My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 58

Right as Chuck took out his mobile phone, everyone in the hall were stunned and even shocked. Others were confused.
“Uh, does he intend to call someone else?”
“Look, he also took out his mobile phone.”
“That’s funny. I’ve never seen this young man before. Who on earth could he call?”
“In this entire city, there are only a few people who have backups that they can call, and I know all of them. This young man in front of us isn’t one of them.”
“In my opinion, this young man is not calling someone, but rather, the police!”
“Yeah. Facing someone like Richard Yuri, one can only call the police, right? But it’s a little too late to call the police at this time, isn’t it?”
“It’s better to be late than being beaten to death!”
Seeing Chuck taking out his mobile phone, William gave a hideous smile. That was very sarcastic!
“You’re gonna make a call too? My father knows every gang in the entire city, so who are you calling? It’s okay if you call a few gangsters, but even if they do come, they’ll only be scared out of their wits. This is hilarious, even up to this point, you’re still struggling. It’s too late to realise what you did wrong! But… If you come here, kneel down and apologise to me until I’m satisfied, than maybe I will change my mind to be merciful and not make it too hard for you.”
William sneered. His father knew every gangsters in the city, and even a few in other cities as well. In Wiliam’s mind, it was disdainful for Chuck to take out his phone.
“Go on! Keep pretending, you don’t have much time left!” William thought.
At this moment, William was full of joy and excitement. He couldn’t wait any longer.
Yolanda looked at Chuck, who was on the phone, with dull eye. Who was he calling?
Zelda was anxious as well. She felt that it was the best to run away rather than making a phone call at this time.
However, Harold had different thoughts. He was looking forward to it and thought, “Is he calling Logan?”
When the phone was connected, Chuck walked to the side and called.
Now he could only call his own mother. Didn’t his mother say that she had returned? Chuck didn’t know where his mother was, but with his mother’s abilities, she should be able to find a solution for him.
“Hey, Chucky…” she replied.
Hearing his mother’s voice, Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. “Mom, I have encountered a problem. Can you help me?”
Chuck knew from the onlookers that Richard Yuri was cruel and merciless. The problem was that he had a criminal background. He could ask dozens of people to come over with just a phone call. He didn’t know if his mother could solve such a problem.
After all, there was still a difference between rich people and gangsters.
“Of course I can, Wait for me. Ill help you with it right away!” His mom said.
“Mom, have you heard of Richard Yuri?” Chuck added hurriedly.
“Richard?” She asked.
“Yes, I am now in a five-star hotel in the city. He’s going to bring dozens of people over….” Chuck told her.
“That much?” She replied.
On the phone, his mother chuckled and said, “Don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen. This is just a piece of cake. Just wait!”
“Well, mom, where are you now?” Chuck was completely relieved. But how could his mother solve this problem? Would she call Richard or ask someone to come over? If it was the latter, she should have more people come over.
“Me…. make a guess!” She told him.
His mother didn’t even leave any clues behind, so how could he guess?
“Wait” She said this before hanging up the phone.
Atter hanging up the phone, Chuck tried to calm down and put the phone in his pocket.
“Who exactly did he call?”
“Who knows? Anyway, I think it’s the police.”
“I think so too, but still, I think escape is the best choice. When the time comes, it will be useless to kneel down or even beg for mercy.”
“He can’t run away anymore, can he? Hey, there seems to be a sound of car brakes outside. Richard’s men are coming!”
The onlookers saw how quickly Chuck finished his phone call and were even more confused. Everyone was talking about it, but when they heard the sound of the car roaring outside, they subconsciously looked out.
The messy and repeated tapping footsteps came from outside. People were coming, and there were plenty of people!
The whole place was silent. They broke out in cold sweat. These were a group of despicable people who didn’t care about their own lives. The people in the hall were starting to get nervous. Some women were even about to cover their eyes. The scene would definitely get very bloody later.
William sneered! Finally, they had arrived!
