My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 571

The blue-eyed beauty returned to her room. While on the road, she heard her men talking.
“My friend from the United States called me and said that the Li family was beaten.”
“Which Li family?”
“It’s the Li family of the four big families!”
“What?! Who was beaten by the Li family?”
“Karen li.”
The two men had a lot of discussion. The blue-eyed beauty heard it, and there was a trace of curiosity. Of course, she knew the Li family. After all, her family is one of the four major families.
She also knows Karen li, but isn’t Karen li the Li family?
Why attack Li family?
Betrayal? ? This Karen li is really not a thing. How can this be done?
I really haven’t seen such a shameless person when I hit my own family!
“Miss.” The two men lowered their heads.
“Why did Karen li hit the Li family?” the blue-eyed beauty asked.
Do you want to eat the Li family?
It seems that the Li family did a good job of driving out Karen li before.
“It seems that I heard that the Li family was going to be annexed.”
“No, I heard that it seems that Karen li’s son was gone, and then Karen li went to the Li family to be a servant before calling Li’s family!”
The two men expressed their opinions.
“My son is gone? Was he caught by the Li family?” The blue-eyed beauty despised.
What kind of garbage family are these?
Catch your own loved one’s son?
Blue eyes beauty ruined in three ways! !
“It seems like this, I heard that Karen li’s son is a shame,”
“No, I heard that Karen li’s son wanted to take the Li family, so he was caught by the Li family.”
“That’s that mother and son want to eat the Li family?” The blue-eyed beauty sneered.
Are there such people?
“should be.”
“What happened to the Li family?”
“It was successfully attacked by Karen li at night, and there was a lot of rumors there. I heard that Karen li was hit alone, and several people of the Li family were seriously injured. Even the owner of the Li family was kneeling!” said one of the men.
“Karen li is too human. He actually let his father kneel. The son born by such a woman is definitely a trash, and should be caught!” The blue-eyed beauty sneered.
Obviously, this mother and son are a pair of garbage!
“That is, I heard that her son can’t do well, soak up women all day, that kind of garbage is deserved! But I heard that Karen li’s garbage son was not caught by the Li family, but someone else.” One of them said suspiciously.
“Who was caught?” the other man asked curiously.
“It doesn’t matter who was caught, the important thing is that the two of you made me look closely at that person, and don’t let him run away!” The blue-eyed beauty was not interested in listening.
It’s not the Li family, it must be someone else!
This is definitely a battle between families. She has no interest in intervening. Her only interest now is to learn Chuck’s fighting, and then defeat him and trample him!
Take back your own shame! !
“Yes!” the two men dared not say more.
The blue-eyed beauty will arrive in the room and start to do what Chuck said. She is thinking.
She thinks what Chuck said today is right. She is confident that she can definitely defeat Chuck!
She started exercising with excitement.

“Betty, the monitoring has not been repaired yet?” Karen li was completely anxious here.
She originally thought that the video could be repaired in three days, but to this day, there is no result.
She knows that the repair is very difficult, but there is no way, she has to worry when it comes to her son!
“No, the company has repaired it as soon as possible, which is more difficult than she thought.”
Betty has no confidence, and the monitoring in the car is damaged too much. The difficulty of repairing is undoubtedly amazing.
People across the tech company have been repairing all night.
“As soon as possible,” Karen li was feeble.
She hadn’t slept for the last three days. She was anxious. Chuck suddenly disappeared. Although she released the news and told the person who caught Chuck not to hurt Chuck’s life, but now, this effect is not too big.
“Well, I know,” Betty went out. She would definitely do her best about Chuck.
But at this time, she suddenly thought of something, and she came back, “Mr. Li, I heard that the best repair expert in this area is in China.”
“Please, no matter how much money you spend, please bring him over to me,” Karen li has a brilliant look in his eyes! !
“Actually not, President Li, just call President Tang. Mr. Tang has a company in this area in China. That person was digged away from other companies by Mr. Tang at a high price…” Betty thought of this. Logan’s business scope is also very wide!
There are also technology companies. Although Karen li is not as big as Karen li, it is still very good in specializing in some small fields. If you specialize in something, then there will definitely be results.
Karen li slapped her forehead. Why did you forget her? ?
Too distraught, too anxious, Karen li has never been so anxious in her life, and made her forget Logan.
Karen li immediately took out her mobile phone and called Logan.
At this time during the day, but because of the time difference, it was more than 12 o’clock in the night of China. According to Logan’s habit of going to bed early and getting up early, she had already fallen asleep.
But Logan, who was sleeping, heard the sound of her mobile phone. She woke up confused and took a look at the mobile phone in the cabinet next to her. She smiled immediately, “I haven’t called in a long time.”
She answered, “Aunt Karen, how are you…”
“Logan, to make a long story short, you bring the restoration experts from your technology company to the side of the country,” Karen li went directly to the topic.
“What happened?!”
Logan sat up from the bed and was particularly surprised. Because of Karen li’s tone, she had little or no such tone. She was anxious, particularly anxious.
Why is this so calm for Karen li?
“Cer has an accident and was arrested. I installed a monitor on the car he drove, but it was burned down, and I…” Karen li said halfway.
Logan immediately got down from the bed, “Okay, I’ll come right now!!”
The phone hung up, Logan put on her clothes, and immediately called, “Hey, let me ask Director Zhang to come to my airport now!…He doesn’t work at night? It’s okay, I’ll give him 10 million and let him go with me. Trip to the United States!!! Arrange!”
Hanging up the phone, she immediately made another call.
“I arrived at the airport in fifteen minutes and prepared for me. I’m going to the country!”
Doing all this well, Logan packed things out of the house.
Drive to the airport!
But out of his villa area, a car drove outside, and Qian Yueying of the Qian family drove.
She has recently been busy with Qianjia’s business, but she couldn’t sleep at night, so she drove around nearby, and she didn’t know why she came here. Maybe, Chuck once lived here.
She saw that it was so late, Logan drove out, she was very surprised, came out so late, did she pick someone up? ?
To pick Chuck? After all, Chuck seems to have been away from Beijing for a long time, and he has not seen him recently.
Logan frowned as the car was stopped.
Qian Yueying came down, “That, President Tang, you are going to…”
“Miguo, I’m going to Miguo!” Logan turned the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator, leaving only Qian Yueying.
She was stunned. She saw Logan was very anxious. What was the situation?
What happened to Mi Guo?
Logan has left quickly. Qian Yueying looked at it for a long time and sighed. What happened to him recently? ?
My daughter has always wanted to see Uncle Chuck, and Qian Yueying said that she is very helpless. Her daughter seems to want Chuck to be her father, but is this possible? ?
Qian Yueying was lost in the car, she felt very unclear in her heart, a little lost her soul, did she really like Chuck?
Otherwise, why do you drive here in the middle of the night?
“Alas, he is old, and he has a daughter. He is so young, how can he fall in love with himself?”
Qian Yueying sighed, feeling uneasy.
Logan arrived at the airport, and the private airport had already prepared the plane to the United States.
She got on the plane and the plane took off!
She started to call Chuck again and again, but they were all shutting down. Logan was anxious to the extreme, “Cer, you must not be in trouble. If something happens, what should I do? Rest assured, I will find you of!!”

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