
“Miss, he has lost too much blood on his head, but the problem is not, but it may be a little hidden,” the doctor said cautiously.
When he saw Chuck, he was also scared, too much blood, the stick with the blue-eyed beauty was completely dead!
Chuck was able to survive and wake up so quickly, only good luck.
“Hidden troubles? What hidden troubles?” the blue-eyed beauty asked. She looked at Chuck in the house by monitoring!
Still turning around, want to escape?
Where does this seem to be hidden?
“He hurt his brain, it may affect the memory, there may be some memory, which was missed by the stick of the lady, maybe…” the doctor said.
“Memory? What kind of hidden trouble is this? How much memory does he have to do with me?
I want others to be okay?” the blue-eyed beauty said coldly.
“People are fine. His physical fitness is very good. It should be the best one I have ever seen as a doctor for so long.”
“Best? He is a weak Chinese, but you are a doctor of the United States. You used to treat strong and tall Americans! His physical fitness can be better than other Americans?” The blue-eyed beauty shook her head, very questioning .
“Yes, he is not taller and stronger than the Americans, but his physical qualities exceed them, otherwise how can he wake up so quickly? This genetic problem, I think his parents may have better physical fitness, otherwise he will not give birth to him.” Doctor In analysis.
“Gene? OK, go and see him!” The blue-eyed beauty asked no more. She only wanted to teach Chuck now, and then she defeated Chuck, then she would be very happy! ?
The blue-eyed beauty went out, and several people followed.
In Chuck’s room, a wall suddenly became transparent, and Chuck saw her!
For a moment, his eyes were full of icy cold!
“It really is you!”
“Yes, it’s me. Who told you not to be funny? I don’t want to give you the money, but let me use this method, is it honest now?” The blue-eyed beauty is proud.
Chuck’s angry look inside, she really felt too cool.
“Let me go? Or you will regret it!” Chuck’s eyes are like a sword!
“Sorry? I don’t regret anything I do. I only know that what I want to do, no one can stop you, including you! You are my toy now, and you still don’t know!”
The blue-eyed beauties are more proud, and she thought of Chuck slapping her so much, and now get back a little interest.
“let me out!”
“Release? I will let you go and give you a sum of money, but you have to be obedient, teach me, and then I defeat you! Wash away the shame you gave me!”
Chuck stared at her! compromise? He doesn’t want to!
“You don’t know who I am, you will regret it!”
“Hehehe, you don’t know who I am. If I say it, it will scare you. The regret you said is not worth mentioning in front of me!” The blue-eyed beauty sneered.
She was also angry, Chuck was so disobedient?
Chuck ignored it. He continued to observe the house and had to go out!
“What do you expect someone to come to find you? Is it possible? No one can find this place unless I let you go.”
Chuck did not answer!
“Huh, think for yourself! Give him food.”
The blue-eyed beauty was angry and left.
The doctor arranged immediately.
Chuck was sitting in a closed house, he did not give up, he was still looking for flaws.
He will also see his mother, Yvette, Logan, Murong Qing, Zelda…
Chuck has too many people to meet.
I still have ambitious ambitions, and I want to build my own business empire. I want to be the richest man in the world. Too many things…
You must not be stuck here!
Opportunity, where is the opportunity to escape, there are virgin forests nearby, how to escape? This is a big problem!
“Still holding on? See how long you can hold on?” The blue-eyed beauty disdains.
A day later, Chuck sat down calmly, and the house could not escape, the only thing was to promise the blue-eyed beauty first.
Seeing her, and then looking for a chance to catch her!
Then you can go out!
Men can bend and stretch!
“Come and see me!” Chuck roared! !
“How long do I think you can resist? It’s a compromise in less than a day. It really disappointed me. Forget it. Hurry up to beat you. I’m going to play other things. You are a Chinese, but you are not qualified to let me Too much time!” Blue-eyed beauty passed.
But what made Chuck cold was that there was still a glass.
Chuck looked at this glass, it was absolutely bulletproof glass!
Unarmed, how could he break the glass and grab her?
“Is it fun?” the blue-eyed beauty sneered. “I said everything. I will do what I have to do. I can’t do it yet. Do you say it?”
“Okay, I can teach you, but how do you teach?” Chuck expressionless.
“Yes, do you think I’m stupid? I know what you think, but it’s impossible. When I don’t reach your strength, I can’t see you alone,” the blue-eyed beauty laughed.
Sure, she was a fool again, of course she knew what Chuck might be thinking.
“No problem, give me fitness equipment, is this okay?” Chuck actually has a special metal ring on both hands, but it’s too small to be of much use.
“No problem, I will not bully you. I will keep you in top condition. I will beat you again, but fitness equipment will not let you go out. You need to be honest… prepare him for fitness equipment!” Commanded.
Someone immediately prepared.
“Teach me now,” the blue-eyed beauty was excited.
She admits that she has taken a fancy to Chuck’s fighting style. If she learns by herself, she will definitely play better than me, because she is stronger than Chuck!
Chuck nodded and said some fighting skills. Of course, those who are “masters” will keep one hand. Chuck said that he avoids the weight and ignores the real fighting skills. That is Karen li Logan’s experience for so many years, Chuck How can it be said?
But even so, the blue-eyed beauty was particularly excited to hear, because she was really useful, she froze! !
“Strength is very important, your strength is insufficient.” Chuckzhi said.
The last time she hit her, Chuck saw that fighting and skills are important, but strength is also indispensable, and it can even be said to be particularly important.
Chuck wants to recover quickly in the past few days to build a foundation for his escape.
“Okay, I listen to you. Now I will train day and night.” The blue-eyed beauty went out excitedly.
Today’s lecture is over, Chuck looks out the window, Yvette, I will go out by myself!

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