From the sound of the footsteps, it seemed that the leader was a man in a suit. He Iooked like he was in his forties or fifties, with a shocking scar on his face, which made his whole face even more horrible and ferocious. Many people felt scared when they saw him at first sight.
He exuded a domineering aura. His cold eyes made it impossible for many people to look at him in the eyes!
There were about 30 or 40 people behind him. All of them were tall, muscular and expressionless. There was a kind of evil energy that exuded from them.
One call from William actually got this many people to come!
“This is the Real Estate Tycoon!”
“It’s really him. I heard that he had crippled someone recently. He’s very arrogant and cruel. Oh my, this young man is finished today!”
“Who told him to be arrogant? Who would even benefit from getting the bad side of William?”
“Hey, why haven’t the men that the young man called arrived yet?”
“Why would they even come? Damian Wills is here, would anyone else even dare to show up? They’re better off hiding.”
The onlookers had different expressions on their faces, and the voices of discussions were endless.
Yolanda’s face turned even paler. “Oh no, I’m really getting my boss into so much trouble…”
“Master Yuri, your father asked me to deal with this matter. Who is it?” Damian’s face was expressionless and his voice was cold.
William sneered and raised his hand to point at Chuck. “That guy!”
With such casual pointing, many women covered their mouths in shock, the fight was about to start!
Damian glanced at Chuck without any expression. “Alright. What are your orders, Master Yuri?”
“Orders? That would be too much.” William sneered. “First, hit him for three minutes straight. After that, give him a hard slap in the face, crush his hands, both of it. Then… let him kneel down and beg for mercy from me! Remember, I want him to be afraid and beg for mercy with tears flowing down his disgusting face.”
“No problem, just you wait!” Damian said.
Damian nodded and stepped out. Behind him, three or forty more people followed!
This kind of horrible aura made the onlookers subconsciously retreat. This was a kind of oppression that no one can ever imagine!
They were all rich people, but at this moment, no one dared to speak, because they were afraid of getting involved in this. Because of Damian’s reputation, they were feared!
“Should we do it or do you want to do this yourself?” Damian said with a poker face. His voice was not loud, but it entered everyone’s ears. The coldness in his voice sent chills down everyone’s spine!
“It’s starting, It’s going to be bloody!” Everyone held their breath.
At this moment, the whole place was dead silent.
Chuck didn’t speak a word, but his face was calm.
Yolanda bit her lip and spoke. “William, let him go. I’ll go with you today!”
“It’s too late for that now. I’m going to show you how bad your taste is!” William sneered and shook his head. “And, if you sided him anymore, you will only make me torture him more. No one can save him today! Damian, let’s begin!”
Yolanda’s face was pale. She didn’t cry when she was beaten just now, but the strong guilt at the moment made her tears gush out. She said, “Chuck, I’m sorry….”
Damian nodded and slightly raised his hand. More than 30 people came behind him and surrounded Chuck. All of them were expressionless and full of astonishing evil spirit!
“Wait!” Chuck said.
Damian’s face was calm. He raised his hand and all of his men stopped moving. The scene was shrouded in a tense and fearful atmosphere. It seemed like there would be a horrible bloody scene in any second!
“What is he going to do?”
“He’s going to beg for mercy! I’m sure he is! What else is he going to do?”
The onlookers whispered. William laughed sinisterly, full of pleasure, “Haha, come here, come here! Kneel down to me!”
Chuck walked over. William’s face was distorted from laughing too much. He was too happy. “Kneel, kneel for me….”
Chuck didn’t say a word. Instead, he raised his hand and slapped William. A loud sound of flesh being hit echoed throughout the hall.
Everyone was shocked and filled with disbelief! What’s this? He still dared to hit William by now? It was beyond everyone’s expectation!
Even Damian and the dozens of men that he brought with him were stunned.
“Beat him! Kill him! Now!” William roared in a low voice.
Damian frowned and walked over. Dozens of people gathered behind him. But all of a sudden, a loud bang came from the outside!
Everyone was stunned. What had happened? Who was it?

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